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One Week!

Thought I would update everyone. Right now I have officially made it one week since my last pill! I have pretty much no withdrawal symptoms anymore. However, I have been having the RLS start at night now. It's like I have developed actual RLS that is unrelated to the withdrawal. It feels kind of different, and with my withdrawals it was my whole body, this is just my legs. Anyone had this happen?
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Great job !!   keep it up  :)   awesome !
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My legs were the last part of my body to feel better.   Besides just feeling generally like crap.
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Great job.
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You're doing it! A big Hi-Five to you on your hard work. Keep it up!
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I too had ressless body thru withdrawal then just RLS for about a month or little more.  But I have RLS anyway. The med I take for my regular RLS didn't help at all during withdrawal. For me I did what alot of the wonderful people on here suggested.
I ate bananas and I mean I ATE bananas !!! Like 5-7 aday.. LOL
Seemed to help some. Just a suggestion.

Keep up the Great Job! Your doing Awsome

I too am new 45 days give or take off Oxys and 10 days off hydro( Norco)


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congrats on 1 week!  that's so great!  just keep on going girl!  :)
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