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Our Beautiful...JUGGLIN has 7 MONTHS and a day~!!

Hey MedHelp family~!! Our lovely ENCOURAGING JUGGLIN has 7 MONTHS and a DAY!!! Let's all send her some LOVE and CHEERS today!! Woo HOO girlie!  Oh my juggly girl~ 211 hard earned DAYS girl... you are such an amazing encourager to me and to all here... what a gift you have my dear friend! Even when you aren't feeling well, you still manage to give out to others... you are rockin' this recovery journey with strength and inspiration honey. It's a privilege to call friend! Just love ya girl!

Keep choosing YOU dear one!!
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Way to go Jugglin!  Congrats on those 7+ months!  you are such a kind spirit on here and help so many people....keep on going girlie!!  :)))
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Congrats on 7 months.  A great inspiration.
Your support and kind words mean a lot to me.

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Howdy Jugglin! :)

I didn't want to miss this (late as always but what's better than 7 mos.? 7 mos. & 2 days!!) I didn't want to miss the opportunity to join in to Celebrate your Lovely, Giving & Honest Spirit & your hard-won Achievement.

A feel-good song for you from 'The Decades' we love :):


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Thank you all so very much!  I certainly would not be here without you, my dear friends.  You all help me stay in check and hold myself accountable. I learn from you and grow with you each day! I am truly blessed to have found MH!
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Oh jugglin Im so proud of you and seven months! You just dont know what a positive impact you have had on my life! Girl I wouldnt be where I am without you! You are so kind and caring. CONGRATS. Have a celebration. Love you.
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Juggabug !! So big congrats on 7 mos chicky poo!  You're one tough little cookie!  Such an inspiration to myself and many!  Love you girl....you rockin it like a killer!  Spidey jig......cha cha cha
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Happy 7 months j. Congrats on your clean time.
I am so proud of you and very happy for you and your family.
Keep on keepin on.
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Girl Super Congrats I don't know what I would do with out you always helping me out going to my little corner and cheering me on I love you and pray you had a wonderful day today love ya lots....lizzy
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Way to GO! Just keep on moving forward and never look back!
CONGRATS on the 7 month..
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My darling girl, such a big Congratulations on your 7 months clean !!!!!
I am so truely happy and excited for you.
I have watched you blossom since we first took this road together.
You have been nothing but supportive and understanding.
Your a special type of person sweet J, someone i never thought i would have the priveledge to know.
I love you like ive known you forever. You and your darling kiddies, will always be a part of my family.
Your the breath of fresh air im always looking for.
I love you J, and i thankyou for being you my dear friend xoxoxo
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congrats on 7 months.  i bet you feel wonderful
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Congrats on 7 months and 1 day!!!
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7 months off hydros is FAB!!!  May you continue to make new discoveries every single day~
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Congrats on the 7 months!
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Wow, kick arse girl- can't wait to get there meself:)!
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Yay yay!
7 cheers for 7 months!!!  So proud of you!!!
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Happy 7 months Jugs!! Proud of you!  :)
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congrats j!  you know how much I love you!  very happy for you and on one of your holiday faves too!  xoxoxo
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Congratulations! I hope I can say that one day!
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Thanks for all your inspiration J....heart congratulations my friend!! xo
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Way to go on 7 months!!!  You give me hope!  Enjoy your day!
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Wonderful, wonderful, and your clean date falls on Independence Day!!!!  WooHoo!  All the more reason to have a great day.  Here's to hoping that everything in your life is where is should be.  Be very proud of yourself!  Take a bow!
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