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The Road to Recovery is not meant to be walked alone.......

A- Your words have a voice...
     and I love to hear them....

Congratulations...90 Days is another big step..
Thanks for being YOU !   lol my freind.............
God Bless You
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Yeeehaw! Look at you! 90 days is when so much of our old selves come back especially the joy. Remember the pride and accomplishment you feel at this very moment. You've worked hard and now it's time to get back to all the things you love to do. Congrats big time......keep em common
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Congrats!  Keep knocking those days down!
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congrats on 90 days Evolveru!!!  that is an awesome milestone!  keep on going girl!  :)
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Way to go...

Keep up the great job. You should be very proud of yourself!!!

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Congrats!!!!  You have gained some real strength in those 90 days!  Remember to focus on the journey, not the destination~
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Congrats to you Evolveru! Look forward to the 6th month post!
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Woohoo.  90 days clean!!!!!   Congrats!!  That's. Huge deal!!!   Enjoy A!!!!!!
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Congratulations - 90 days is awesome!  Keep it up . . the best is yet to come :)
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90 days damn,that's a big step glad you're able to overcome this damn disease and I know you keep it up,best wishes.
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great job and thanks for helping so much on the forum !
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Huge milestone! 3 monts, 90 days is a biggie. Keep on the right path. Stay strong. God Bless SUnny!
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I just wanted to thank everyone on this site. It's been a revelation and an honor. This is my first real milestone, as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't have made it w/o this 'prayer in action'. If only counseling were this powerful on the outside! So, each and everyone of you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

"It Was Only By The Grace of You
That I Got This Attitude
I'll Show My Gratitude
When I Make It Through

For The Grace That Others Have Inside
The Simple Peace They Make With Life
I Feel Their Plights On Summer's Nights....
Well, I Want It, Too -

I See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Now
Someone Please Tell Me It's Not A Train "
Cracker (1991)

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You are to good !!!! Glad you got some zzzzz...I am very pround of you my friend and thanks for being another fence post in my recovey too!!!!
God Bless U
lol always...
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Glad you're feeling so positive in life and appreciate everyones support.
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Congratulations!  I can't wait to be where you are!  Such an accomplish, you should be proud
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Thanks Vickie. This was kind of you..
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Thank you too....It seems to be slow..I just got back from the BIG lake in the middle of our town..I took some pics..The weather is going to change and out the door I go..We do not have long summers here so I have to go and hit all the lakes, rivers, steams ect..And go camping and rafting this summer..YEAAAA I am not buzzed up and out of my mind..I will enjoy this summer...lol
Come on over...
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You simply amaze me, Annie.  30 yrs of "drug bondage" and yet you are already helping others and willing to share your experience, strength and hope.
While using, most of us become very self-centered......and even in our early recovery we seem to focus on ourselves too much.... yet you are so compassionate and "other-centered" .....what a delight you are!

"Getting and staying clean is a gift so rare......
A true treasure beyond compare"

So glad you have joined this forum!  Your attitude of gratitude will continue to take you far.

Blessings to you, Miss Annie~  
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Congratulations Annie!!!!
You deserve all of this praise and all of the blessings that are sure to come your way.
You hold so many people's hands so that they do not have to walk down this difficult road by themselves which makes you an inspiring sight.
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We need to keep this thread alive.
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