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Oxycontin-Oxycodone = Road of Rehab

Hello All! I am just starting a new forum for suggestions, own personal experiences, and advice! I have been on oxycodone & oxycontin for over a year now (consistently several times a day for over 10 months) originally started doing 5&10mg, then tried 15&30mg and oxycontin 20s&40s which I liked alot more, from then didn't like or get 5&10s anymore because didn't satisfy my need or like of high. Day in and day out from morning till dark I was doing these- EVERY DAY! using approx 60-140mg a day; depending on the money i had or how high i really wanted to get. There have been a few times that I tried to stop and only lasted about 24 hours when I had to get a pill. Now I have just had enough, I calculated that if I did one perc 15 a day and only paid $10 for it; (which ive done alot more than that and spend alot more) within 10 months have spent nearly $3,000. And again I know that I have spent way more than that because was doin at the very least 60mg daily.  However I am ON DAY 3!!! and do not want to mess it up now! I am soo proud of myself and already feel better, definatly see the light is brighter, and starting to hear the birds chirp again, and I am able to save money. I am doing a little bit of Suboxone every day a few times daily and it is working miracles, I still have the great urge to go get a pill however am staying strong and committed to getting SOBER> energy drinks, working out, and the Suboxone is working wonders, MAIN THING IS KNOWING THAT YOU WANT TO STOP! I finally slept last night, however woke a few times sweating, I was wondering if anyone knew if a xanax or two would hurt to help me sleep, would i feel like i need something the next morning, Also please feel free to reply on the right things to do to help me get through this journey I would greatly appreciate it. I know there is always Rehab institutions, however I know that anything is possible. I pray everyday and everynight for strength, please feel free about any information of the duration of withdrawal and any information would be great, or personal experiences. I AM JUST SOO PROUD OF MYSELF KNOWING THAT I AM ALMOST TO DAY 4 AND FEEL SOO MUCH BETTER ALREADY, I BELIEVE ANYONE WHO MAKES IT TO DAY 3 WILL FEEL HOW I FEEL> GREAT AND COMMITTED TO NOT GO BACK BECAUSE THEY"VE MADE IT THIS FAR< WHY MESS UP NOW.  LOVE YOU ALL!
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Congratulations on trying to get off the Oxy....however, day 3 without the Sub would be a completely different experience for you, I assure you of that. For now you have just switched opiates...look up some of the posts on Sub, and hopefully you don't require it for more than another couple of days.
As for the right thing to do, everbody is different, but swapping Oxy for Sub, and Anti-D's, is probably not the best route.
Try to keep the other drugs to a minimum, put up with a bit of pain, and you will feel better in no time.
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thanks for the reply, however im not swapping for a sub. my 2nd day off opiates i did a little piece at 1pm, and not the rest of the night, and today, my 3rd day i did a little piece at 3pm, im going to try tomorrow without any, its not swapping, but i have to go to work, and trying my best.! but its not as i need, and swapping, im just trying and doing whatever i can to get off these d*** things        Thank!
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.we all walk thru life and do the best we can..no one on this earth is fit to judge another unless they traded shoes and walked in them for a while .no one can judge anothers persons choice..working during detox is f-ing tough..I took a long 4 day weekend but basically had sweat fits at work...seems as if a crumb here and there to get someone thru work is not actually drug swapping..to me it is trying to survive..and sometimes we have to tread water...coming up here and there for a breath.. we do the best we can with what our life situation throws at us...and it is the best we can do...but the fact is we r doing sumpin..got a plan..stickin to it..and everyones plan is not the same cos we r all different..different strokes for different folks..it is what makes the world go round....i do kow sub cane another problem for many after their doc...seems like this person is not into subville at 32 mgs a day???seems as if he is doing what he has to do to survive and that is what life is about sometimes....keep us posted on ur progress dean
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I must have read your post wrong, because you said you were taking "pieces" of sub a few times a day, and were considering adding Xanax to the mix.
We all need to get clean in whatever way works, but we also need to remember most of our habits started with the same "crumb" here and there, and rapidly escalated.
I wish you luck, and may the crumbs stay that way.
There is lots of info on Sub on this site, so I encourage you to read up if you find yourself "needing" the Sub to get through the day.

Good Luck
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yes, jus 1 crumb once a day, im going to try to go all day without anything, its day 4, i am feeling ok, however had no energy this morning, its good that i don't work 1st shift, ha, because i couldn't get out of bed. but thanks for the advice, and no i don't even like subs, they r just helpin me get through. one little piece the 1st 3 days, and going to try not to do any, or wait as LONG as i can today. talk to you guys later. I can already tell this is changing my hole life!
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I was not hearing birds chirp on day 3!!!!!  I was giving catapress (sp) for detox
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**given**  sorry!
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