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Opiate withdrawal

Got on hydro's after a injury after 2 years of doc prescribing them I was cut off. I got clean for about 6 months, then I can't tell you why I went back to them. Maybe I missed the high maybe I figured I could quit and I could handle it again.well I've been buying them illegally off the street for about 5 months now and I guess I've decided I want to live freely again without needing the pill. I would take 3 about 4 to 5 times daily sometimes reached over 20 a day. Hydrocodien doesn't have the same effect and im tired of needing a drug to feel normal. I'm scared of the w/d I've gone threw it before not counting the countless times I was dope sick inbetween refills. So I guess what's my next step? I'm lost man kind of ***** never thought I be an addict off prescriptions. Anyways thanks ahead of time
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Hi, and welcome. Your story is identical to many of ours, including mine. Never thought I would get addicted to anything, ended up taking 15 norco daily.

Well, are you ready to stop now? If so, cancel/ block ALL your street contacts. Sorry, there is no way around withdrawl, you just gotta go thru it. We can walk you through it. Look up the Thomas Recipe to get things that will ease wds a little bit.

Post again so we know you are still here and we can continue to help.
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I'm 52 days clean I have a really bad back injury was talking over 200mg oxy a day prescribe mostly by doc I went to a detox center omg it was horrible but wow it's amazing being clean no more running out counting pills spending money I don't have if I did you can I wanted to come clean for 3 yrs and lured on this site read stories cried finally said enough is enough did it here I am don't look back just push forward. Keep us posted..
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Well also just recently lost my job because of the company closing , so I'm about to be finically strapped. I only have a year of college under my belt. So I'm lost on what to do next I just moved back into my uncles house. My girlfriend understand what I'm
Going through but I'm lost. On top of that im going through all this.... I've been clean before and I thought I found happiness so it bothers me I got so far and somehow talked myself back into it. At the plus side I have time to get clean and work on myself and my relationship. Just fell like life's knocked me back down livingn back at home and broke at 24 years old. I deal with pain constantly and that keeps me limited to certain jobs ugh what to do. The pills didn't have the same effect on me like they use to, it was like taking them out of habit or in hopes to feel normal or some sense of happiness. I did NA last time but what I gathered from that taught me it's about will power and changing habits. Finding new things to do. Kind of lost thank you for the answers
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I think I've abused them so much that they don't give me that euphoria high anymore or numb feeling.  even with these w/d there not near as bad as the first few times getting clean. I only have the paws feelings along with aggition and RLS sleepless ness. But that's it so so far im almost on day 3 here but mentally at war
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Hi, at day 3 you are in the thick of it. It's gonna take time to feel "normal." I strongly suggest AA/NA. Once we remove the drugs, we are just addicts w/o drugs. Our minds our crazy. We need help not only preventing going back to using but living a sane life.
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