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Oxyconton Withdrawals - Long Post

OK well I posted on another forum about two days ago, and I figured that it may help some people if I posted it here as well.

OK. Well here it goes. I've never told this to anyone so I figure telling the entire word would be a good start.

Over the last 6 months I've been dabbling with opiates. Vicodin and Percocet at first, then i discovered oxcyontin. Just to make sure you know, anytime I reference oxycontin in this post I'll be referencing the yellowish 40mg oxycontin tablets. Anyway, I started slow, a percocet here and a vicodin there. Once I discovered oxycontin I decided that I liked that one best. I'd take them recreationally, rarely ever taking more than 1.5 or 2 tablets per every coupe of days, then that turned to every day, and so the fun began

Anyway, I would consume these tablets orally, until i discovered a method that let me IV the drugs. I did that for about a month until i noticed terrible effects. I was loosing weight rapidly, feeling terrible constantly, etc. That's when I discovered that I was physically addicted. This scared the hell out of me. I had never been physically addicted to anything before in my life, aside from cigarettes.

After that I decided that I needed some sort of change, (and my go-to-guy for the pills was MIA), I decided to stop IV'ing the stuff, threw out all of my needles, and savored the last few remaining pills that I had. Consuming orally. I did this until i ran out, and then I found out that the withdrawal effects were HARDCORE! I had no idea. It was like a superflu. The cold sweats are what bug me the most. I lasted about two days before calling and getting more oxy.

At my peak during the period I was injecting, I think I was averaging 120-160mg of oxycontin per day. (that was about 2 months ago).

Over those next two months I began to dramatically slow down my intake of oxycontin. This week I've been averaging about 40mg per day. Today I've had about 35mg (and i should be going to bed soon).

Anyway. I fell asleep last night early, before I could take my nightly half tablet of oxy. I woke up this morning with the sweats and the usual withdrawal symptoms. I have one tablet left. And I have work tomorrow but the rest of the week off. I think that I'm going to take a 1/4 tablet before I go into work tomorrow, see how long I can go until I'm forced to take another 1/4 tablet. etc etc until the tablet is gone.

Anyway. I've done quite a bit of research and a lot of prep for my anticipated withdrawal. I bought L-Tyrosine 1000, Potassium Gluconate 99, Vitamin B-6 100, Magnesium 250, Zinc 50 (yes I followed both the Thomas guide and the revision). I also plan on using a bit of grass and Valium.

Now that you guys are up to speed (and I assure you that I'll come back and post as the days go on) I want to ask a question.

I've read numerous accounts of people swearing that DXM (the ingredient in cough syrups) helps dramatically with the withdrawals. I'm planning on incorporating small doses of that (50mg to start) into the above supplement regiment.

Could anyone give me some pointers? Past Experiences? Etc.

I know what I'm in store for, but I'm committed to getting off this evil stuff. I leave for an exotic vacation in a month, and I want to make sure that I'm off this stuff FOR GOOD by then. I know you cant rush certain things, but truth be told, I hate the stuff now. The only reason I continue to take it is so I don't have to face the obvious withdrawals.

What a great reward that will be to myself. Finally off this junk on a beach with a martini.


I just wanted to let you guys know that between the L-Tyrosine (2000mg in the morning), the B-6 (200mg with the L-Tyrosine) and the Potassium Gluconate (take 2000 or so mg) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Dextromethorphan (DXM) REALLY REALLY REALLY helps with sleeping/rls/aches/ and EVEN THE SWEATS, which were always my biggest complaints.

I'm on day 3 now of detoxing, aside from this morning (it's now almost 5pm) I'm beginning to come out of it all. I'd totally suggest trying the method I did. I've tried cold turkey with nothing to help (aside from valium) and I've tried it this way now. This was like a walk in the park compared to what I went through last time.

I'm done. Game over man. No more. Also. If you actually read through this whole post, I mentioned that I was going to divide my last tablet in 4, to finish the weining process. Well I'm proud to say that I didnt even finish taking it. It's still here. Sitting in a box in front of me. I truely believe that it helped me quit the most, knowing that technically I was not "out" of the drug my body so badly needed.  It was a test of will. I won.

Good Luck you guys.
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ok, i read through this whole thing, and still don't understand exactly what u did. Please tell me in detail, down to time of day and what u took to do this with no wd's?
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I think this is possibly 2 posts one from the other place cut and pasted then added to? Am I right?
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Do u understand what they did?
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i am a skim reader and skimmed the post...sounded to me like he tapered and has one pill left and with 1/4 it tomorrow....he followed the revised thomas recipe and thinks the DXM in OTC cough syrup has helped him alot..new one on me...the dxm but can see how it may help...just to wish u luck and i hope u  find ur  place of well being ...lots of support here..keep posting...dont forget the imodium...liquid is the best for me when i detoxed but not everyone has the runs as bad as i did i dont think...good luck
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Hey guys. I'll outline what I did below:

I tapered down to roughly 40mg of oxycontin per day until I had 1 40mg pill remaining. I split it into quarters, and planned on using the quarters when things got too rough. (Only ended up having to do that once).

Anyway. On the first day of withdrawals, I loaded up bigtime on L-Tyrosine. I took about 2500mg with 200mg of Vitimin B-6. You're supposed to take this firt thing in the morning before you eat. I also took a bunch of Potassium Gluconate. This seemed to work fine. Then the second day came.

On the night of day 2, I was having terrible trouble sleeping. RLS, hot and cold sweats, shivering, etc. I took 90mg of dextromethorphan (CVS branded Maximum Strength Flu Relief, basically generic coricidin. Each tablet contains 15mg of the stuff. So I took six.

Let me tell you that it basically numbed the withdrawal effects. My legs stopped cramping and being restless, I could sleep, AND the sweats were gone.

That DXM really lingers, so don't take too much. You'd be impressed with how long it lasts. It's a disassociative (like pot), which seems to work well with opiate withdrawals.
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it's official. i'm detoxed. i'll never touch the stuff again. the above recipe of things helped dramatically.

Good Luck
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glad it worked for you.  just remember that getting clean is the easy part its stayin that way that takes the real work.  good luck and keep us posted
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I'm glad you're detoxed, but Cathy is so right about staying off?  What else have you changed in your life?  Did you change the circumstances that got you using in the first place?  Can you live your life one day at a time, without chemicals of any kind? Because if you need chemicals to get through the day, then you're at great risk of trading addictions. The receptors in your brain that are used to getting fed opiates will be happy to substitute alcohol or Xanax. They really don't know the difference.  Please consider going to NA or AA, and talking to other people who've been where you are today. Or better yet, listen to them.  They'll know what they're talking about, I promise. Best of luck to you..........
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I started taking the oxy because it was a fun recreational drug, until I realized the withdrawal effects.

I'm not a big drinker, i don't really like benzos much, I think I just got caught up in something I shouldn't have. I won't make that mistake again.

I must admit I was never aware of the severity drug addition had on people's lives. I knew certain drugs were physically addictive, but damn, I've never had anything take such a hold on me before.

Good luck you guys.

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Some of your ideas about detoxing sound scary, like drinking dmx medicine and smoking pot. You should really try to go inpatient. all the best
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it helped tremendously during the days i was going through the withdrawals. The DXM helped me sleep and it totally got rid of my RLS. The marijuana and the L-Tyrosine helped dramatically with all of the mental stuff.  I've been off oxycontin and everything else for around 9 days now. I'm back to 100%, eating right, excersizing, working, etc, and I don't even have the urge to take the stuff again.

I'm currently house sitting and there's a giant bottle of 10mg oxycodone in the bathroom. I smiled when I saw it because I knew that I'm way past where I was two weeks ago.
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does anyone know anything about xanax withdraw?  the substance abuse community has alot on opiates, but i don't see xanax to much. there's alot in the anxiety community. my issues are with xanax and alcohol. not a drink in one year (thanks to A.A.)  great. but i'm still on 1/8mg of valuim and still in great pain. my legs hurt so much. rls in my legs and arms. i feel like i'm trembeling. "electrical" surges of pain in the legs, still after all this time, i don't get it, i hope it's not permanent. i'm going to try that dxm. i have the other supplements too. i have heard something about quinine. my neurologist, well... forget it. the thing is, i have a prescription for percocet 5mg, i got it uped from vicoden. i've had pain killers for over a year now. i seem to be playing the doctors just like i did with the xanax. i tell myself i will stop, but after a week i take more, just like the alcohol. damn, what if some of this leg pain is from the percocet? i really like them. why can't i just be happy without chemicals?
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Abby---Sounds like you have an addictive personality from what you have said.  Are you off the Xanax completely?  If not, please be very careful mixing Xanax, Valium and Percocet, especially with the alcohol.  While you may have a hefty tolerance built up...people DO still lose their loves over mixing various meds, ESPECIALLY with alcohol.  My advice is to start being honest with yourself, and decide whether you are ready to ditch ALL of these pills and alcohol.  If you are....this is a great place to be...you will find excellent advice and support here.

I wanted to reinforce what I just said to abby in regards to the OP's detox program.  Just PLEASE remember, for anyone reading this...withdrawals can be so painful that people start looking for ANYTHING that will help ease the suffering, understandably.  I'm just super uncomfortable when I read about someone mixing so many different medications, marijuana, alcohol, benzos, etc....let's all remember the medhelp member "Summer" who recently tragically lost her life chasing some much needed sleep by mixing different meds with alcohol.  :0(  Sadly, it DOES happen.

I'm very supportive of people who decide to end their addictions...I just would hate to hear that something awful happened because the wrong chemicals were combined, you know?

Please stay safe, and I wish you all well.
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So yeah, ive been taking the 80's for a couple months now, sometimes 3 or 4 a day. snorting and ingesting. I tried to quit but the withdrawl is some hardcore **** to deal with! I wasnt expecting that, and the only opiates ive taken before was codeine. I just flushed about 75 of them down the toilet cause oxy is garbage and ill never take it again!! I know DXM is derived from morphine, and just took a couple shots of that. This helped me out big time! I feel better already. thanks
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