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Opiate land..

How do you know when you are addicted to opiates? I have been on and off opiates (all kinds) for years since I was 12 when my mom would give me vicodin for my cramps. Ever since then nothing else seems to relieve my stress, anger, sadness and pain (when I have pain). I also am one to get chronic illnesses such as kidney stones and bladder / kidney infections so I am constantly being prescribed vicodin, percocet or T3's. I know one of the first questions is gonna be can I live w/o them? Sure... I guess. But I do get very horrible cravings for them when I get angry or sad or stressed out. Any help?
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Well, first of all these drugs are not something to play with. Only use pain killers for pain. And then not every day. They are very, very easy to get addicted to. Especially when you start using them for other things.
Did you know that all these pain killers you are perscribed have the same ingredient as heroin?
they are nothing but a low-grade form of heroin.

for your question of am i addicted.  well, don't take any for 3 days.
do you experience any physical changes besides the mental cravings?
like feeling real cold, achy, extremely tired,edgy-and anxious, sick to your stomache, diarehha?
if yes, then you probably are
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Well, do you think you are addicted? Are they controlling your life....do you worry if you are about to run out....worry if you don't have enough to get through your day...is it the 1st thing you think of when you wake up? My personal opinion is if you answer yes to any of these questions there is a chance you are an addict. An addict can live w/o them but the question is DO THEY LIVE W/O THEM?

Hope this was helpful to you. There are lots of people on this board who will be able to help you also....these were just the thoughts that made me realize I am an addict.
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If you're taking them sometimes not for pain, but because you like how you feel mentally when you do, then ya most likely are...or are on your way.  You said that nothing else relieves your stress, anger, and sadness...sounds like you are right there.  If you need help, wanna talk, whatever...shoot.  
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yes, I do often think / worry about how many pills I have left, and always think that I should save them for a time when I really need them, i.e. if im stressed out or what have you. I used to be a meth addict for 5 years.. so I know what addiction is like. I have been clean from meth for 2 and 1/2 years now (thank god!) and now its pain pills. I feel like since I was addicted for so long maybe this is whats filling that hole, because once I went sober I felt empty, like something was missing from my life.
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err.. should I say I know what meth addiction is like. Its very different than anything else.
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You have come to the right place if you are ready to quit the pain pills....there is lots of information and support! I hope that is the decision you are making....the pills may fix the stress or anxiety you have  now but eventually you will need more and more and more and then there won't even be enough and you will find yourself doing things you never thought yourself capable of. I hope you choose to quit now while you aren't too deep into it. JoAnn
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Wouldn't it be cool to actually save somebody before they enter the 'nightmare'.

I think that most if not everyone on this forum will agree that being addicted is the most horrible, worst thing that has ever happened to them.

If you have ever seen a movie with a heroin addict that is going through withdrawl. That is what it is like. It will control every motive, decision, action you do. Soon enough the doctors won't be able to keep up with how much you need. (because your tolerence will get higher) and you will have to find other places to get them. And then start lying, and spending lots and lots of money. And worrying and stressing over where to get more and do i have enough. Going half a day without will be hell even.

If the doctors even suspect that you are getting addicted. They will cut you off without a warning. It is totally tramatic. And word gets out. All of your doctors will.

Much better and easier to decide on your own to quit. I was on them for 2 years before I realized that i was addicted.

It took another 2 years to actually quit. I am going on 6 months clean now and feel that i am so lucky and fortunate and blessed.

so what do you think?
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It is very good being clean for 6 months! That is awesome. I think the longest i've gone w/o pain pills is about 1 month, then by then something else comes up and I go to the doctor and get more. Just last night, I went to the hospital for Ovarian cysts, kidney stones and bladder infection. They pumped me with morphine twice then sent me home with another prescription. I do know what you are saying about them cutting you off. I really only take one every other day right now, Its not a lot. but I do know that I need to stop because the pills probably aren't helping my health problems only hiding them and making them worse. But I think about taking them a lot.
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they do mask other things. ha , i was taking so many pills that i didn't even notice i had tennis elbow and heel spurs. and the fractured tailbone i didn't know until 2 days later.

since i've gotten clean off drugs. i've been getting real healthy. eating good, detoxing and i don't get sick. i am amazed at how just eating differently can make you feel so much better. i'm learning that most of our ailments and sicknesses are due to eating poorly. ha that easy.

what do you eat?
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It is hard for me to find time to even eat! I work so many hours.. probably about 50 to 55 hours a week, and when I do eat most of the time its candy or junk food or anything I can pick up at 10pm when im on my way home from work. But weekends, I eat super healthy... fruits, vegetables, home made soup and pastas... I also take vitamin C every day.. but im sure thats not enough to prevent health problems!! It is always just so much easier to take a pain pill and be done with the pain for a few hours! You really didn't know you had a fractured tailbone for 2 days?? What was it that you were taking, if you dont mind sharing?
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My last doctor perscribed me hydrocones 1000's (10) mg. Sure i felt some pain but i always hurt.

You know your schedule sounds a lot like mine use to be. I thought that maybe the hectic schedule is how i got addicted to the pills, because they really helped me to keep up. My job was just too hard for me physically, my boyfriend was 16 years younger and i was constantly on the go. Looking back it was pretty ridiculous all i was doing. It seems like everyone is expected to do so much now especially if you have kids. ha.  can't imagine everyone doing all this like 25 years ago. men just went to work and had dinner ready for them when they got home. women stayed home and cleaned house and socialized with neighbors and did all the work at home. now everyone does like everything.
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