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One day at a time

Today I was discharged from Detox, it's alot diff. staying clean in the "real world". I am still scared, but I know w/ time that it will get easier.I hope that I continue to get support from this site.
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Your right, it is a lot different staying clean in the real world and detox is a safe environment. Is it you that had a pill binge? like 150 or something?

It will get easier, but you have to learn some tools to stay clean. I never believed that until i kept failing over and over. You will get a lot of support here, but if i have your previous post right i think you should talk to someone and seek something more. Reading some posts and talking to people that understand is a start and  will do you so much good. Stick around and good luck.
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congrats on getting clean...like gizzy said now get some aftercare, remember one daya t a time..staywithus and keep posting...you are an inspiration to those just starting detox...take care my friend
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