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Oxycontin Withdrawels

Does anyone have any answers to how to better come off of Oxys? I am on my third day of tapering off from 120mg a day to today of 5 mg. I have no energy, and have read to take lots of vitamins, which do not seem to be helping. Its the New Year and was hoping to have this habit kicked. I've got three beautiful children who want their Mom back and I can hardly get out of bed.
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Maybe a better resolution would be to stick to the taper no matter what. You will be off them for sure this way.

I don't understand your taper schedule. Are you at 5mgs a day, or are you dropping 5mgs a day? Are you swallowing your doses? It is critical that you do swallow them. How long have you been on them?

I know you are low on energy, but take some time and let us know what is going on in more detail. FYI, I kicked a huge OC habit 8 months ago.
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I have been crushing/snorting them up for about 6 mths now.I've tried a few times before to get off of them with no success, but finacially I cannot continue to to buy them.They have ruined my life as far as living a normal life. As I am driving down the rode I look at other people and wonder how they can possibly leave their houses without a pill to keep them going. I have to get through this for my familys sake. I have tapered off from 120mg a day to 60mg a day for a week then to 40 mg a day for a week. This week I had 20mg on Monday and Tuesday 10mg Wednesday and 5mg today. I am now totally out. I have 1 and 1/2 meth that someone gave me if I needed them. So far I have not had to resort to those. I have been drinking tons of OJ and and taking  multiple vitamins. (Just curious if anyone has any info on anything else that I could be taking to bring my energy level up) At this point I am willing to try anything "over the counter" that may push this process along faster.
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The reason I stopped was financial too, I was going to be homeless at the rate I was buying them. Not the best reason perhaps, but it worked for me.

There was nothing OTC that worked for me at all... you are in a different league with these things, and all that other stuff is unlikely to help. It is also my experience that all the herbal remedies that people suggest for opiate withdrawals are useless and just made my stomach more upset then it already was. However, there are many here who would disagree.

You are going to need to go through what you need to go through. It is a worthy tradeoff for getting your life back. I stopped an 800mg per day OC habit 8 months ago, and I have a life today I never dared hope for back then.
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hello,  i have tried to taper off of the oxys to no avail.  i am determined to get off of these meds though.  but it looks like it will be a detox of some sort.  you see i have to work full-time. when i tried tapering i would feel
so depressed and have no energy that i could not go to work..  the only way for me to do it is to go out on sick leave for a while and detox.
doing without meds or help at home is just too hard for me.  from what i
have read on the internet, rapid detox is the most humane way of detoxing.  it may not be perfect but it will get you through the most intense portion of the withdrawls.  i know it's expensive but if you can afford it--that my be the way to go.--type rapid detox on your internet search--and read about it.--take care
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I did  a search on rapid detox. There is place in Tarpon Springs FL. which is close to where I live. It did not list the cost of the program, I have sent them an E-Mail for that info. I am starting to get the Hibbi Jibbis, don't know if I can hold out much longer. Trying to get someone to watch my 3 year old. My boys are 11 and 13, they can pretty well take care of themselves. Told them that I must have a bug of some sort. Yea, I got a bug all right, worst than the flu bug.
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I saw in a post that Greg had a sponser, any info on what a sponser is, is that someone who may help with a detox program? Sorry to sound so ignorant, new to this and looking for answers?
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You're going to be more than just tired in the coming days. From what you've said, you sound like you're really back in the 40mg per day comfort zone (if you're lucky), but have broken the cardinal rule of tapering: the lower the taper, the slower. You've done just the opposite, with punishing cuts in the last three days. I realize that you did so because your supply was limited. Getting enough of the stuff is one of the biggest challenges of tapering.

I don't want to alarm you, but I think you're about to feel a lot worse than you do now to the point where lack of energy is not your chief concern. Have you ever experienced opiate withdrawal? Based on your posts here, I'd suggest you not make any committments for the next 5 or 6 days. There is an amino acid that will help you regain your mental and physical energy level after acute withdrawal is over. But it will only increase your anxiety if you use it during acute withdrawal. If you like, I can send you a recipe for handling acute withdrawal and, once it's over, recovering your energy and relieving depression. Remember, you've basically gone from 40mg a day to cold turkey. This recipe will not let you hotwire yourself to skip the withdrawal process, but it will help you get through the experience. If interested, write me at ***@****.

Good luck.

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Have to agree with Thomas, the lower the slower rule on tapperring is vital.  While your better going off at 40mg than 120mg a day but your still gonna feel like ****.  If you are committed and you can get more I would suggest going back on your tapper schedule and keep reducing the dose - just swallow whole, not crush/snort. Or you can just tough it out. It will really stink and the next 5-6 days are gonna be bad, but it won't kill you, if you are committed you will make it.  
You'll be amazed at how life is without.  nod
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Hi, I have been right where you are. I know exactly how you feel. I'm a mom to 3 kids and I was snorting 3 80mg. Oxy's for over a year and before that was taking up to 30 Vic's a day.  To answer your question a sponsor is someone from a 12 step program who loves drugs as much as you and I do but has learned how to live a good life without them.  Believe it or not it is true.  I also live in Florida and know of  a good addictionologist but he's on the east coast. I also would look at people and say how do they function? Why are they happy, are they really happy? They are all probably taking pills or drinking or coke, something...I thought it wasn't possible to live life without some sort of substance to help.  I forgot that I used to function perfectly well before I found the pills.  I got so heavy into my dependance on the pills that I continued to take them during my last pregnancy and purposely went cold turkey before a scheduled c-section so the baby wouldn't go into withdrawal. She did anyway but the nurses just thought she had gas. Of course I was on demerol after the section so I vaguely remember being concerned for her.  Now that I'm clean things come back to me and I feel like it was a bad dream. My daughter just turned four Dec. 26 and because God must have felt really sorry for me he has allowed her to be an incredible miracle in my life.
If I could I would come over to your house right now and take your 3 year old while you get help.  I can not emphasize enough to you that it only gets worse if you keep using. It also is almost impossible to take care of your family and detox at home.  Maybe if its done really slowly like the others said, but, I just couldn't ever do that. I was to enslaved to the drugs and I needed it like I needed air. I didn't stop because I wanted to, I stopped for my kids.  I would have lost them to HRS if I kept going.  It doesn't matter why you stop it only matters that you try. I stopped for my kids but somewhere along the line with the help of God, a twelve step program, and alot of soul searching I found out I was staying stopped for me. I never want to face that humiliation and helplessness again. The good news is Dec. 23 I got one year clean. Life is pretty good and I no longer wonder how others live without drugs. Actually I notice people who are on them.  Please please email me @ ***@****. I can't give you a magic cure but I can tell you what I did and do to stay clean.  I'll say a prayer for you.
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After the night from hell. I gave in to 1 hydro today. Someone offered me 3 20mgs of Oxys, but I declined. Yeh for me! I too live in North East Florida. My daughter is with a friend of mine for a couple of days. I have a persciption for 1mg of clonidine, have not had it filled yet. I have read where that would help. I drank 2 gallons of OJ yesterday and lots of vitamins. Legs are just jumping, and still no energy. I am looking outside thinking that I should take a walk, maybe it would push this **** out of my system faster. I did get info on the Rapid detox today, They want, hope you are sitting down. $7,000 for the program. Well I just keep telling myself that I will persevere. I have to do this for my kids and myself. I think back to when I loved to go white water rafting, horseback riding, camping etc. Now I just stay inside, going out to get groceries, and those damn pills. Tired of chasing them down. Thanks for the posts....They are keeping me going..
Try RESTLESS LEG syndrome pills from the pharmacy.  They helped me with the restless leg syndrome I got every night.. after about the 4th night I started sleeping a couple of hours, day 5 about 5 hours and then 6 everything started to really improve.  day 8 I felt like a normal person and was done... just the mental effect of wanting them was all that was there...stayed clean for 7 years then shoulder surgery.  Going thru it again now.. weaning down but I will get it done! good luck
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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your recovery. It would be really helpful for a lot of us on the forum if you could tell us all about your recovery, and most important how you manage to STAY clean.  I think that is the big worry for many of us, how the heck to stay that way once we get there. Again - congrats - you did it - I'm so happy for you.  Love/Peace, Lisabet
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You sound determined Jontyra......keep reminding yourself thru this hard w/d'ing period, that their kids want their Mom back.
I'm certain the clonidine would dramatically help you thru some of the hardest w/d's. Remember this hard physical withdrawalling period is finite in time; with each shitty day that passes, that is one less shitty one you will have to go thru!!!

I came off a pretty hefty Oxycodone habit of 4-5 years myself, and now am in my 5th month off percs.....and loving it.
My wife has told her doctor, that she has her old husband back; which of course in turn means my two lit'l ones have their daddy back.
Great job on passing up the Oxy!!!
All the activities that you USED TO ENJOY, will become activities that you ARE ENJOYING again.

Percs No More
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Don't beat yourself up for the hydro.  If you were in a detox center they would be giving you more than that.  If you can make it without any more that would be great.  If you feel like you can't take it do you have anybody that can hold a few Hydro's for you? Only because if you get too desperate you'll give up and go get the OC's. The worst of the withdrawel is the absolutely bone wrenching depression that follows. fatigue and thoughts that life will never ever get better. It's only a matter of weeks and you'll physically feel better. Right now it seems like forever, but some day, when your clean you'll realize how much time you wasted just being afraid of the withdrawel! You can get through this millions of people have done it. You are not alone in this. The leg thing is a killer, it felt like bugs were biting my bones.  My Dr. prescribed Quinine Sulfate and it worked for me.  It's actually an antimalarial drug. Take lots of hot baths. I was so weak when I detoxed it was torture to wait for the tub to fill, so I would just get in and out all night until it was cold, then I'd only have to suffer once instead of four times while I waited for the hot water. The orange juice is good and yes, if you can muster up a walk, do it. Your body stopped making its natural pain killers when you got hooked and exercise speeds up the bodies ability to produce its own endorphins again. Be careful with the clonidine though.  Did you get it from a Dr.? I'm asking because it can severely lower your blood pressure.  It definately helps but I could'nt take it every time as prescribed because my pressure would drop and I would pass out. Fun Fun Fun.  How far are you from Boca? Thats where my Dr. is. He does outpatient rapid detox and only costs around $450.00.  He saved my life. My home email is ***@****. Keep going you are gonna make it.  Has anyone told you that your worth it? Do you believe that? Ask yourself what it is you were staying numb for.  I got so isolated at the end I wouldn't even answer the phone, unless of course I was waiting for my dealer. It's amazing how much better I would feel just knowing they were available and relief was insight.  What a joke. I thought it was relief, now I see it was just another dose of agony. Find out what it is you hate about yourself so much that you want to punish yourself for. You can't be all bad you know, most addicts are creative intelligent people did you know that? It's true.
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Hi Jontyra, I can surely relate to what you are going through.  I was taking oxy's, 80-120 mg.'s a day, plus 20-40 mg.'s of norco ( heavy dose of vicodin).  Now I'm completely over the oxy's.  Hate them.  Tey are really downers.  Made me suicidal, withdrawn, etc.  I'm trying to taper off the norco's, down to 3-4 a day.  I, myself, am finding that smoking grass is really helping.  I can do this without fear of addiction to it, I'm always around it and never crave it.  But it is helping control my knee and back pain, and also the craving for more pills.  It also helps with my sense of humor and reminds me of the good in myself.  One thing I've come to really believe is that the pills are evil drugs, and steal the real inner you.  They are soul-snatchers.  Grass is different, at least for me.  I actually remember my self when I smoke, and find I'm only taking the norcos when I'm in real pain, not abusing them.  I'm not advocating substituting one drug for another, but grass is really like a medicinal herb in my case, and I'm using it with that intent.  Whatever works.  I hope you can stick it out.  Another thing that helps me is Valerian capsules.  I take them throughout the day, and 2 at night with 1 cap of 1HTP, a supplement.  The hot baths really do work for the restless leg syndrome, besides making you relax all over and also kill some time.  Using this forum is the best.  You know there are people who, even though they are suffering too, really care about you, and want to help you succeed.  Stay in there, Jontyra, good luck.
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Oops - meant to address my above post to lifeisbetter above her recovery; I posted to jontyra, who is struggling as I am. Just wanted to clarify this, as would love to hear lifeisbetter's insights on recovery.  To jontyra, hang in there, sweetie.  Love, Lisabet
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I have read your posts over the weeks.  I came of of 400mgs oxys, biting them in quarters for thr instant release.  Plus, 10 to 12 percs a day for 14 months, the highest and heaviest in the last 8 months.

I got 36 days opiate free, using the thomas recipe, it helped.  I stopped the clonidine yesterday, was taking 1 a day, no valium for two weeks,  I am taking 1 mgs klonopin 3 x a day.  I am down to two a day amd want to stop by tomorrow.  I have got 2 left.

I am going to NA  and PT, the pain is minimal.  Here is my question, Sleep attern is 2 or 3 hr. up for 2 hrs,sleep 1 hr.  I am working out and walking a mile everyday.  But I am so tired and fatigue, can snap and jack up my wife for the stupidest stuff and constant brain fog.  Shes in recovery and is dealing with it. I feel worse now than a week ago.  When did you start feeling strenghth and vitality?  This reminds me so much of meth withdrawls I went through in 88 CT at 120 mgs CT.  It was 6 months before I felt better. Is this what I can expect?

I have good hours after sleep, but man this is the longest WD I have had in 20 yrs. Any answers about your experiance sure would be appreciated.  Could you answer soon.  
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The script that I have for Clonidine is actually for my son. He is on adderall during the day and the Doc gave him the script for 1mg of clonidine to help him sleep at night if needed. He has not needed it so far. I actually went for a walk, after of course taking 2 BC powders and another Hydro. That is it for today. I did get the Thomas receipe, will need to have a few things picked up. I stayed in bed the majority of the day. Trying to stretch occationally and taking the hot bathes. They do seem to help. I will see how tonight goes. Hope I am still living tomorrow...Thanks for all the encouragment...
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Hey Brother,
Man ,i wished I was feeling as good as you . you are doing great. I am still opiate free. At least you made me feel better with your experiance , strength and message about wife and kids.

As for me, what a rough day, read my post C 16. went to a funeral of a friend from NA, got in to a motorcycle accident. Died clean with 11 years.  Left behind a wife and 3 young kids.  Went to a meeting, called my sponsor and now off to bed.

For me, I am just taking it and some times just barely making it a day a time. I would love to take a few of the oxy makers and under a doctors care, stick them in a room and have or make them take 1 80mg am and 1 80 mg pm along with perc325/10 every 4 hours for breakout pain for a month. Then see how the 5 th week goes for them.  Oxys are for terminal patients in my humble opinion or they are competing for the mexican black tar market.

Happy new year to you and yours and thanks for everything.
Strength and Honor
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Woke up at 4:30 sweating like crazy, legs feel like lead and tight. Walked aroung a bit and stretched, Rolling the rest of the night. If it weren't for the pain all over, this would not be so bad. Phone ringing and do not even want to talk. I am going to have someone pick up some of the items today on the Thomas's Receipe hopefully that will give me more energy. No Oxys for 3 days now, did take 2 hydros yesterday and one this morning. I keep looking at pictures of the kids to give me the encouragement to keep going. This is one New Years resolution I have to keep. Feel like crying, maybe this is the depression part of the withdrawels. My beautiful daughter is coming home today, she is 3 and a little angel. She has the softest sweet voice. I can hear her now, asking tons of questions and going to tell me that she will take care of me. Bringing me pieces of her tea set telling me that I need to eat to get better. Anyway, so much for the rambling on. Gonna take a hot bath and try to go for a walk this morning. Everyone have a Happy,Prosperous and Drug free New Year! I know I am a few days late. Better late than Never...PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL!!
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i'm sitting here reading this for the FIRST time and ic can't believe there are actually other people out there going thru what i've been going thru; i'm only on day 3, involuntarily as my connection is out....  my energy level is nonexsistant, and my muscles are KILLING me.  i've only been taking 40 mg a day maximum, sometimes alot less and i'm getting these withdrawl symtoms?  my boyfriend suggested that was the cause but i didn't believe it.  i don't think i'm ready to stop until i can take a week off work and get some other sort of meds. to take along with them it's too hard.
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Someone emailed me a recipe, I have not used some of the things on the recipe, have to get them picked up. You can email me at ***@**** if you want me to send to you. Tell your boyfriend that everyones body chemistry is different, some people can probably get off Oxys with no problem(?), while others have a harder time. By reading some of the info in this forum, you get a few suggestion on what to do. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This nightmare has to end. I am a pretty strong person, if others can do it I can too. Even though you probably feel like just putting yourself out of misery. Believe me, I feel like just getting a gun, stand in front of a train anything to just take the pain away. But of course that is not an option for me I want to see my kids grow up with their MOM back to normal..Just hang in there..It has got to get better. PEACE...
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First! You have to want to be clean...I mean want it! Not poor poor poor me a drink..or shouda,chouda,woulda..:)

I been on every narcotic a doctor can prescribe..I'm not about war stories....my last run...was ummmm hummm....320 mgs - 380 mgs
a day...eating Ultram 4-8 @ a time...Prococets 10 mgs and Oxy IR 5mgs like candy..Put it this way...I would chew 2-3 80 mgs of oxycotin @ a time then flush them down with hot tea...I would take anywhere between 50 mgs - 80 mgs between my on oxycotin..yumm..yumm fun...and this is with the Ultram...Before I decided instead of feeling mentally, spritually dead..I would live with my chronic pain...I'm on day 8th of my detox...and I haven't slept in almost 5 days now..but know I can see what I was..and forgot the person I used to be!

It's going to hurt *wrong word* theres no magic cure....our body and brain chimistry is dilvering us a bill...and its time to PAY UP!
Like in the Movie Training DAY...when Denzel say's "KING KONG don't have **** on me"! *Man UP*
Step up to the plate...cause its either us or the drugs...period. If you can get through the first 5 days then your almost over the hump.
I did this all out-patient with an addictionologist...There cheap and if you can get your pain meds you can pay for a consult there cheap.
All he gave me was all the basic stuff you read about...I'm not going to post the dosages and times...I'm not a doctor.
The main med was CLONODINE or are used primarily to drop the blood pressure of a detoxing addict, thus technically relieving the addict of some anxiety & physical pain. Trazadone..it makes u yawn..but didn't work for me this time around.

Goodluck and God Bless,
If you want it bad enough then you can do anything you want to.

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thanks for the advice, i guess i was sounding a bit sorry for myself huh?  i'm going to contact my dr. about the clonodine; i won't lie, i picked eight 10mgs. up toady as i told myself i would wean slowly off them but i know i'm full of sh#t.  hopefully the clonodine will help as i am very high energy and these last 3 days have been horrible; house is a wreck etc.
have any of you experienced a SOUR body odor with you cold sweats? is that part of detoxing?  i'm a massage therapist and sweat alot at work but i'm NEVER as funk-y-fied as a was last night at work.  
also, have any of you tried anit-depressants to go along with your stopping the pills?  i was thinking if i got some, along with the clonodine, took a week off work and prepared for the worst, i could do it. thanks again for your comments, much appreciated!
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Hey girl, are you hanging in there?

Lisabet, I will definately share how I stay clean but I'm at work. I'll post a little later.
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