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want to ween off a 4 a day 7.5 hydrocodone habit
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Personally I find the taper method to be an exercise in futility. I always take more just to "normalize". I am on day 9 off of a habit that was 3 times higher than yours. I followed the Thomas recipe and started exercising on day 4. The physical has subsided with the exception of RLS. Just think you give yourself a terrible flu to get a brand new life. The best quote I have seen said "I may have another high in me but I don't have another withdrawl".
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I couldn't agree more with the above poster. Your on a very low dose so a taper is really just prolonging it. Your gonna have to make that final jump to no pills and you will feel some withdrawals but Im betting that the worst of it will be over after 3 days.
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How long have you been using? And why are you weening? We need a bit more info in order to help. Now, having said that, I agree with the above two...First, most of us can't ween unless we have someone who we trust assisting us. You need to get a taper plan from your doctor, then have the trusted person give you the meds per the plan, hiding the rest so you have absolutely no access. Tapering prolongs the mental side of detox, and that's the part that leads most to relapse. Weening is better for you physically, but the mental part is the shadow over everything you do.
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I personally think tapering is more brutal and draws the physical symptoms out longer. I don't think you are on a really high dose a would personally just C/T. How long have you been on meds?
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