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Opiate withdrawal

I am a working mom (I guess my nickname gives the working part away) and have been on Lort 10 for about 2 years.  In the last year I have gotten up to 15-20 per day.  I recently quit cold turkey (despite having to work and be a wife and mom)and am on day 6. The withdrawal has gotten better, but I think that I fear the night time the most. I just can't seem to sleep.....almost at all. Any idea how long this will last?

I know that I am strong in that I have made it throught the worst part of this whole thing....having to function normally through most of this, but I cannot keep going with such little sleep. I feel so groggy in the morning I almost can't get going.

I really can't go to anyone...even a doctor...because of my and my family's position over here.  Can anyone please give me some advice or even some words of encouragement?

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to read your stories.  It has really helped me throughout all of this during those restless nights.  You are all so strong in what you have done!
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I know what you are feeling, I'm also withdrawing from an opiate, for migraine headaches. I have gradually had to increase the dosage over a span of 40 years, headaches were more frequent, depending on events of life. I'm doing pretty well but I am not doing the cold turkey way, as you are. I'm finally down to 1 every other day which I am pretty happy about. Though I have only taken the meds for headaches, I feel I'm taking way too many as I've been having rebound headaches for too long...and the opiate can cause that as my doctor tells me.
I, too, have learned so much from those posting on this site.  It has been an education...and I feel for and support you and all those trying to withdraw, it isn't easy I'm finding out.  Even being on 30 a month is rough to pull away from, but that is 365 a year that I was taking! When I started doing the math...I didn't like what I saw....!

Actually it is a good thing that so many are realizing what drugs can do to the body...and I guess it depends on who wants to have a real life and who doesn't.  
I've been lucky that I had a good doctor who felt that I wasn't abusing them, but he died 2 years ago...that sent me reeling. He understood the pain because he got migraines also. The doctor that took his place supports me knowing the migraine pain can be excruciating but he also says to try other methods first, before reaching for the opiate.

I've been using this "HEAD ON" that is advertized on TV and in drug stores..and I can't believe it...it has been working for me!!!  Hard to believe.  My headaches were the sickest, most painful things since I was 8 years old.  And they come along with something like "HEAD ON", which is homeopathic but the druggist said he can't keep it on his shelf...all the older people are using and swearing by it!!! And now I'm trying it and it seems to works!?!  Go figure! If anyone else here has migraines or tension headaches, try it and let me know if it works for you!

As for you having difficulty sleeping, opiates I do know can keep you awake for days sometimes! And withdrawing even makes not sleeping worse for awhile. My doctor gave me Ambien...which I don't care for and will quit soon. But when I was under a great deal of stress in my life I would take a whole one once in awhile but later on I only took 1/2 a pill at a time, now I only take them (1/2) maybe once or twice a week. It does work but you had better be near a bed because you will go out pretty fast. I think after I get control of the opiate, then I will get more tired..at least that is what I'm hoping.  I am quitting all medications and going to do the homeopathic way for awhile and see if it works for me.

Good luck to you Attorney, hang in...you sound determind. There are certain homeopathic ways to try for sleep.  Visit a health food store and ask them, they are usually very willing to help.
Good luck to you,
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Today is my 2nd day.  Yesterday was livng hell...I was expecting some discomfort...but nothing like the chills and whatever it was I went through with the sneezing and the runs I was going trhough.   I was doig 8 - 10 vics a day.  7.5's    I feel like ****.There is not one part of my body that doesn't hurt... my hair hurts.

Maybe that was the worst of it yesterday... I seem to be somewhat calmed down today... chills have passed.Eating is unthinkable.  ewww... this is sheer hell.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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Gip -

Hey, I  posted to you in a different thread - hang in there!  Do Gatorade/powerade.  I'm telling ya - it made me feel better yesterday.  

I have not gone c/t - i'm down to 5mg a day right now - so  I cannot imagine what you are going through - but i know it sucks.

Attorney - thanks for your post.  You can do it - seems like you have done the hard part - and you sound mentally like you are ready to beat this thing!  Draw on the experiences from others in this group - it does help.  It helps to know you aren't alone!

Gip - keep us posted.  I'll be thinking and praying for you!
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    I am fairly new to this forum and am sooo glad that I found it. I go to a Methadone Clinic and have earned myself a week of take homes for my compliancy and clean drug screens. But I have read all of your posts, and can totaly relate to the withdrawals and what you are all going through. Its very important to have a STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM while you are in recovery..thats the #1 thing to always remember. Even if you can't make it to a NA meeting to whatever, come here or lean on some close friends. I, myself don't really have much of a support system, but I do have a counselor as a part of the clinic that I go to and that does help immensely. I got pretty bad myself on the Hydros & Loratabs..a script of 60 might last me 2 days.
       But it took my going to jail with my ex-hubby's mom in Jan.2006, to realize just how bad I had gotten and this was while on the clinic. She had gotten a script and asked me to drop it off, and I did....went back to pick it up, and was met up with the cops. So needless to say, I spent 20 days in jail, without Methadone..and went through major withdrawals in there. I went through major sweats, sneezing, my arms & legs twitched while I tried sleeping. The meds that the jail gave me was a cocktail of different dugs, that made me hallucinate and ****. But then after that, they only gave me meds for like a week or more, and after that I was left with being W-I-D-E- AWAKE at nights.
    I have heard that you can go through with withdrawals for many months. But if you are going through this cold turkey..I don't recommend it..but if you do, go to an herbal store and see what they have for helping you sleep. I'm sure that they have herbal teas that will help for sleep. As for detoxing..tell them that you need a Detox Regimen. Its also known as a Liver/Kidney Flush but they have a term for it, just ask. I am a big believer in alternative meds. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Degenerative Disc Disease/Lumbar & Cervical Disease, Gallbladder Stones, Kidney Stones and etc. I just recently had a heart attack and underwent emergency, double bypass open heart surgery in Ocotber 2006. I am ONLY 33 years old. But thats what genetics does for ya. 2 of my arteries were 100% clogged with plaque from High Cholesterol.
     But back to the alternatve meds, afew years back, a friend told me about herbs, cause she had MS (Multiple Scelerosis) and she had been using herbal meds. I go to this place, and after telling them my probs with my health, they gave me a bunch of bottles.I took them home and took the pills as prescribed. After a few days..I past 2 kidney stones!!! This is NO BS! I am dead serious.
     If it had not been for the toilet paper floating on top of the water in the toilet, I would have missed them. But when I passed them, they were caught by the toilet paper
(GROSS, I KNOW) but thats how I know that Herbal Medicine works. I mean think about it, what did they do in the olden days for medicine? They used home remedies, herbs, and etc. So I know that it works. But I would NOT go to a GNC and expect to get what ya need. I'd go to a hole in the wall, small herbal shop somewhere..make sure that they have taken some kind of classes or that they are certified in herbs. Because I went to a small herbal store and thats how I come to find my special regimen. Just go in and tell them your ailments and they will lead ya around, giving you what you need.
       Sorry for such a long post...but for some reason I am soo passionate about drug addiction/script addiction and alternative meds. I just want people to know that there are other ways to deal with pain and health problems. Because I live with my pain every day of my life. But I am closing for now. Bless all of you who are doing this cold turkey! It takes a hell of a person to do that...
               God Bless,
               Jess 'da Rabbit  :)
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I think the answer to this is fairly simple.  Go to your doctor and tell them you are having a period of poor sleeping.  You can say that thoughts of work or other stress related issues are keeping you up (I think that is a fair way to not express the exact nature of your personal challenge here).  Lunestra and Ambien will work.  They are fairly mild.  I used Lunestra and found it to be much milder than any sleep aid I have ever used.  When I say mild - I mean this - all sleep meds kind of have a foggy/druggy feel to them when waking.  Even Lunestra, but its very mild and you are up in moving in no time.  You can even ask for a sleep aid by name.  Docs don't ususally have a problem prescribing 15 or 20 pills, especially if you don't have a history of asking for them.  In short usage these drugs are non habit forming.  That should fix ya up.
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Thanks for all of your advice and stories.  The hardest part of this whole thing is that I am a total sleeper.....requiring at least 8 hours of sleep (at least prior to this). So, needless to say, the not sleeping is the hardest part.

I am now on day seven.  I expected that this would be the day that I feel better and have more strength to fight this through.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  I kind of feel like I am back-tracking.....the jumpy legs, shaking and even more restless.  

Out of all the reading I've done I have come to realize that it will take much more than 7 days to be completely finished and back to some sense of normalcy.....but does that mean that there will be bad days and good days?  Like I said, I am a "sleeper", and I don't know how much more of this I can take.  It kinda makes you a little crazy to function on a normal level with so little sleep!

Good luck to all of you who have done and are doing what I have done.  One thing I have realized out of all of this hell is that I AM very strong.  Not just anyone can do it like this......so congrats to all of you in my position.  If you are strong enough to make it through this HELL, you can do just about ANYTHING!
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I think C/T is the best way for me... I don't see any reason to get addicted to anything else I have to give up in the process, I surely didn't start with anything else.

It's brutal... today is day three for me ..... so far the worst.

I have some Xamax I've been taking at night to sleep, but I gave them up a week before I started backing off from the Hydros... trust me...as soon as I am over this feeling of tossing and turning....they are in the trash.  Thank God I wasn't using them daily, so getting off them was not a big deal, I actually felt better.

The Hydro on the other hand... stomach cramps, chills, body aches... the whole nine yards... I'm miserable... but it's only day three.   It's like having the worst stomach flu I ever had.

NEVER AGAIN....   I will never use them again.   This is just too much to go through and life with them, after a while is not really living

Happy Holiday
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I'm brand new to this site. Here's my deal........ I'm a 40 year old very active and athletic male. I've been taking "P-cets" for about a 1 1/2 years. I started out taking very few and now(the last 12 months) taking 20 to 30 a day!! I decided the day after Christmas that enough was enough!!! I got some Meth's pills from a friend and decided to come up with my own detox plan. I'm in my 5th day and it seems what I've come up with has worked very well. Not untill today(my day 5) did I read on this site about other people taking this and backing off the doses each day. Here's what I did. Please let me know what you think of my plan. I have had very little withdrawals with this plan!!! can anyone tell me what to do from Day 6 or 7 to day 14. I'm wondering what I should do if anything the 2ND WEEK!??
Tuesday I took my last 3 Per. at 11pm (all at once)!!
Wed- 9am got up and took 2(5 mill)"METHODOSE pills, and later in the day(5pm)I took 1(5 mill)M for a total of 15 mill!
Thursday- took again 2 5 mill. in the AM and 1 5 mill. at 5pm for a total again of 15 mill.
FRIDAY- (My day 3) took only (1)5 mill.in the morning and 1 5 mill at 6pm that late afternoon. NOW MY TOTAL INTAKE IS DOWN TO 10 mill TOTAL!!
Sat-30th -took 1 5mill @11:30am,1/2 [email protected] total =7.5 mill total! Sunday(today)(1)5mill at 2pm today...now what??, Please help!!!
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My name is Anthony, I have been using pain medications from Perks, Oxy, Hydro etc.... for over 5 years and today is day 6 clean. Cold Turkey. The problem I have is that I was diagnosed with GAD anxiety disorder.  So when I'm not taking any thing " drugs" I feel dizzy, pain in left side chest, arm, cold hands, confusion, anxiety, exhausting, feels like my organs are killing, have vivid dreams about friends, drugs, problems in my life, the whole deal.

So like I said day 6 and right now its just the dizziness, confusion, anxiety that getting me all wacky. I want to go to the hospital but I know nothing is wrong with me.

My question is has anyone else went through anxiety after detox and how long did it take to pass?

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anthony you never said how much of oxy's you were taking?
i have been taking oxy's for 2 years now, and up to 3 80's a day.
i want to get off, and thinking of cold turkey. don't know how bad it will be? i notice everyone is different in terms of withdrawls.
anyone out there have any suggestions??? i certainly don't want to do methadone from all that i have read about it.
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okay so here we go. this is round three of cold turkey for this kid. I, as well, do appreciate my sleep. And attorney ihave taken just about every sleep aid possible and the only thing that they do is mke me feel stupid and still awake. okay so here is my deal, like i said that i have gone through this but thi time i wa on Suboxone for several months,great drug by the way if you can afford it, but how stupid am i for allowing myself to go through this not once, not twice, but three times? One thing I know now is to never say never because sometimes never is not so far off. Day two for me though and it is going on two in the morning. man do i dislike the night time! oh well gotta get through it right.
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I have never posted on boards like this and don't like to even think about the hell this medicine put me through. I took all kinds of opiates over 5 or 6 years (lortab, norco, perc, oxy, methadone). I reached the point where I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I decided to go off methadone in October 2006. That was the worst feeling I have ever felt. Instead of quitting entirely, I kept taking norco until 3 days ago.

Every time I go off the medicine, I always lose sleep - pretty much entirely. The first night, usually no sleep at all. The second night maybe a 1/2 hour or an hour of trash sleep (not very rewarding if you know what I mean). I tried ambien CR in October but it turned out to create another problem. I need to take 2 to fall asleep. Once asleep, I would continue to look for the ambien to take more (I don't really remember doing this but my wife told me about it). I ended up taking 5 in one night without realizing it. I'm glad she noticed and stopped me there. I guess I was desperate for sleep or at least some escape from the hell.

This is day 3 for me and I'm finally starting to feel OK. I still can't interact with my kids yet - any little thing stresses me out like you wouldn't believe. I hope you can get some quality sleep soon - I know how hard that makes the process.

I heard a DJ on the radio talk about getting off methadone and he said he couldn't sleep for a month. I'm assuming he did get an hour or two here and there but that's ridiculous.
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I am reading all your threads to see if anyone shares my symptoms of severe chills up and down my spine. Also some GI symptoms like diarrhea but tolerable.

I am surprised that I don't see anyone mention the use of suboxone or subutex.  It is cutting edge in the treatment of opiate addiction.  It can only be prescribed by a qualified physician (usually an addiction medicine specialist) My recommendation for ANYONE that has become addicted to opiates like Vicodin,Lorcet, percodan, codeine, etc is to contact an addiction medicine specialist and ask them about this drug. It can nearly eliminate withdrawal symptoms.  (It can be expensive though)  My problem is that I may be withdrawing from this drug, but that is a whole other story.
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does this still work?
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So that last post was a test. Anyway, I've been on Hydrocodone 10/650 for a little over a year. I'm not going to lie and say this was my first experience with painkillers because I would take them from time to time as a recreational thing. I don't drink at all and I do smoke pot on an almost daily basis. Now, I can do up to 20 of those pills a day. I've gone through w/d's about four times in the past fifteen months and each time I said "I will never take these things everyday again!!" Now, I just want to quit, but I can't stand the symptoms. I truly believe my abuse of this drug started when I lost my father to cancer in December 2004. No doubt I've been medicating my feelings about it and the other stressors in my life. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can detox off of this such as suboxone, methadone, outpatient detox (I can not go into a rehab). Maybe I can go to an outpatient detox and see a therapist on an outpatient basis. Truthfully, in my heart of hearts, I know it's time to end it, the fun's over. However, I can't afford to lay up in bed for three or four days or go to a rehab. I just want to get through these w/d's and go on with my life; any suggestions?  
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please do a search on this forum for FLaddict.....she tapered down slowly from the hydros and used amino acids, and melatonin for sleep....i am followiing her plan, and it does work....i am in week 2....down from 6 a day to 2 3/4 day....and will continue tabering until i can get the suboxone...which will probably be at the end of the month,....but everything she has recommended has worked...esp. the amiinos.....the relief they bring is just incredible.....
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without a doubt the best treatment for any opiate addiction is getting yourself on a list to get into suboxone treatment....NO METHADONE!!!!!!...suboxone treatment is hard to get into, and without script coverage ( insurance ) can also be very expensive!!! only certian certified detox docs can prescribe this drug, and due to the large amount of money that methadone manufacturers pour into the federal government, these docs are only allowed to take on thirty patients at a time.....this drug is SOOO cutting edge that if they put up suboxone clinics like they do for methadone, meth would become obsolete....i went through the whole c/t thing, lasted about three weeks before it finally broke me and i started to search for help.....every doc in the know suggested suboxone treatment over meth, as you will become more hooked on methadone than you were on opiates.....once i finally did get the suboxone, my life changed forever.....i have a addictive personality, and suboxone was not a COMPLETELY pain free withdrawal, but i am completely drug free and loving life right now.....i thank god for my support group, going through something like this can show you who your real family and friends are, and for helping me to overcome this disease!!!!! I KNOW that each and every one of you will look back on these dark days and wonder how you ever made it through, but then you will smile because you did!!! have faith and believe in yourself, and everything else will fall into place!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!
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I am trying to find out info re: the new treatment you are talking about. I am on 4 -30mgs of oxycodonone a day. Help me  with any advice. I live in Southern CA
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its a death tra. ive watched it tear thru my family. including me. tryed suboxzone, dident work, sis tred meth, and dident work, bro tred meth dident work, now he has no job, fired for steeling, has 6 kids, and in a half way house. lucky his wife loves him that much. It made me come clean to my wife after years, and shes a nurse, I would have lied to my grave. but now ive been clean for 58 hours, not long but its a start, secret is to ween down, dont just stop. too painful. I pray to God every morn noon and night that all the lost can pull thru. we are all good people that just got wound up in something real crapy....GOD BLESS
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Hi first of. As i can tell your all new to the forum so that's a big step on it's ouw. You have come to realise this cannot be done by yourself.
Sleep patttern's god the last thorn of w/d i hated it. I have been clean from herion for 34 day's today 32 as had 2 lapse's.  & my sleep pattern is all over. I can sleep but sometime's i'm up all night & sleep all day  (unless) at work. Then im really tired. I'm also tapering of methadone i was on 110ml a day but have got down to 50ml. I no there are alot of anti-meth people in here & i'm 1 of them. I swear it's the worst. Enyway hang on in there & just keep posting. ( why don't you set up porfils then you can add freinds & have privet messages ). You can tell a freind thing's yu don't feel right posting on the forum it can be a extea suppot group take care nat xx :)
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I want to say welcome! I had offered my  grand idea on another board and it helped one person so I wanted to tell you also. I  am on the meds for cancer so Icant just not take them, I have however stopped taking a handfull just because of the pain! I am learning to deal with it on my own some to. I drink Sleepytime Tea and it works great, 3 tea bags and about a Table spoon of sugar, you will be in that drift off state and it truly does help I also sit in a warm tub and drink it that way my mind and body is relaxed! Just an idea for you! hope that it helps!

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Tylenol PM, or Benadryl worked for me.  I still have trouble sleeping well, and I haven't taken vicodin in almost 40 days.  But.. I'm glad to say it is getting better.
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Looking for info...I've been taking oxycontin for about 2 years.  3 80mg. pills a day, plus occasionally extra 5mg ocycodone with them.  It started out for back pain, and eventually turned recreational after the back pain was gone.  I've tried to quite about 3 times, and usually give up after about 3 days when I can't take the pain, restlessness and feelings like I want to die.  This time I've made up my mind for good, I can't live with the condemnation and consequences of the addiction anymore, not to mention the money I'm spending on them.....I'm too busy for rehab centers, and plus my family is not aware of what's going on and would dissaprove greatly.  I have 3 young kids that I stay home and take care of, and I don't want them to suffer anymore from mood swings, a lot of times this is why I turn back to the drugs.  I HAVE TO STOP!!!  Right now I'm on day 2, I did have a few vicodin today to help with the pain, but it's still incredibly unbearable.  I want to crawl out of my skin, I'm hot and cold at the same time, and am completely exhausted.  When I go to bed at night I toss and turn and get completely frustrated until finally I get up and suffer the long night.  I was just wondering if anyone knows how long these withdrawl symptoms will last, I'm hoping the wost will be over in a couple days, but have no idea.  If anyone out there has quite cold turkey with no meds I would love to hear how long the suffering lasted.  Hopefully it will be encouraging enough to get me through this hell.  PLEASE HELP!!!
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Read this. It has some stuff I have tried for sleep....naturally. I am a 8-10 hour sleeper. I have to have the sleep or I turn into a narcaleptic during the day.  : )  I am a 10 year on and off again junkie. Right now, my drug of choice is pills....a whole different variety including Vic's. The detox I do is this:


I learned a lot of it when I went to holistic medicine classes, but mostly it has come from experience.

Good luck.

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