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Out of knee surgery again today

Hi peeps!Just got out of acl reconstruction again.:[ Just saying hi.I have been on an extended vacation before the surgery.I haven't been on the forum for a week or so.I hope all is well as can be.I hope i have the strength to take these meds as the bottle says.even then i still go through W/D'S any way.I gotta go back to sleep before the nerve block wears off.Nite all.kim,cros,Fladdict,yoda,const,hubby choo,cinamonstix,lil rab,tink1517,and everyone else.PS.clay, im me when you can bro.                  God Bless all in withdrawals too.It is doable.I know!I will be doin it again probably:P
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hey you ! ! !

thanks so much for giving us an update on your surgery...glad things went well for you.

careful bruce...take as few of those pills as you possibly can.   stay ahead of the game...you control the pills and not let the pills control you.

hope to see ya feeling wonderful soon and back to posting...i miss ya terribly.

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Hey sweetie,
So glad u are doin' ok.  I miss you terribly!!!!  I hope you are outta there soon.  And definitely take as few of those things as you can.  Can you believe, I'm on day 16 c/t? woohoooo I can't even believe it lol...

Well, don't be a stranger.  Post as soon as you can. Take care and you are in my prayers,

Luvs ya, hugs,

Lil.  :)
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