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Oxycontin withdrawal

I have been tapering my amount of Oxycontin for about a month now. I am down to 10mg in the AM and 10mg in the PM. My doctor had me taking them three times a day before. I really feel the difference with the twice a day dose. He is having me cut down 10mg every week. I was fine until this week. Does anyone have any advice for me? I can not stand the weekness in my legs already and I am not finished tapering. I am really afraid of cutting down to once a day on Tuesday.....help!
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Good morning,

My first thought would be that your doctor may be detoxing you too fast.  I would explain to him your symptoms and ask if he could do it slower.  I know for me (different drug) the slower the better!!  It may prolong the detox awhile longer but at least the withdrawals will be a lot milder.

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You are currently at a level where you now need to switch to a short acting med, like percocet, lortab, or norco. Preferrable the hydrocodone, not the oxycodone which is in percocet. That will ease you through these last couple weeks of taper.
That is just my opinion. As well as personal experience. I have went through both. I founnd it easier to switch to hydrocodone when I was at a low enough dose of the oxcontin to ease the withdrawal systems.
Good luck, you are down to a fairly low level of opiates. These last few weeks will be easier if you switch to the shorter acting meds prior to getting off completely.
Good luck, you have come a long way.
The end of the road is near,
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That is exactly what I am trying to do right now, that is why I am holding on 6mg until I can get a med that will help with the rest. The meth is very hard to withdraw from. And I know that I will need something to get through the last few mgs.

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Hi chezz - glad to see you back posting. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you're doing well (or as well as can be expected).  You were one of the first posters who came to my aid when I was such a mess; I'll never forget that. Wish I could be some help to you, but when you lose someone you love, well, that's a biggie; nothing helps much except time. But know I'm thinking about you.  Love, Lisabet
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I know I am jumping into the middle of a subject here but I am facing upcoming withdrawal and would like to get some advice also. I have been reading the posts on this site for a couple of months now and am amazed at the amount of caring and support that goes on. I will try to keep my story brief.

I lost my mom to cancer about 4 months ago. After she passed away I came across some of her pain medication that had not been disposed of. It was MS Contin and MSIR. Both morphine substances, one being slow release and one being quick. I should have thrown them away at the time but I kept them because I thought that they would help me "feel better" in dealing with the loss of my mom. When I took it for the first time it gave me that euphoric feeling that everything would be OK. At first I only took it three or four times a week and never thought about addiction. Eventually I had to increase the dosage to get the same feeling. What it has come down to is that over the last 6 weeks I have taken it almost daily in doses ranging from 50 to 100 mg. I have tried to skip days but I hated the withdrawal symptoms so I would use just enough to get me through the day. I do not need to take it around the clock. It is now 10:15 am and I feel fine. Yesterday I did not take any until 3:00 in the afternoon. I think I can make it through a day without it but I am sure it will be difficult. I am now down to my last few pills. I have several questions that maybe you could help me with. Are the withdrawal symptoms the worst in the first 2 or 3 days or does the worse come later? What can I expect? I do have Klonopin that I can take at night to help me sleep. Should I go see my doctor and "fess up" to what happened or will he not be able to help me because I took someone else's medication? If I stop cold turkey do I face severe health issues or just severe withdrawal symptoms? I guess my question is: could I die from withdrawal? I guess I need to know if I can do this on my own. I am ready to stop. That I am sure of. I am just scared of the W/D symptoms. I have a wife (and 2 small kids)but I do not want her to know what has happened. I guess it boils down to one question: Should I see my doctor or can I get through this on my own? I just want to do what is best for my health.

I am sorry for taking up your time but if you have any advice I would love to hear it. God Bless all of you! You provide a great service!
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How long have you been taking these meds?  If it has only been a few months the withdrawals shouldn't be too severe. If you have an understanding physician, I would seek help from him, the first few days will probably be the worse for you.  Having something to help you sleep is a plus, you are fortunate to have that.  Use thomas' recepie for detox and get plenty of support to help you through this, you can do it.

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welcome, the worst of the withdrawls is the 1st
6 days,runnu nose, cold sweats, the shits, body pain,
reatless leg at night, unable to sleep at night.
depression which can be severe, totlo lack of energy.
basicaly flu like symptoms week one, you are in no real danger
with the withdrawls, tho you may feel like death.
there is  a receipe of vitamins here at this fourm known as thomas receipe, im sure you have seen it if you have been reading
the last few months.
the shits in week one will deplete you of all nutreints in your body  ,this will make the withdrawls more painful, so
it is advised to take imodium  in the 1st week.
having something to take to help you sleep in week one is
also advised , like valume or xanax, , klonipin.

L-trrosine 500 mg  8 a day week one ,4 aday weeks after.
you may want to ajust the l-tyrosine.
b-6 100mg 2 a day  ,take them in the morning with the l-tyrosinr.

a strong multy vitamine 1 a day
vitamine s   A.-- C   and E
calsium -magnisum
there are 3 or four other ingredents you wil have to look them up or somone will post them

you can start taking the ones i mentioned right away.

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hot baths are also very very help full
day and night.
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Thanks for your help! I have only been taking them for about 4 or 5 months. And actually, I have only been taking them daily for the last 6 weeks or so. Before that I was only taking 3 or 4 times a week. I appreciate any advice. Thank you and God Bless!
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Hey bro, feeling any better today - how's your knee?

Good thing it's not your toe - then we would have to call a Toe Truck! (Compliments of my 7 year old!)

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i love the humor,
i have been resting for 2 days so , the knees feel
okay, but i can't rest forever.
back to the daily grind on monday at 5 am.
i have an appointment with the philadelphia eagles
ortho ,doctor to look at the right knee and see if there is a solution.
it is ice and rain here , that does not help.

peace ,
got to go out , be back in a few hours.
got to take my dad for his radation treatment.
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Congrats on finding this site and admitting you have a problem.  I also stumbled across this site several months before I got clean.  The posts from people like Chezz really inspired me to detox of my 150mg a day habit of snorting my prescription for Oxycontin.  This site literally saved my life.  I have been clean now for 54 days now.  I still note improvements in my health and mood.  I'd say I am about back!!

To answer your question--No, you will not die from opiate withdrawal.  Unlike withdrawals from alchohol or benzos, opiate withdrawal is not dangerous.  You may, however, feel like you'd like to die.  But you can do it.  I was scared to death about detoxing.  My fear kept me using for several months after I had decided I wanted to quit.  Use the Thomas recipe given above.  Many will swear by it.

You are amongst friends.  There are many hear that have experienced exactly what you are about to go through.  Lean on this forum for support.  Your use, while high, was of a relatively short duration.  This cuts in your favor.  Best regards.
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Way to do...

Glad you are feeling better.

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Thanks for the note.  You do great things here that help newcomers and "oldtimers" alike.  Keep inspiring us!!  

Its funny.  Now that I am off the opiates, my mind has been craving about everything else--alchohol, pot, etc.  I never was really into any of these substances before.  I think I trying to trick myself into another addiction.  Have you experienced any of this?  Honestly, I don't feel a strong desire to use opiates anymore.  Probably, because they kicked my ass so bad that I have a genuine fear of them.  I know 12 step programs teach total sobriety.  So far so good for me, but I am bewildered by my cravings.
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First! You have to want to be clean...I mean want it! Not poor poor poor me a drink..or shouda,chouda,woulda..:)

I been on every narcotic a doctor can prescribe..I'm not about war stories....my last run...was ummmm hummm....320 mgs - 380 mgs
a day...eating Ultram 4-8 @ a time...Prococets 10 mgs and Oxy IR 5mgs like candy..Put it this way...I would chew 2-3 80 mgs of oxycotin @ a time then flush them down with hot tea...I would take anywhere between 50 mgs - 80 mgs between my on oxycotin..yumm..yumm fun...and this is with the Ultram...Before I decided instead of feeling mentally, spritually dead..I would live with my chronic pain...I'm on day 8th of my detox...and I haven't slept in almost 5 days now..but know I can see what I was..and forgot the person I used to be!

It's going to hurt *wrong word* theres no magic cure....our body and brain chimistry is dilvering us a bill...and its time to PAY UP!
Like in the Movie Training DAY...when Denzel say's "KING KONG don't have **** on me"! *Man UP*
Step up to the plate...cause its either us or the drugs...period. If you can get through the first 5 days then your almost over the hump.
I did this all out-patient with an addictionologist...There cheap and if you can get your pain meds you can pay for a consult there cheap.
All he gave me was all the basic stuff you read about...I'm not going to post the dosages and times...I'm not a doctor.
The main med was CLONODINE or are used primarily to drop the blood pressure of a detoxing addict, thus technically relieving the addict of some anxiety & physical pain. Trazadone..it makes u yawn..but didn't work for me this time around.

Goodluck and God Bless,
If you want it bad enough then you can do anything you want to.

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Teeitup- You really made me think twice. Why is it all I can think about is getting anthor pill in my body? Its horrible. I dont know what to do. I have had artritis and fibromyalgia for so long and need pain med once in awhile , but when I get it I take all of it as soon as possible. I take so many at a time. I hate that I have no self control at ALL. I havnt had any vicoden since yesterday at 4pm. And all I can think about is getting more. What really sucks too is I have no health insurance. Anyway, sorry to ramble Im just in tears. I wish this voice would leave my head. Im tired of all this...Thank you to everyone for being honest and makin me want to be honest with myself!
Sincerley,,,, Erika
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I have the strangest cravings for things too at times.  I never liked to drink but sometimes I have urges to and I even think about doing coke or pot sometimes. All of which I never liked. The reason for the different cravings comes from our "primal" brain.  The part that tells us to eat, sleep, breathe and have sex. The part that says "I can have just one pill". The part of us that has been around the longest.
     As the human race has developed we start to use more and more of our "higher" brain, the intelligent part. The part that says "don't eat too much, don't smoke it'll kill you,use a rubber when you have sex and are you crazy? One pill? ha!"
     For addicts, the urge to use comes from the primal part and it tries to outsmart the higher brain. The freakiest part is that even though it tells you it just wants to drink it really wants the opiates. It takes the path of least resistance.  You are convinced you never want an opiate again, but pot? maybe.
The intelligent part of our brains is more fragile so once penetrated ie alcohol, pot etc. it's more likely to be overcome by the stronger core brain. Think about what happens when a person is in a coma, they may still breathe and the heart may still beat but no intelligent communication can be detected. So be careful still...that's why they say our disease is cunning, baffling and powerful. I am right there with you, I can't imagine taking another opiate either but then I wonder if thats my primal brain trying to trick me to.  So I just don't risk it, at least I haven't yet.
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When you asked why is it all you can think about is taking a pill what did you come up with?  Most addicts take drugs to avoid pain even when they don't know thats what they're doing. I thought I was having a great time when I was taking the opiates, it felt wonderful! I just didn't realize that there are actually people out there that can feel like that without any mind/mood altering substance. I certainly never thought I could. You know what though? Sometimes I do feel really really good, like after a really good laugh, or holding my little girl as she falls asleep, or eating chocolate when I have PMS. lots of little things gratify my now, and then of course I have some really bad days too, but so far I've handled it. The same substance free people I was talking about also understand the words balance and moderation. "What's that and how do you do it?" I'm still working on that. Good luck to you.
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I know what you mean, I'm a chronic pain sufferer who likes a good buzz. Rememeber "use it" don't "abuse it". You can do it!

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Chezz is che correct! Your doctor's idea of tapering is disturbingly ignorant and heavyhanded. Once you go to 10mg, you'll have one dose which will wear off after 8 hours or so, then 14 hours with nothing. It makes a lot more sense for you to switch to a short acting drug like hydrocodone in the form of Lortabs, Norco or Vicodin, and slowly taper off of those. At least with hydros, you can split the pills as needed while tapering. As I'm sure you know, you can't split the Oxy's without changing the way the medication is released. Sometimes, doctors institute a change in their patient's med use and wait to see if the patient complains. They often will change their orders if the patient is still committed to getting off the meds. Perhaps you can convince him that you want off the Oxy's, but can't handle such a drastic taper. Good luck.

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It doesn't sound like you've been doing this long enough for it to become a permanent problem. You have a chance to end it now. You're going to have to endure a few days of discomfort, but it should be over in less than a week. Considering you have a short-term habit (judging from the fact that you've been using your mom's supply), and the drug involved is good ole morphine, which has a predictable and manageable withdrawal syndrome, I suggest that you do it cold turkey by yourself. I also suggest not telling your doctor about this unless you have a health issue that will be made worse by withdrawal. It will radically change the way he treats you. If you want, write me at ***@**** and I will send you a recipe for opiate self detox. Hang onto the Klonopin! It's going to come in handy. Good luck.

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Hey Rex - it's official after midnight - I did it! Only 4 hydros today!!  Didn't think I was ever gonna get past 5.  Physically, I'm fine - mentally, well, you know, still want more; hopefully, that will pass.  Will await your post patting me on the back...smile.  You are largely instrumental in my success. I celebrated tonight at Applebees with a HUGE platter of chicken fajitas along with a BIG slice of Hershey's chocolate cake (which I rarely indulge, but damn, it was good). Enjoyed every bite (which I halved with a girlfriend). It felt good to indulge in something I didn't have to feel guilty about!  Have a good weekend - hope you're feeling OK. Love/Thanks, Lisabet
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Way to go!

Your closer then ever. Could you go CT right now, then? Just a thought, just a thought!

It can all be over in a week' time if you want...

You are doing great and will feel great too. I would say today I am nearly back to normal, as in before the pills even started. But tommorrow could bring more pain - we'll see.

Every day gets better once you are off completely.

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I knew I could count on you to say "way to go"...as for the CT- well, probably shouldn't push it (You KNOW I'm a "wuss")...smile.  But you know, I think I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I know you're in pain, bro - you're such a cheerleader (again, I mean that as a compliment)..that it's easy to forget you're fighting your own battle.  You're such a good soul; God, it shines through all your posts - I really hope you can find a way through your pain. I've tried your stretching exercises, usually in the shower, with the hot water hitting my muscles...I think it really helps with the tenseness, brought on mainly, through the WD's. You are such a blessing to me; I read all of your posts. Your portrayal of the cold, hard facts along with a huge dose of compassion is what all of us users need--love, non-judgemental but factual comments, and lots of understanding. Love/Regards, Lisabet
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