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On more prescribed opiates than a dying cancer patient.

I am a female 4'11" and 120 lbs. Gradually my neurologist has increased my meds over the last 7 years.  Currently I am on 2 40mg Zohydro a day, 1 - 80mg oxycontin, 2 - 60mg oxycontin, 8 Norco and 8 oxy IR.  This is what I am taking on a daily basis.  It seems like this is an unheard of amount of prescribed meds.  I have expressed concerns to my doc and I end up leaving with more meds in higher doses,  I know I need to get off all this.  Is it possible for me to do this at home?  If I have my primary doc admit me to the hospital do I get put to sleep for all the bad parts?  Where do I even start?  How long will it take to slowly decrease at home?
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That seems like a crazy combo of meds for him to have put you on! May I ask why he has you on pain meds at all?

I can't give you specific tapering advice... but before you start, look into supplements to start taking that will make things a bit easier and help your health physically and memtally. Look up the Thomas Recipe as a start. Things like a great multivitamin, B-12 (B complex even better), L-tyrosine, potassium/magnesium/zinc, and D3 are helping me.

If you are going to try at home...maybe pick the one you think you can cut out or quickly reduce first. Once that is out of your system and stable, go for the next one. I would REALLY suggest having someone hold your meds to help you. Or at the very least get a pill sorter and lay out your pills and supplements for the week so you can track your progress.  Also see about NA/AA meetings in your area as they give you the best support and help. You took 7 years to get where you are, so don't expect it to be over quickly.

With the cocktail you are takng, it really might be your best shot to have the medical support of a hospital detox. I don't think they'll put you to sleep for everything but it will be more comfortable and they can keep watch over your vital signs and everything. You will probably sleep better than at home.  But if you are really determined and have some support at home.... you could at least give it a shot with one of theeds at first to see how you do.
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And please keep posting and let us know how you are doing!
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that seems like a crazy amount now I have never been up to the amounts or neds you are on but my story is much the same as my Dr always wanted to move me up which once I got to a certain point I said enough is enough you are making a great choice coming here this is where I started and really dont think I could have done it without the people on here because they have took up so many of the hours during my taper time was my worst enemy take a day at a time also a taper can be done but takes extreme will power I think its up to the individual
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I had brain surgery in November of 2008 and once I was released from the hospital I was to follow up with this neurologist they recommended and that is where it all went downhill.  I expressed my concerns about taking pain medication from day one and this is where I still ended up.  I actually had to stop seeing him and go to my primary care doctor and ask for help because I wasn't going to get it from him.  I am very angry with him at this point because I would never imagine a doctor to lead me in this direction and then not want to help.  He had also prescribed me Opana, morphine and fentenyl but I refused to take it.

I don't know where I would end up if I didn't say enough is enough.  I am very happy my primary doctor was willing to help because I did call around to other neurologists and not one of them would consider messing around with this amount of medication.  Even pain specialist said they didn't even know where to start with me as far as weaning off.  If it weren't for my primary I would be in a very desperate situation or on more meds with my old neuro.

Thank you for the info on the supplements.  I think I am going to try that.   Reading on this site it seems like they have helped many people so it is worth a shot.

Right now my doc has me weaning down on the oxycontin first.  I did drop from 8 pills to 5 pills on both the Norco and Oxy IR.  The Oxycontin is the hard one with no doubt.  Today is day 18 and it is one of the hardest.  The weaning plan has me reducing every 4th day which has been pretty aggressive but I have been able to stick with it until now.  I don't know how much longer I will be able to.  When I can't do it any further my doc will admit me to the hospital to detox if I want.  He doesn't think it is possible to get off all this at home but is letting me try.  

I have been able to sleep pretty well.  For me the heart palpitations is what has been hard.

I am also going to read up on the Thomas Recipe you mentioned.

Thanks for all the info.

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Agreed this is a great site.  I have gotten some great info and support.  Up until now I have been strong but I don't know that I have the will power it is going to take just because of how much I was on.  I am taking it one day at a time.  I have stuck with the plan even on the hard days at this point but with the quantities I am taking I have a long road ahead of me.

It has been great to have the support from all of you on this site.
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Agreed it is a crazy combo of drugs.  I appreciate all the info you gave me.

I take prescription vitamin D right now because I always seem to have a low level in general.  Do you know what the difference is with D or D3?  

I also take B-12 injections every other day because I have neuropathy and it helps with that and my body doesn't seem to retain it on its own any more (probably from all the drugs).  Would I still want to take a B complex?  I wish I knew more about all the vitamins.

The last day or two has been very hard with the current tapering schedule.  I see the doc tomorrow and I am hoping he can slow it down just enough to where I can stick to it.  I have worked very hard to follow it but it has been pretty aggressive and the last few days it keeps getting harder.  I have reduced the meds a substantial amount but I still have a long way to go and I want to stick to it no matter what.
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