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PAWS please explain

I've recently been expercing a lot of anxiety ( specially in traffic) and just what seems like withdrawals. I'm 4 months clean off Vicodin/heroin I'm 24 years old. Could I be expercing PAWS? Everything has been good after month 1, ok have 5 months at the end of the month so any input on what PAWS is and what it is. Want to know what to expect here thank you for any advice.
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Sorry about typos on my phone.
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Hi, what aftercare are you in?
I just have a addiction therapist with a support group of like 4. Small town struggles
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Okay, well I'm glad you are getting some aftercare: we don't make it if we do it on our own. You have to remember that you were using for however long, probably years, and it takes a lot longer than 4 months to heal and learn how to live clean. And opiates in particular take a long time to mentally recover from. PAWS is rare, sounds like plain old early post opiate life to me. Keep reaching out, and for me, meetings saved my life. If you can't find any NA near you, go to AA. It's great that you are asking about it:)
We don't really do the steps like N/A or anything but there is an AA.my therapist is actually really good I will say.  
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I'm wondering myself what PAWS is exactly and about it id like to know that one too?!
Read her thread below, are you dealing with symptoms?
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Skveli54432....I am one that has a differing view/understanding than some people do about PAWS (Post, meaning after....-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome).  At one point in my life, I found that the more I learned about it, the more comforted I was about what was going on with me at that particular time in my recovery.  It gave me a LOT of hope...and it gave me a scientific explanation for what I was personally experiencing.
I'm going to post a link to an old thread where we discussed this very topic.  It helped many of us as you will read.  Also, anxiety and depression are extremely common after we get clean while our neurotransmitters are doing their healing and our serotonin levels are balancing out.  Here ya go....perhaps it will help you, too!
Wow what article we're you referring to,I would like to read it. Is the inability to to think clearly enough to respond the right way really do to PAWS? I've seriously just noticed it the last month and thought I've really done some mental damage here. The "dry dunk" phase spider explains was just how I would describe this, as well as anxiety like I've never experienced before, not even during early stages of w/d. Thank you for sharing hope to hear back.
Sleep disturbances as well, the last 5 nights I've been waking up every hour. It feels like the NOD of opiates when I sleep lately like it's not real sleep but you dream. I've just been great the last 3 months, but reaching month 5 in 6 days these last few weeks have just been a mental fog like I can't explain.

The only reason I asked about paws was because I googled my symptoms and it referred to articles on PAWS. I was lead 3 months to a year was the peak but I'm starting to think everyone has different opinions. Ha it just seems like clumsiness I love the "dry Drunk" phrase
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