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Over 90 days clean!

Well things have gotten better, but still working on it.
Those cravings went away for that specific drug but my body just wants any high at this point. Working on dealing with these cravings and channeling them to a good hobby.lately I'd been  stressed a lot! dealing with stress sober is hard, though I have my good days and bad so it's normal.  Only thing that's been odd is this past week I've been having out of this world nightmares and the interrupted sleep is back and, I've been really depressed and tired feeling. Just hit a brick wall with it so I'm riding it out trying to try a few new things, jazz it up a bit.
Seeing if that will help, going to NA still. Besides that I'm still thankful to be dealing with this without having to swallow some pills to make it go away!!!
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And had a massive panic attack for the the first time in my life because I got stuck in traffic? It was so bad my brain felt dizzy I almosted fainted, so random it's weird my anxiety hasn't ever been this high. I'm woundering if it's just my brain becoming normal again and it's trying to adjust, but dealing with all this again is killing me!!
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Max- I hope this doesn't sound condescending but I'm so proud of you! You are doing the work. That is so great.

Yes, your brain is still adjusting. Do you know I've been told that our brains can take a year or more post opiates? Not trying to scare you, just to tell you that it makes total sense that you are anxiety-ridden. Remember, you've had YEARS of not having to feel anything. Now it's 3 months. Imagine being in a coma for years and then waking up 3 months ago. You have to re-learn how to do everything.

Even though it's not in our nature, when you are feeling panicky, CALL someone in the program or your sponsor. They are the ones you understand. Also, I learned to not overwhelm myself by not saying certain words such as EVERYTHING, NOTHING, ALWAYS, NEVER. When we talk to ourselves, it's usually negative thinking that includes those words ("I'm never gonna feel better!!") In reality none of it is true. You only have to get thru today. That's it.

It may not feel like it, but keep up the good work. Oh, and I hope you picked up your 90 day chip!!:)
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Congrats on 90 days!!!  You really are doing much better.  When you start feeling that anxiety take a step back and do some deep breathing.  It really does help.  Also CALL someone when this happens.  That is why we give phone numbers to others!!  I am working on 8 yrs clean and i still have good and bad days.  It is all good as i am alive and feeling again, just as you are~
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Hey congrats Max your doing great  pick up your 90 day keytag at the meeting you erned it.....cudos for going to meetings  I still hit 3 to 4 a week it really does help  and yes life on life's terms can bu reff without the numbing effect of drugs....keep posting for support .......Gnarly
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Congrats too YOU!!

I have to Ditto all the above. Just keep on pushing day to day. This is a work in progress every day. You sound good.

Merry Christmas and a Clean one at that!
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