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Ok so I started the Methadone Treatment

It's been over a month now since I confessed to my loved ones that I have a narcotic addiction Oxycodone to be exact. This is my second time around and this time it's worse. That day I started going to NA meetings because that's what made me stop the first time. This time I didn't realize how much of a hold the drugs had on me and I couldn't go two days without look for some. Once I realized that I've spent all my money and money I don't have to keep my from getting sick. I had to do something about it. So many times this month I tried to stop but the WDs are so bad I couldn't function. I decided to seek help from my doctor. I mentioned that I wanted to try Suboxone. but instead he put me on Methadone fro a month and then he want's to put me on Suboxone.  I've read everything there is to know about Methadone and understand there are WD effects from it as well. But I'm trusting my doctor. I tried CT but the sickness was so bad I couldn't take it. So I'm giving this a try which is helping immensely but at the same time I'm afraid coming off the Methadone.
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Good for you for going to your doctor for help and having the guts to tell your family.  My husband knows but I don't have the you know what to tell my family yet.  I am just startingi after care and attending NA meetings.  This is my first time with an addiction problem and it is scary.  I am know 7 days clean and going to fight to stay this way.  Good luck to you and keep us posted. :)
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i just started down this road myself and i commend you ...i know it was hard telliing the family ...but  for me it was beautiful at the same time....congrats
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Hey......well you took the plunge to methadone ....do yourself a huge favor and keep your dose low and your time on it short....I spent 6 1/2yrs on it for pain management and it was absolutely the worst withdrawals I ever went threw.....I try and help people get off of it now
the key is to only use it a month or so....if you stay on it long term like I did it will make oxy withdrawals look like a walk in the park....I had 2 weeks of physical withdrawal and then it took a good 90 days to start to recover from the energy crash and all the post withdrawal side effects....we have had members only stay on it a month or so go to sub for a month or so and break free in about 2 mo....this is no way to beat withdrawals but it will give you a chance to work some form of aftercare to build up your foundation wile on the methadone
use this time wisely ...I wish you the best of luck...Ill be around when its time for you to get off the stuff...please dont look at this as a get out of jail free card...coming off methadone requires months of tapering to do it right and its a ruff detox even if its done correctly good luck and God bless.......Gnarly      
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Wonderful you are ready to quit! Good luck to you and I hope you find the meds that work best for you! Excellent you are asking your doctor for help, I was too ashamed to do so.
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For withdrawals there are bamboo tshirts (you can look them up on line) that help with the sweats by keeping you dry, and I also recommend snuggies for the throw on and take off (hot/cold).

As for the sleeplessness, I have a friend who watched the same movie every night before bed so that there was something on in the background to distract her, but it also "bored" her and helped her sleep.

For the constipation or Big D (whichever you get) Metamucil cookies work to make you more comfy.

Take care
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Well the doctor is going to keep me on Methadone for a month. He only gave me a 2 week subscription taking 4 10 mg a day. I assume he's going to cut my dose the next time I see him then 2 weeks later he's going to put me on Suboxone. Like I said, I'm trusting my doctor and hoping he knows what he is doing.

I know there's no easy way to quite. Of course I was medicating myself and taking as much Oxy's as I could if I had them. If I had 4 for the day, I would take them. If I had 2 for the day, I would take them. It was a vicious cycle. trying to find them if I had the money, I would get as many as I could for the day. If I had the money, I couldn't find them. If I had no money, I would beg borrow or steel to get them. This is not my nature and I found myself groveling just to get a fix for the day not knowing if I could get it the next day. This is a terrible roller coaster ride and I want to get off. I am awful depressed and ashamed of myself for letting myself get like this. especially when I've been trough it before.  I'm hoping between the meds and NA, I can get over this as comfortably as possible.
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Glad to hear you're on the right road.  Do what you gotta do one day at a time!!!!!!
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Congratulations on your road to recovery. It took a lot of strength to go to your doctor. I am taking suboxone for a pretty much life long addiction to painkillers. I tried cold turkey and I made it through withdrawals, But had to get over the nausea, so I went to suboxone dr.

I feel great today I have been on suboxone for 16 days. I am having trouble with vomiting but I am not sure if it is the med.

I think it is so great you went to your doctor. Wow what courage it took. I hope I can make it there. Such and inspiration for me. Way to go! Good Luck with your recovery.
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