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On Oxycontin for pain and soon starting Suboxone and scared!

So i have peripheral Neuropathy in both my feet. Pain 24/7 and never goes away. I learned to deal with so much pain. There is a level every human can deal with. Then there is over that level which leaded the way to pain management. On Oxycontin 80mg  three times a day and then 4 - 30 mg oxycodone a day. Had no pain. Felt great. Now fast forwarded to about 6 months ago They put me on 2 - 60mg oxycontin a day and 4 - 10mgs oxycodone. I couldnt stand long enough to cook dinner. So i bought poppy seed online. very carefully drank just enough to be able to cook dinner (no pain). Didnt think anything of it. But i did stop 4 days before pain management appt. this monday. Low and behold the morphine from the seed was in my pee. I said well i was not taking prescriptions. i ordered poppy seeds off ebay. well that got me kicked out. I have 4 days left of oxycontin. Have suboxone doctors appt at noon tomorrow.

scared to death of withdrawal. Had withdrawled from alcohol with seizures. not fun! Im alive, thats fun! I know no seizures on going down on oxy. However, from my understanding. I just stop the oxy. Let my body start withdrawal. Once i get to a certain ****** range, on the cows system scoring. i pop a sub film and then hour later. I should be okay? no withdraw? i been doing oxy for 10 years or so. thanks all.
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I can't speak to opiates at all. My history as been with alcohol, benzos, and barbiturates. What I found is that there are indeed some places that can make tapering from those much more manageable, and that's what I did when I recently went off benzodiazepines. I'm not sure if the same is true for opiates, but if it is, in-patient is the route I'd go if I ever needed to do it again (my drugs of choice or otherwise).

Okay, so the thing I'm concerned about here ... what's in place to manage your pain? Do you take other meds like gabapentin or something for the neuropathy? If there's real underlying pain, I am also concerned for you in that regard, especially with neuropathic pain. It seems unfortunate that a pain clinic kicks a person out over one test. I think if it were me and I had real underlying neuropathic pain, I'd probably argue against it, even if it were to no avail, and I'd probably try to be open to alternatives outside opiates if I were not already on them, although I know there aren't many.

Hoping the best for your transition, and also for your pain management. Please check back in with how you're doing! I only visit here every week or so, but would like to know what you end up doing for the pain and how that plays out.

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Well tomorrow is the sub induction.. I am honest. So I told the doc I have neuropathy from drinking no less. That I hard suboxone shows good pain relief for neuropathy and is off label used for that.

She said. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone but yes and you may benefit. What my starting dose is. Not known yet.

I do know I been taking the 2 60mg oxycontin and cutting 2 pills into 4. Take a piece every 6 hours. I mock tested for withdrawal several times. I start flipping like a fish out of water at the 12 hours mark. 14 hours mark is full of yawns and sweat. Then I can't take it and eat a piece of oxy. Disgusting. I was and am an alcoholic. I love it. It hates me lol.

So I don't drink. Been there done that. Just dependent on oxy due to withdraw and pain.. I found another pain management. But screw them. It's the being scared monthly what they will do next. One dirty pee in about 10 to 12 years. They lowered my dose. Why? Because oxy is no good long term but they gave it to me that many years.That translates to the feds are on their ***** must cut back on scripts. I fought but nothing he could do. Said I like you but the state can't have it.

So my plan.  Take last piece 15mg oxy. Go get subs. Sit home. Start withdrawal. Eat an ativan.. sleepy time. 8 to 10 hours later. Wake up in moderate withdrawl and test a sliver of a sub.

Wait hour. No precipitated wd. Then take what the sub doc told me too. There will be pee tests. It's all online.

U show them the cup. Go off camera and pee. Come back show them the pee cup.

Technology at its finest.

Don't be scared at all so I can look that's really wonderful It is a miracle drug and you're not even going to crave oxycontin anymore. You might be able to get subutex which works a little bit better just slightly and it does block the receptorships the same regardless of what anyone says. I've been on these drugs since 2007 and I relapse anytime I wasn't on them and it's unfortunate but it's a lot better than me stuffing down 15 to 50 whatever I could get a hold of. I wish you the best of luck. Don't be scared it's going to be a great journey and you're not even going to feel pain. They will most likely start you out on Subutex anyway. If you do have neuropathy gabapentin is great for that and it also helps withdrawal
Suboxone saved my life! I only had a tiny bit of withdrawal and never missed opiates at all. I previously took enough to kill an elephant. I also went through alcoholic seizures in my past. I understand your fear. Don't worry, trust the meds and all the addicts who've gone before you. You can do it and have your life back. It's amazing!
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When I went on Subs I had to have all other opiates out of my system for 48 hours.  The sub dr is going to drug test you (should) and hopefully will help you ween down so that the 48 hrs is as doable as possible.  DO NOT take a sub with opiate based meds in your system as it will bring on percipitated withdrawal which is worse!
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