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May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change. I went to my G>P complaing of no sense of smell, saw a surgeon and surgery was recomended, I was given a prescription for Prednisone, a steroid, this gave me some sense of smell, and here's the but, I had the operation and still could not smell, so more Prednisone, well the upshot is that the steroids have caused me Osteo-Necrosis, this is when the heads of the long bones die, so have now had core decompression on one hip and the other totally replaced.

Oxycontin.- While awaiting the scan results I was given oxycontin for pain relief, this seemed to do the trick for 2 weeks, 10mg 2x a day, then things hurt again so up the dose went 20mg 2x a day, then 40mg 2x a day, then 80mg 2x a day and up to 120mg 2x aday, recognise the scenareo anyone??..

Well after the operation I thought I'd better cut down as constipation was real bad issue, up to 45mins to pass what seemed like an Elephant, I even ruptured a nose blood vessel with the straining at one time, and as a friend who had had the same operation was off painkillers after 3 weeks I thought now's the time. ( 05/12/07 ) So taking the bull by the horns I cut down to 40mg 2x a day, and never expected what happens next.

Just after Christmas 07 my 40mg 2x a day started, then I caught a virus, and was very ill, and it just would not go away, nausea, aches and pains all over, I blamed it all on this virus, never really suspecting the real culprit, yes you know don't you, it was because I had cut down on the oxycontin, and my body was craving it, this went on for 7 weeks, until one day it dawned on me what it was, by this time I had become tired all the time, getting up early and doing nothing, then backwards and forwards to bed, never hardly going out or doing anything, it was such an effort just to have a bath once a week, and the constant yawning, and coughing in the morning was a real drag,oh and when I told my GP about cutting down she said, and I quote, ' why would you want to do that' ?. Eh AMAZED.

So Thursday 21/02/08 16:00 I got all the tablets I had, over 300, put them all in a bag and returned them to the chemist, and that was the start of my journey into the bowels of HELL!!!!! Below you will find my journey to reality ( Please remember I was suffering greatly when writing, so at times it may seem a bit emotional........And it was.


Thursday 4pm. Last of the Oxy ( This is how I will refer to the drug fron now on.) Nauseaus through the night.

Friday 6am. Pain in legs and arms a bit of nausea, ache all over, no appitite.

Friday 10pm. Bed-No sleep at all ( up and down all night ), legs arms crazy could not rest or stay still, kicking quilt off then on , the standing up sitting, oh my arms and legs were a nightmare ( worst night I have ever experienced ).

Saturday am. had about 20 mins broken sleep, feel sick and ache all over, nausea, sweats hot/cold, have tried to sleep again - no success. Decide there and then to return the pills ( Oxy ) I am very very weepy and crying, I have lost 18 months of my life to those ******* tablets ( angry now, and more determined than ever to get my life back ).

Saturday 14:30 Started writing this diary.

Saturday 14:45 Tried to sleep again but arms and legs were going crazy, the pits.

Saturday 16:00 Went for 3 mile walk, very emotional, crying lots to myself at memories past occasions, legs hurt, arms hurt.

Saturday  17;30 Watch telly and chat with Terri, then on the computer to read more oxy horror stories, start to get shivers and feel wooly headed and sick, legs hurt and feel nauseas.
18;00 Collect curry, feel real bad, pint of Guiness was awful, felt really bad on way home, sick when stopped car/have meal/bed/cannot sleepup about 10 times, pains in legs arms and now shoulder.

11:00pm Yawning real bad and shoulders ache like crazy, eyes watering real bad legs hurt stomach feels on fire, this yawning is driving me mad, and hot/cold shivers, ( must stick at it )

Sunday 01;00am Weeping has calmed, but keep wanting to be sick to rid my body of the food, runny nose/sniffles and real bad wind, feel sick now, stomach aches.

Sunday 01:30am back to bed, went for a drive, could not stand crazy arms and legs any longer.

Sunday 02:45 back to bed no sleep crazy arms/legs/sweating real real bad hot/cold coughing/sneezing, and EXTREME CRAZY ARMS/LEGS.

Sunday 04:30 On computer, 60 hrs now feel clammy and sweaty and ache all over, have you heard of RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME, well think of that 10 times worse ( CRAZY LEGS/ARMS. )

Sunday 1 hours sleep, really sore, and strange dreams, am now really suffering from lack of sleep, try sleeping again breathing very hard, next thing thse cat wakes me, damm. will get up now, it's 09:45, legs really ache, but slept for an hour, legs hurt when sitting now, real pain or W/D symtoms??.64 hrs now, feel real sick and sweating.
Sunday 11:00am Went to see friend, felt a bit better and mind more focused on quitting, so cleaned car, went home ate some food, ( forced down )Felt sicky. Then for a 3 mile walk, then to shop for Radox, then home 71hrs now, going to have a long bath.Tried to sleep, no joy so went for another 3 mile walk, pain in legs gets bad.

Sunday 18;30 Had to take Terri to hospital, ( bad cut to finger ). Home at 21;00 had some food, bed at 22:00, ARMS AND LEGS DRIVING ME CRAZY,REAL BAD,got up at 23:00 went on computer, then went for a drive, home at 01:30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday.

Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ). then have a drive round, I find I am noticing things I took for granted before, things are in much sharper focus. Although I had real bad stomach cramps, the Flu like symtoms have all but gone. Did a 3 mile walk, then cooked my dinner, watched some TV, went to bed at 22:00 no sleep, mild crazy legs/arms. up, then back to bed, slept for an hour, then legs wake me 03:67 and writing this diary update.
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Thanks Yoda, I have had a great day with my sister, a bit achey, ana tiny shiver now and then, a few sneezes, now all I need is some sleep.Think a sleeping pill will help?????. But all in all I am seeing real life again, and it's great.

One year Yoda, you beauty you, pity I cannot get hold of you and bearhug you for 20 mins, I am so pleased for you. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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I cried when I read your story because I've been there.  But I didn't cry because it made me sad; it made me happy that you were taking this step.  You are a brave man, and I am extremely proud of you.  I will be clean tomorrow for one year from the oxycontin ER 80 mgs.  I was taking an average of 12 a day.  I quit cold turkey too.  Now I look back, and I am so glad I did.  You will get through this; but your sleep will be one of the last things to return.  If I get 6 hrs, that's a great night for me!
Thanks for sharing your story.  Again, I am so proud of you!
Good luck to you,
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The whole lack of sleep/lack of decent sleep makes us emotional wrecks, not to mention zombies.  It's makes everything harder to deal with, including the pain.  The restless leg syndrome was one of my last symptoms to go, it stuck with me in my right lower leg and foot for what seemed was forever.  I sneezed constantly, and I still do sneeze, just not as much now.  W/D pain is typically in the back, centrally located.  

For anyone who's used fentanyl, I recently found out that it causes muscle and bone rigidity too, no wonder it hurts so badly.
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Tuesday 08:15 got about 2 hrs sleep, those dreams are real strange, every time I get to a good bit the bloody legs wake me up.I am feeling the effects of sleep deprivation now, and am having trouble typing this, very sluggish and the legs are crawling at the moment, also started sneezing real bad, eyes so sore.Shoulders and back also a bit painful..
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r u feeling better?...I know for a while u were not...just checking as you seem back to your informative positive self
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Oh man dude!  I think we all can say, that's some rough stuff and having been there, done that, I am happy to be your representative to The Other Side Of Life.  Note, you'll be able to now remove the foggy lenses you've been seeing through, without perhaps ever having been aware, and revel in your newly found energy and sense of well-being.  While I'm 39 days out, and consider myself through the w/d FINALLY, I'm still having some s/s, but I can live with 'em 'til they're gone, and I'm so happy for you as well!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for that Jacqui, I never even thought of that, can I get over the counter supps.

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Before I finish reading your story.........you may be zinc deficient.  That can cause a loss of the sense of smell, taste too....
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Welcome to the forum and sharing your story.
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