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One Week... 7 big days!

One week ago during the season finale of Game of Thrones I took my VERY LAST tramadol. AT the time I didn't know it would be my last, as I still had plenty of pills and a 3 month taper plan with my doc ahead of me. Thanks for everyone on here I pushed through 24 hours without one & just went for it. Flushed 70 some pills the next day and went through a rough evening but pretty much ever since then, I've been feeling better and better.

I know that my taper, even though I didn't go as low as I "should have according to my dr" before I jumped off definitely helped. I 110% believe the vitamins and supplements helped a ton! Exercise created my own endorphins and energy which really pushed me to feeling back to normal. I'm still getting bouts of anxiety but they are even decreasing daily. I'm still taking my vitamins and just trucking through. I definitely expected MUCH worse since the w/d symptoms during my taper seemed bad (and constant) but it was doable. So to anyone worried about it.... IF your DOC is safe to jump from, take the vitamin, exercise, and other loads of advice on here and just go for it! It's definitely best to do so with the advice of a doctor of course. My point is that, yes there will be rough days, but a week from now, you will NOT regret your choice to keep pushing through the hard times and over the next weeks and months things will continue to get better.

Today I got to enjoy the morning at the beach with my child and husband. I had energy, not relying on a pill for it, which felt wonderful! The more "natural" energy I have the more I want to keep moving and just keep releasing those endorphins and getting more!

We can do this! You can do this! You will not regret your decision to move away from the pills and move on to a FREE life!
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congrats on those 7 hard earned days girl!  you are doing great!  love the positive post....it inspires everyone to know it can be done!!  way to go!!
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Thanks toothfairie. Totally what I was going for. I know everyone is different and noones w/d will be exactly the same but I got super intimidated seeing that so many people were having a bad time for a long time. While that may be the case, I thought a shorter experience I read would be good
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Congrats on you first week! Yay!! Here's to many more clean weeks for you my friend! :)
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Congratulations on 7 days!  You worked hard for this and deserve the benefits that will keep on coming in the days, weeks, months ahead . . for the rest of your life!  Thanks so much for this positive post and for the inspiration that will benefit so many to come.  Keep it up J; so, so. SO happy for you :)
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Thanks to all to all of you for all your support!
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Awesome job Jbean77!   I am so happy you are living and feeling again.
You are doing every possible to heal your mind and body and feeling the results.  You are doing great and keep up the hard work day after day for the rest of your life.  Never forget how miserable you were okay?

Great job!
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Congrats on day 7! So awesome you took the jump!
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