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One Week Today

Hi everyone, just wanting to say thanks for helping me through the last 7 days....I am still wearing the seatbelt, because I'm still riding high and low, hot and cold, happy and sad, scared and brave....but all of you said it would be like this so I accept it.
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Congrats on one week!! I am feeling the same way lately. I have had mostly really good days but the last couple days I wake up after 5 hours of sleep and I can't go back to sleep so then I am exhausted at work..ugh!! Like you said its par for the course :)
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Congratulations on one week! Your doing great! Keep pushing ahead!
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Congrats on a week -- keep the buckle on but you might be able to loosen it a bit because things will get better each day, so take it as it comes... Congrats again!!!!
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Thanks SO much for your comments...I feel empowered, yet weak at the same time.  I just was assigned some work to do from home, and the old thinking was  " over a week ago I could fly through this. "    Now, I will be working in REAL time.  So then I also remembered H.A.L.T.  Hungry, Angry, Lonely Tired.  What was I feeling, and I was hungry, and tired.  So I am going to work  after I eat and spend some time on the forum.
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Congrats on 7 days!!!  You are doing great!!
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Congratulations on one week clean : )
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Congrats! #Bravo!
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one week down!  that's fantastic!  congratulations to you. :)
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CONGRAGULATIONS! ONE WEEK! that's awesome! U should be really proud of yourself! Forward....charge!
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A BIG congratulations!! Keep choosing YOU!!
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Congratulations!!  Keep plugging along; it does get better :))
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THANK YOU EVERYONE!  Your encouragement got me to today day 8...
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