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Off to Afghanistan- Update and Thanks

Just wanted to update everyone here and fist let you know that you can do it.  It has been an interesting 3-4 weeks.  I was taking 12-15 10/325 daily, soma, fentanyl 1600 mcg loli'd for break though pain..... and so on.  I quit CT and didn't look back, 15 days then another surgery, back to the 10/325's but this time didn't take them as prescribed, I took less.  Did my 10 days, then just stopped again.  No problems, no WD's after 72 hours.  I am out Tuesday on the red eye back to the middle east.  

The dog did survive, she made a miracle recovery that cost 4k, but oh well.  I had to take a break from hear to get my emotions back in order.  So off I go, can't tell my wife where I am going, but that is the job.  I will try to check in. Be good everyone and thanks for the help!

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Good luck on your trip and congrats on your being able to get off the meds.
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Stay safe and come back to us!  You have taught me something positive.  If I ever have to face pain medication again I'm taking less than prescribed!  Thank you for sharing!
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yes, stay safe and come back, take a lot of care and congrats on your clean time !!!!

we will be here waiting to hearing from you :)
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Congratulations, stay strong and be safe.  We really appreciate your service to this country.
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