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On 80mlsdose till I'm levelthe 80 and I'm on 130 supervised twice a week

Hi all I'm new here, I'm on methadone 19 yrs , before I went into treatment to get stabilised I was taking around 300 zopiclone ( zimovane) tabs a day sometimes more sometimes less , also taking 0.8grm 4 times a day ,  was on 160mls of methadone  and Crack maybe 2 -4 times a week and Valium 10 x 30-60 or 90 whichever amount was available etc etc.   I went into treatment to be stabilised on my methadone and detox off the benzodiazepines and zopiclone, crack , heroin,,,it was hell to say the least,,, but I got excellent news while detoxing,, my hep-c is gone, not dormant , not Nd , BUT GONE FOR GOOD , which gave me the push I needed to get stabilised,, I left treatment centre after completing it in full, but still felt so bad my withdrawals were severe and I just isolated myself,  I dropped myself to 130 mls and am now down to 80mls but I have to take 2 supervised doses in chemist of 13ls,, should I be dropping the 80mls while reducing my supervised doses,, atm IM going through wds on the 80mls  ,, if anyone can give me advice on how to level myself out as I've had nothing but withdrawal symptoms since leaving treatment over 3 yrs ago although I did cut my dose in half but surely there is a happy medium were I taper down and stay on a certain dose till I lev out and feel it's holding me,, I suppose nearly 20yrs of nonstop methadone taking along with a huge pill habit and smack habit it's going to have me fked up,,,ANY INFO OR ADVICE ID LOVE TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS AND TIPS , ADVICE , AND ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE AND POSITIVE WOULD BE GREATFULLY ACCEPTED THANKS IN ADVANCE, btw I'm new to this site but find it very helpful with my at home detox
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Wow, you've gone through a lot.  From your use of words, I'm guessing you are in the U.K?   Have you given up all the illegal drugs 100%?  The crack, H, etc?  After such a long dance with drug use, I think it would help to keep in touch with people, join a group (anything you can stand that helps keep you sane) and try HARD to plunge into new things that give you pleasure.   Start cooking or baking. Draw with pens, volunteer at an animal shelter, anything but altering your brain with chemicals.

There are success stories all over the place...the human body is an amazing machine, and the human spirit even more incredible, if we give it a chance.  

I read stories about people like Winston Churchill who was born into wealth and privilege only to fail and get fired from his job in the Navy.  He joined the army in WWI as a private, and fought back for his own self esteem, and to pay for the thousands of lives lost from his bad and cocky decisions as head of Navy.

He battled a life long struggle with alcohol, and this is someone that is considered a great historical figure!   There is a book called The Courage to Heal (not sure if it is still in print, but I'll bet you can get it on ebay) about famous people who got clean.

Hang in there, don't give up, and decide that you have a RIGHT to live a clean life.  Good luck!!!!!
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Hi and welcome to the forum you have dropped down to quickly thats why your getting the withdrawals you have to do this slowly I dont know if you have a walmrt where you live but if you do pick up a 3 in 1 vitamin calcium/magnesium/zinc  take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner if a few days you will notice a big difference from where you where to where your at is great it is best to ask your doctor for a taper I was on 150 and it took me 8 1/2 months to get low enough to jump  keep posting others will come we have several methadonians on this site good  luck and God bless.............Gnarly..............................
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