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Oxy withdrawls/ i need help. 2 1/2days clean as of now ><

Hello all.  Well where to start..I'm 24 and for the last 2+ years have been on vic's, oxy's, methadome, mophine, and random others(none by a Doc).  Mostly oxy's 40 -80mg, between 2-8 a day, and vic's i had to take like 5 1000's... i had a healthy supply of both for a long time, and it was about 2-3 month's ago (while listening to "Sixx AM- The Herion Diaries"), that it hit me... looking @ my last pill (bout 2/3's of one) and i made it last for the whole day... then bout 8 days ago i woke up without any, and no money to boot. After i stole some money from a friend and overdrew my back account, and had 24 of those little bad boys infront of me i thought, well these should last me bout 2+ weeks.  Ya and after 3 days and i was looking @ my last 2... well 3 days ago i took my last one, and woke up that next day thinking... well time to go get a few more... i for some reason just said NO!!! NO NO NO i'm not gonna anymore... I wanna be clean and i wanna get my life back and start working again and not lose yet another GF of this..... The first few hours all i could think about was goin to get some and then it started to hit me... OWWWWE.. it started with my legs, acheing, burning, restless, among other things.. then my left side really started to hurt, then my back and before i knew it i was just laying on the ground crying,... next was the vomit in the bathroom.. then a bath and back to everything else... i start to have doubts that this is normal, that something is wrong, but everyone says its normal... well let me tell u.. There's nothing "normal" about this... over the last 58 hours i havnt slept more than 3 hours, and when i do its only 30-45min... the up acheing, almost feeling that my body is breaking and im not gonna be ale to stand up, but laying down is to painful, and i cant eat to save my life... 2 peices of toast a little soup and a protein shake... thats its in 2 days... its currently 11:21pm est. and i am writing this... about to try and eat and wait... thats all i seem to be doing is waiting... so in all this i really need some comments and help. like some experinces and helpful tips... like should i go to a clinic and get more drugs to get me off these drugs!?!?! or just wait it out or what.... please and thank you ^^

                  2 anyone that is goin through this right now or anytime, i feel ya, i truly do and this is one more person out there in this "world" that says "I very much love and care about u and i hope and wish u all the best every minute of every day.
                 All my love,^Nfp^

lol, ya im i the right place this time >.>
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if you dont quit the drugs they own you forever.your young, you have your whole life to live.get serious about quitting now or you may be 40 before you even try again.
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There you go...i leave you in good hands...i will check on you in the a.m.
God Bless, keep up the good fight,
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Did you read our posts on the first thread you left on the social side?
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Thank you all so much for the help, and yes i saw what everyone wrote so far.  This is F*cking awful to say the least... the no sleep is almost the worst (but the pain beats it).. i really just wann sleep... i wish i had a docter to give me something but i dont... i doubt ill be sleepig anytime soon... ive been taking Homeopathics and Herbal remedys so far, calcium and some natural detox (drops lol), i havent really noticed a diff so far but idk anymore...  well, ima go take bunch more pills..(and drops >.>).

  Keep writeing and thxs a bunch.  All My Love to everyone that doin or done it ^^
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Check out the thomas' recipe on the lower right side of page.Take hot baths with epsom salt to relieve the aches and pains ,it also helps with the anxiety a bit.If you are experiencing the RLS [restless leg syndrome] the hot baths will help,you can also wrap your legs with ace bandages,they also sell something at walmart called restful legs,eating lots of bananas also helps.Remember to keep yourself hydrated,water,gatorade, stay away from caffeine and you can try ensure or boost if eating solid foods is a problem.Your 58 hours in so don't look back now,normally the third day is the hardest for most.Try to tell yourself you're in the middle of a really bad flu and that in a couple more days you will be feeling a bit better.I know that sounds weird,but it worked for me sometimes.Don't go get more pills,you've been doing this for 58 hours already and you don't want to have to start over.YOU CAN DO THIS and we're here to help.Keep posting and stay strong.Peace.
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Hey There...been where you are...done that...couple of times.  Yep, the first week or so really sux for yje physicial part.  As Kim said, the Thomas recipe will help.  I also followed the Amino protocol, later, but I think that will help as well.  Don't forget about OTC anti-inflammatory meds.  I used Aleve and Excedrin and they both helped tremendously with the RLS and a few other symptoms.  You are smart for stopping now while you are so young.  These meds have a way of literally stealing your life.

Keep posting here....many people can relate to what you're going through.

Good Luck,

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Well to start, My comp got a bug >< so the stupid ie isnt working right ... but i jsut got on:)  Let's see, it's bout 12:36pm and i got bout 6 hours sleep lastnight!!!!!!! it was kinda wonderful lol.  i got some pills down and had adetox/protien shake and some blueberries.  Ya know this almost dosnt feel real, it kinda feel's like a dream.  I mean i havnt felt pain in so long that it just dosnt feel right and no matter what i take it just dosnt go away, but then again i do have my eye on the future and i keep telling myself every minute that im gonna be ok and im gonna get through this and im gonna be a better person for it and the changes that i make now are gonna affect the rest of my life and thats what I want.  I'm not doin this for anyone to make them happy, i'm doin it for me to make my life better and to be truly happy again.  not really sure what else to say right now.  

    My love to everyone out there, Aaron
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I found out that after i quit my pain lessened.  I still have bad days but Motrin usually works.  You sound better today so keep plugging away.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!  sara
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I agree, the pain is less after the WD pain...which for me lasted about 2 weeks.
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Everyone is different...the sick feeling only lasted 4-5 days for me...some do say a week and i guess some 2 weeks..fatigue lingered for me and is just really getting back to normal here recently with my energy level...i became avid about the supps after 2-3 weeks into this due to my lack of energy...and i work hard...something had to give...i stocked up and it helped tremendously...i exercised as well everyday...even day 1...i walked only 20 minutes on the treadmill but my workouts got longer and longer each day...releases endorphins and i would feel like myself during and for a while after a workout...hang in there...keep posting
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Well i decided to take a walk... and bout 10 min into it i came running back... wheres the imodium!!!!! ya its been a rough few min..  

  So im trin to find some kind of sleeping pill or something... so the only 2 things i found so far are.... forgot the name.. um well 1 of them is soma's .... a muscle relaxer... can anyone tell me if thats ok to take or should i stay away.. and ill get the name of the other one in a little bit...

Thx everyone and keep up the post's ^^
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I know some of the people here have used a natural herbal remedy for sleep.  I will find them and ask them.  Glad to hear you got out and walked.  Too bad we cant take the bathroom with us!!!!  It WILL get better. Hang in there.
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Man going thru the same thing right now. Its only bee about 36 hrs and Im feeling it BIG TIME. I keep going for drives, cranking up music. I cant sleep, but took a muscle relazer last nigt to help. Only helped slightly. My face is flushed (like sunburn kinda) stomach feels horrible (Using Immodium, yak) muscles achle, appetite gone and literally waiting now for time....and I know the time sucks. Im 40years old, started for injury then for the way it made me feel. 10 10/500 daily! I hate it, I hate that i feel i need it. Its now a fight for my life, as it is yours. We can beat it! But we have to kick its ars and the only thing we have is time for it. Eat as much as you can like you were, drink vitiman waters and keep your body movin best you can. The nights always SUCK. Im right behinde you in being off this krap at 40+ hrs - we cant stop!
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Trying the supplements right now can't hurt but don't get upset that you really don't feel anything.  Your body/mind need to adjust; they're broken.

After you get past the worst part I will recommend what I just did to help fight the fatigue and help w/sleep issues.  Here they are:

My local "VitaminShoppe" sells an awsome multi-vitamin complex that has all the B12 you will need as well as an "energy" complex made up of Valarian Root, bee pollen, etc...  I just took my first pill (need to take one with each meal) and wham, in about 45 minutes things started to get really good.  Also, find an Amino Acid (complete) complex (usually sold in gel cap form).  I say complete because some don't have all.  If you take this you won't have to buy several supplements to make up the total inclusions in these.  The ones I purchased are to be taken 4 times per day (1 pill each time).  Remember protein shakes are great but the protein breaks down into the aminos anyway so by taking the supplement you won't need to worry about your protein intake if you don't feel like eating.

Dude, I feel for you and am with you.  I had a small slip, primarily because of the energy issues, I really need to be moving.  But with the supps that I just loaded, I feel great and I'm on my way.

I was one of the lucky ones to trips to the bathroom for anything.  My only issues were sleep but compared to some of these true champions of wanting to get their lives back for their sake and the sake of their families, mine appear minimal.  First night around 6 hours and a little more each night.  I'm a creature of habit (no pun intended) and anything that upsets that freaks me out.  And NO I don't have OCD.  Just a creature of habit.

I came clean with everyone that I trusted, including my wife who has been more than supportive.  If you want, I'd be willing to give you my phone number if you want someone to talk to.  You can post here to let me know.  You got it bad and I'm feeling better so I'm feeling the need to pay back for my indiscretions and help someone.

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