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Ok, here is where I need to be

I got so upset about Mangee that I decided to try out a different forum.  Since I am having a tummy tuck next month I went to the cosmetic surgery forum.  Ok.  THERE ARE FOLKS ON THERE HAVING THERE FREAKIN GONADS OPERATED ON!!!

I guess more power to them, to each their own I guess.  Men scarred by moms decision to circumsise (they are having it "reversed", women....(i don't wanna even say) but I guess its just as important to them as our issues are to us.

took a long bubble bath and decided.......

I'll stay here awhile if y'all will have me!

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Hi sweetie,

How you doing? Hanignig in there?

I hope so!

Thought I would say hi....and seee how your doing!

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I'm ok now.  I took a long bubble bath and talked out some things I'm going through with fam and a few friends.   Its the regular ebb and flow I guess.....Sometimes I think I would make an excellent hermit, surrounded by lots of animals and my kids visiting now and then.  

I just get tired of people sometimes.   I know it sounds cliche but I see that there are so many nice, caring people in the world and just dont get the actions and behavior of others sometimes.   I really can't go in to it (publicly) because if I did it here, it would sound like I am bashing a particular fellowship that really did save my life at one time.

Thanks for asking.  I'm just having a 'day".  Still got my sense of humor though!!!  (smiling).

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Ok, I hear you...not sure what happened, after I passed out for a nap this morning - LOL

Talk, and spill in out woman! I am here to laugh w/ you!

Didn't the bubble bath help? -~smiling!

Lots of Love!
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hey sweetheart, i just read your post to me earlier.

thank you so much for sharing your story with me.  and - btw - you have nothing to feel guilty about - you weren't complaining, just telling it like it was..

i really appreciate everything you had to say.  obviously you get it.  it is so f***ed up...

and i plan to report every day!  i need you guys to help me thru this, as i did not think i would be in this position again (having to take them.)  but honestly, i am choosing the lesser of 2 evils... thank God i have you guys here for support.

thank you again... ok, this time i really am gonna go lay flat.

all my love to you...
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Please if you are thinking about going to a 12-step program   PLEASE DO!   It saved my life back in the 80's.  Really.  The program works if we work it.

But..............I just found out that a person who has 20 yrs in a "program" is making regular visits to a foreign country to have sex with girls.  I don't want to think about how old these girls might be.  He invited my ex, who happens to now be one of my best friends (not to mention the daddy of my kids) to come (or should I say "***" with him -- told you still had sense of humor) on one of his trips.

Another person with 16 yrs just stole the money from a committe in the program and skipped town.

I can understand this behavior if it were coming from newcomers but it is the oldtimers.  People newcomers look up to.    

I think it is just my area.    I want to go back to meetings but it is hard when I hear about this stuff.   Oh, there is so much more but I won't go in to it.

I guess some of the people have really let me down (not that its all about me, but what about the people who come in "dying" and look to them as gurus practically).  The program and the steps are SOLID.   But they say not to do it alone.....................I don't know, Am I making sense???      Maybe its my hormones.  

And my family can act sooooooo "ghetto" sometimes.   We are from the ghetto so please don't take offense.    Love them but gosh, they refused to help me with my mom and now seems like everyone has their hand out expecting me to take care of them too (siblings).

I am not rich!!!   Heck, I barely make it month to month as a teacher and being single with housepayments and bills and two teens to help support.

I am so glad I have you guys.  Thanks for inviting me to vent Shel.  Thanks for listening everyone.

MJ,,  I hope you are lying flat and feeling better, sweetie.   Just hang on.   Its going to be ok, we gotta do what we gotta do.     We are here for you.

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OMG!   The cat that likes naked bodies and blowing into the "mouse" to make the computer whistle!!!!!!   You guys are tooo funny!

Ok......I'm not even blonde (blonde jokes reference) which goes to show that it happens with brunettes as well...............I went ot 7/11 a few days ago to buy a book of stamps.    I got them, stuck one on a bill, and mailed it only to find that the postman circled the stamp and refused to take it.

Upon examining the envelope I discovered it was indeed a 2 cent stamp!!   I was very upset.  I paid almost ten dollars for this book of 2 cent stamps!   I called the store and explained that I needed a refund and that they may have caused me to get late charges for the bill that may be late.

The clerk told me to look closer at the book of stamps.  I pulled it out of my wallet and unfolded it to find that on the other side, unseen by brilliant me, was the accompanying 37 cent stamp.   DUH!!

I am so glad I didn't go IN to the store personally which is what I had planned on doing in the first place.
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I was so delirious, I forgot about typing a whisle on the post!

LOL - Toooo Much!

Marca..well how come it's always all of us so. Ca people up at this time of night???

Wonder ????

Okay, txt.....what are you doing now?

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I'm sitting here vasculating between reading funny posts, laughing and being pissed off LOL!!!!   Simultaneously grading papers from work today......

It was so nice to see you delirious people on a roll today lol!!!

Too funny!!!

Todd we gotta get Tim to step up at times like this..........you surrounded by all us females, especially one like me on one of my psycho fluctuations like tonight........hence the laughing, then growling, meanwhile being ms. professional and grading those papers...............NO WONDER I'M SINGLE !!!

DO you have to work tomorrow???  You work nights?   Im glad we have another so cal person here.

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yeah....now I have Tim back, so it's me, fish and Tim to hold down this crazy room full of women!

LOL- Feeling all three emotions at once....only women can do that! (-:

Yeah, I should be working, but I'm still to tired from last night and this morning! I got enought work done, to tie me over for a little while!

Still tired...only napped for a few hours, but I'm here....so I'll have to hold down all the woman in here, unitl the men step up w/ me - LOL

Let it loose txt! - I am still trying to figure out, how in the world I was able to type a "whistle" into the computer....my God!  This morning was helerious!

Lots of laughs and love to you sweetie! (my 3 based emotional, summer school teacher)...~all smiles (-:

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Itll take all three of ya when we get like this and don't forget theres a few with their "friendly monthly visitor" here orbegin  nearby  lol!!

Yep.........three based emotionally, its a trick we learn in girl school when we are about ten (smile)!

Ohhhhhhh   I hope I'm better by tomorrow or my studenst will pick up on the vibe and we'll all have to end up doing art therapy tomorrow.......actually thats not a bad idea but with my luck the principal will happen to drop by just to "see how its going" at that time.

I wonder if anyone has ever tried blowing into the mouse and making the computer whistle........lol......never know, stranger things have happened.

THree based emotionally when Im feelin like just being "free basing' period (jk) It isn't that bad..............

I think I'd better get some sleep so I can be at the top of my game tomorrow.  In my line of work ya gotta have great reflex action and quick thinking!

Loves ya,
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my poor thing!

here's a hug for you, to start out tomorrow w/ you kids! -LOL

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((  TXTLADY  ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sleep well, and lots of love to ya!

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Wow sounds like the days of "Thunder and Lightening"!

Maybe I will sit in the corner of the room and wait for the days of "Wine and Roses"

My wife has taught me well to avoid confrontations until the days of wine and roses lol.

Remember that everything follows us, so those men behaving badly right now. Will regret it someday, maybe sooner than later.

Check this site out to see what I mean


Hope yu get to feelin better =)
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thank goodness you decided to stay.  I want you to know that you and ilikevics helped me through the day yesterday.  Stay where you do good.
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