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Over a week Clean YAY

I've been here a while as a some people know first battling a tramadol and now a Codeine one, however I've come up against my final battle and I'm winning it, day by day... 7 day and still counting.

While sleep eludes me and is frustrating at time, I know it'll get better....
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Congrats on the 7 days! Great job!
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Hey, good on you. It's a big accomplishment being off pills for 7 days. It must of been very difficult those first days leading up to a week. Now you can keep going forward. Well done and I hope you keep fighting.

Did I read your from Melbourne : )
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Congrats on 1 week.
I bet it feels so good!!
I'm really happy for you.
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7 days is awesome! I'm rooting for you!
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7 Days is a "FINE" beginning......we all have to start somewhere and a week is huge for an addict....good on ya!!
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Thanks .. You did read right Melbourne.. down under here...
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WOW Thanks everyone I'm soo surprised that so many people already have given me thanks and given me hope... I know where I'm headed now.. onto my next clean week... (of cause meetings, phys appt and other stuff in there too but it didn't sound as cool saying it that way)
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congrats on 1 week!!  keep pushing forward....you can do it!!  :))  
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Yay!  You should be quite proud of yourself and your accomplishment!!  One week is awesome--keep up the fight and keep posting those successes!!
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Awesome, IM from Perth : ) your the first person I've spoken to that's an Aussie.
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Congratulations!!! 7 days is AWESOME!! I am so proud of you!!! You are doing great and I am glad you are going to meetings! Thank you for the note you were on my mind everyday and I was so happy to see this post! Great job! :)
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That's great ! How are you doing besides the sleep issue ? Keep your eyes on the prize my friend ! Well done !
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