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Oxy withdrawal - seeking advice from those who have been successful

I'm sure you guys are sick of reading the same things over and over again, but bear with me please :)
I'm a 23 year old student who has been hooked on about an average of 200mg of oxy per day for almost three years. It all started when my dad (who is permanently handicapped) offered me a Percocet for a headache years ago. All it took was one. Since, I've continuously used any opiate I can get my hands on daily, but my #1 choice has always been Oxy. It controls my life. Vics and Percs don't even do anything anymore. About half a year into my using the medications for fun (I hate to admit it, but I think I was just doing it because I was depressed), ironically I actually herniated two discs in my lumbar and was actually prescribed the stuff. Amazing how this stuff can affect one's brain in such a way as to feel "lucky" to have a back problem, it's crazy. But anyway, after the injury, I've used pretty much every single day (save for two separate 1-2 week periods where I tried to quit but relapsed). It doesn't help that my dad has a never ending prescription to 15's, 30's, and 60's and he's always shoving them in my face, trying to offer them to me (he's ****** in the head). So the times I HAVE quit, I always go backwards because they're right there in front of me and the temptation is too much. I know the easy solution would be to just "not go home for awhile" but he's handicapped, can't walk, and my family depends on my help a few days out of the week.

Long story short, I'm going to make another honest attempt at quitting these things for good tomorrow. I know I will still have back pain but I just hate hate HATE being completely dependent on something, it's just never been a part of my personality and I'd like to be freed of this for good.

Does anyone have any advice? The worst part for me is usually the restlessness, muscle cramps, and insomnia (I've got some clonazepam and somas I'm going to use but they usually help very little). Should I use a bunch of immodium like I normally do or should I just let my system get everything out? I still really need to go to school and work this week, so I'm hoping I can get through this as quickly as possible (I think I've forgotten how bad it really does get)... And any advice as far as the situation with my dad goes? I'd really really prefer for my family NOT to know I have this issue as they're all really religious and judgmental and I'd just prefer to avoid it, but he has certainly been the main reason I've never gotten completely clean before.
Any foods or drinks that will help me through the first three, inevitably agonizing days?

Any and all advice welcome and thanks in advance!
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hi and welcome, are you going to try cold turkey or taper, either way will be hard, but you know that, i came off mine cold turkey, its only right that i ask if you can tell a dr. ? even though i suspect you wont . the withdrawals are hard but doable, i think you will find it a bit difficult to work, but some do manage it, there are lots of things to help you, but do make sure you drink loads of fluids to stop dehydration and flush your body out, i wouldnt use loads of modium just when you really need to, there is the thomas recipe on the health page, top right hand corner, and lots of things in that will help you too, i really wish you well, god bless and keep posting.
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Hey, thanks for your quick response. I guess I should have specified, but I'm going to be doing this cold turkey. It's my only option as my prescription will be out tomorrow (my doctor is hesitant to refill it again since I'm so young, he wants me to get back on a "pain plan" but with my schooling an hour away, it's impossible right now) and I've taken all I can from my dad this month. I've quit cold turkey before, for about a week and a half, so I know how terrible it is, but I think this has to be my last shot. Thanks for the recipe page, I'll check it out!
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