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Opiate dependence

Ok here it is, I a 29yr old mother of two, I have been suffering from chronic pain due to a number of issues (endomitrious, chronic low back pain, due to bulging disc and arthritis, also have right knee issues, had 3 knee surgies in one year 2009/2010), so needless to say I have been on pain meds for about 3yrs, I take about 8 norco 10/325 a day, sometimes less depending on the day, Anyway i am sick of living this way and my last day (the day I will be out and not refilling) is tomorrow. I am going to be taking suboxone to lessen the withdrawls and pain I already have. I guess what I want from this group is support in my journey and to know what you think about my situation and to here from some others with ligit chronic pain and to see how you manage it now without pain meds? Thank you for reading!!
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Hi!  You will get lots of help here.  Many of the members, me included, have suffered with chronic pain and manage the pain a lot better off the pills.  It takes a few months to get the body and brain to deal with the pain in a different way, but it does happen. Most people don't feel that their pain is as bad once they go through detox and start to feel better!

I applaud you for wanting to stop the pills!  Read the health pages about the amino acid protocol and thomas recipe.  They have good info!

Keep posting here!  That helps a LOT!
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Hi needlotsofhelp,

Glad you are here and taking positve steps to get cleaned up.  I have back issue which cause shooting pain into my right leg as well as occasional numbness.  I pretty much use ibuprofen, tylenol and ice to deal with pain.  I also stretch and exercise regularly and it helps quite a bit.  I hope things go well for you.  There is a lot of support here.  Good luck!!!
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hi there hun, im new here too and I am too addicted to the opiate merry go round!!!! I have found great support here, I'm the last to give adviceeee but I am here for you never the less.I am too on this journey, been on an opiate for about a year for lupus. However it has become an addiction, not only does it take my physical pain but my emotional pain. I have heard suboxone never tried it before, but thinking of going to a medical detox. I'm 34 I have great kids and I am a first year nurse, however I have been on disability for a while, so finacially im drowning never enuff to pay all the bills, get all the food we need and all the little stuff that sometimes we take for granted.I married a man that I should have never married, for all the wrong reasons , I have been married for less then 2 yrs, this is my 2nd night away from him, he left me in heap of debt, last night I was in a very sad and down mood..................So sometimes im very down however tonight Im on the phone with my very very best friend who now lives in the united states and I feel strong. in an hour i may feel week, anyway i babbled long enuff , I just wanted to let ya know that I too am addicted to the pill.I have only very few left and im panicing going withdrawels, I just wanted to give you some insight into my life, so I truely can be a support to you, and even though I am not clean yet I am on the track to be,, so I am around and if ya want my msn for support no problem girl...God Bless You and WE CAN DO THIS .....XOXO
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Thank you all for the comments and support! It is so hard, I think the hardest part is knowing the withdrawl is coming! I'm scared, I don't remember what it is truly like to be "ME" anymore, I have a GREAT boyfriend who I almost lost, I know i'm a great mother but can be so much better off of these pills, I just hope the pills haven't drained my brain so much that I wont be the same person that everyone knows me as, I hope it just makes me even better when i'm off and I hope I can find a healthier way to deal with my pain. Thank you all again, i'll keep everyone posted as I start the process Saturday... wish me luck, I know i'll need it!
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Ok....good luck! : )  

Seriously, we all lost sight of the real "me" during all of the addiction and behavior associated with it.  You will do fine.  Try not to get too worked up about it!  That will only make it 10 times worse!

Remember to keep posting this weekend!  Sometimes it's slow on weekends, but there will be people around!!! : )
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I too suffer with lower back pain and sciatica. It started with a herniated disc that was pressing on my sciatic nerve. I also have a few bulging discs. I have had two surgeries. The second was to clean up some scar tissue from the first. I also have spinal stenosis ans the beginning stages of arthritis. I have degenerative joint disease in one knee. It sounds like a lot of issues but it doesn't really effect my life physically. Every now and then my back will kind of go out and cause a pain I'm not use too but usually only lasts for a few days. It just happened recently but is feeling great now.
The everyday pains I just got use to living with them and also manage them will steroid injections, physical therapy, cardio, stretching exercises, core strengthening exercises such as crunches, leg lifts, etc, heat/cold, over the counter meds such as advil, and just an overall healthy lifestyle. With chronic pain we have to make changes all around. I was never overweight but I went on a diet to lose a little extra. I am 6 foot tall and did weigh right at 200 pounds. I now try and keep myself between 185 and 190. I think that little bit of extra weight that I lost made the biggest difference on my back. It can be tough be when suffering with chronic pain we have to make lifestyle changes.
Once you get off of the pills you will realize the pain is manageable without narcotics. You will find that you will actually have less pain. Many people on this forum told me the same thing. To be honest I thought they were full of it and thought they were just trying to help me get off the pills. Come to find out they were right! At first you will have some rebound pain. Your brain will actually cause more pain trying to get you to give it that pill it so desperately wants.
Once you get off the pills I can assure you that it will be the same for you. It won't be easy but you can do it. Come here for support and listen to the ones that have been in your shoes. They know how to help.
Best of luck.

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thanks for the post -but grrrr anything worthwhile dont come easy, so true that a healthy lifestyle is all important, the benifits are innumerable.. too bad it dont come in a pill. -lol
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