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Off tramadol day 7 but need something for my anxiety

Hello again, well first let me say I'M not really craving the Tramadol & Im so proud of myself, Im Really wanting a nerve pill or something to help with anxiety!!!! I mean Im craving it bad! Im trying to stay busy while my BF is at work, Im doing laundry,dishes,dusting & whatever else catches my eye...today is day 7 and I feel great & like I said no cravings for the "evil Tramadol" just something to take the edge off...does anyone know something natural I could take to ease my anxiety....or give me an extra boost? oh yeah & the vertigo WTF when does that go away? I hope everybody is having a happy Sunday, Its beautiful here in Wilmington its like 62 outside and clear skies....but of course the BF is at work.....
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Congrats on your cleantime. The anxiety is one of the worst parts. There is a supplement everyone used to recommend.but I can't remember the name. I could only get it in GNC in a product called natural sleep. I can't find a magnifier to see what the suppliment was. They called it nature's valium and many swore by it. I will bump this up to see if anyone remembers. If not I'll post it as soon as I can find a magnifier. Getting old. lol. Corey
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when i was quitting i drank this herbal tea called Nighty Night by Traditional Medicinals.
1 cup would calm me down and 2 would put me to sleep.
it has passionflower
chamomile flower
linden flower
catnip herb
and hop strobile

also valarian root helped
and l-theanie

of course stay away from caffiene and too many sugars. hope you are feeling great soon and congrats on quitting!
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am so proud of you..good going..i am now going into day 8 and i still feel like s*** i have RLS and now with WD my arms are going nuts too...i take script called mirapex for the RLS but even doubling that up hasn't helped...i have only had about 12 hours sleep in the last 72 hours, took melatonin tonight and got a little dizzier than normal and of course very weak, but no sleep... and yes  i think i'm going to go and look for that tea have been drinking decaf green tea, i'm starved but can't tolerate trying to think about preparing food and can't think of anything i'd really like...lots of wretching..it's awful, and i'm p***** off at myself for letting the ultram take hold of my life, i've lied to my sig other on the amount i was taking etc,etc,.so if i sound like i'm throwing a pity party, well yep i do believe i am!! well at least i admitted that!!  keep on moving on and doing good!!!!
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