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One day ok one day a mess

Can anyone comment on this for me?  It seems like I am in a cycle of one day I feel almost normal.  My emotions are somewhat in check I don't doubt myself or my sobriety so much and I can get through the day. Then the next day I am filled with fear, crying,doubting myself and my recovery and all my mind does is think of how all this would go away for a few minutes if I would just use!!!! I know that's not the answer and I don't want that in my life but I have been so anxiety ridden and depressed for so long that day like today seem to go on forever and that they will never go away.  I am so tired of not being happy or not having any hope!  Did anyone feel like this did it eventually stop?  I just don't know what to do thank you
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It does take our body and brain to heal.  I mentioned to you before about talking with your doctor about some AD meds.  There are non narcotic meds out there.  Do you feel like you are getting anywhere with your therapist?
Therapy is fine and I can intellectually know what's happening.  But hours into feeling like **** I get discouraged and hopeless feeling  
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Good morning Bob yes it is normal to have good hours, then bad hours.
Good days then bad days. It is a cycle. As I said the good hours and days will begin to outweigh the bad.
Kudos on your clean time.
Thanks Debbie. Better today.  Go figure!
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Hi Bob!
Time & Patience is what it takes for sure. We did not get addicted over night. It will be a process as you heal. Each day you are getting better. It does take time for the Brain to balance back those Brain chems and for the Body Parts, and mostly the nervous system to come around too.
To have Hope is to have Faith! Keep pushing forward, you will get to the other side soon.

Yes, I felt hopeless at times, but I kept on pushing through & had TONS of SUPPORT!!!!
So do I.  Thank you for yours
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Hey Bob......well your disease has you trapped in a cycle....but with time you will cycle out of it....you just got to keep doing the next right thing  get to a meeting and share what is going on with you it really helps... work with your sponcer keep working the steps  with N/A you still may struggle but you wont have to do it alone...this disease loves us to isolate  recovery is a ''we'' progam not a ''i'' progam  most people will struggle trying to beat this thing alone...try not to get discouraged  just know what your going threw is a normal part of recovery and if you keep doing the next right thing you will recover....
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