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Opiate addiction while 26 weeks pregnant

Please don't be hateful I feel horrible enough already!! I'm 26 weeks pregnant with a precious little girl but am a terrible person for being addicted to pain killers in the process. This is my first child and I'm terrified she will be taken away from me if I admit it to my doc! What do I do?? I've been using them since my knee surgery in 2008 :( I'm scared beyond belief
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You need to think about the baby. She's going to be born addicted and in horrible pain from w/d's....then they'll take her away. If you tell your doc now they can help you ween and get yourself into some sort of aftercare program. Doctors see this all the time it's not going to shock him/her. All you're doing by hiding it is not getting yourself and your baby the help you both need and 100% chance of loosing her because they will find out. Atleast if you ask for help your baby will be healthy and there's a good chance you will get to bring her home,and to a clean mum.
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I just have to echo Krissy. Tell your doctor NOW. Don't change anything w/o checking w/ your dr.
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Hi there and welcome to the forum. We have had a lot of addicted pregnant women come through here.  This is more common than you might think.  Telling your doctor is the best thing you can do. If your baby girl is born addicted (and they can and do test for it) then there will be an issue, and they could take her away.  If you talk to your doctor now, then they can be prepared for any potential problems.  Just take a deep breath and be completely honest with him/her. I would bet you are not the first person to tell your doctor something like this.  Whatever you do, do not stop suddenly taking the pills. What are you currently taking and how much per day?

Take care, and please keep posting and let us know how you are doing. I wish you all the best, and congrats on the baby.
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Yep gotta tell the doc and find a way to get off, 1 thing to hurt yourself but when another life is being hurt, gotta stop no matter how hard it is, good luck! You CAN do it
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Thank you all so much!! I called my doc today and am awaiting a call back for an appt sooner than my next scheduled. I've been taking 30mg of morphine a day since I ran out of my perscriped vicoden. I know this precious little girl deserves so much better and it kills me knowing what I'm doing to her daily :( The father my current bf keeps telling me it's not good for her and I know its not I'm terrified to just stop cold turkey. I will never be able to forgive myself if something happens to her!!!
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It's good that you will be seeing your doctor sooner rather than later.  Make sure you take a deep breath and tell him everything.  Be totally honest.  Again, do not suddenly stop taking the pills.  You will go into withdrawals, and the baby will feel everything that you do.  Your doctor should be able to help you and do what's best for the baby.

Take care, and try not to stress about this too much.  Please let us know how things go with your doctor.
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Does your boyfriend use drugs as well?  Will he be supportive to you when you are ready to quit? That will be very important for you and the baby.

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He used to but not anymore any yes he's very scared as well :( I will def let you all know what happens next, I really appreciate the support more than you all will ever know!!
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You have a script for vicodin? How much do you take a day?
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I'm very proud of u for taking this step and being honest.. it's hard to do.. pills are so easy to get addicted to..  u sound like u want what's best for your baby.. everyone has given u great advice.. people who have never experienced addiction will judge u.. those of us who have, will just do our best to support and help u.. hang in their sweets, it's gonna be tough, but u can quit these pills.. start tapering down now.. and see your doctor.. good luck to you!
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