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My children's father is a PCP user.  He recently got shot (two days ago) at the store he owns.  Well, the nurse stated yesterday that he is going through some withdrawal. (He is in CCU) symptoms.  She didn't say of what. I just assumed it was the PCP. But a friend of mine says that there are no withdrawal symptoms of PCP.  Is this true?  She says he must be using heroin but, he doesn't display signs of that to me.  I thought heroin users nod off.  He doesn't do that.  What is your opinion?
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Im not an expert, but i feel you can have w/d from just about any drug that is taken long term.
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though it has been a LONG time i used to use PCP alot. i never had any withdrawals from it. have they checked his blood. please keep us posted.   sway
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i dont see many pcp users, i do see alot of highschool kids who smoke pot that has been dipped in embalming fliud which they tell me produces the same effect as pcp
the symptoms they go through are

Short-term effects: Anger and frustration, depression, hallucinations and delusions, headache, impaired vision and coordination, increase in women’s sexual appetites, loss of consciousness, memory loss, paranoia, physical violence, sleepiness, and vomiting.

Long-term effects: Brain damage, bronchitis, coma, convulsions. Coughing, destruction of muscle tissue, fever, heart attack, high blood pressure, inflammation of the throat, nose and esophagus, kidney damage, lung damage, maturation process cessation, pneumonia, and spinal cord destruction.

Street terms: Amp, Clickem, Crazy Eddie, Drank, Fry, Fry Sweet, Ill, Illy, Milk, Purple Rain, Wack, Water-Water, Wet, Wet-Wet, Wetdaddy.

there is definanltly a rough "come down" from pcp or amp, people who use this stuff on a daily basis, do not feel pain, so when they stop they feel like they have been hit by a train, they also have diareah, anxiety, and act really strange, like i said before i have only been exposed to a few patients dealing with this drug, and both were teens, poor guys did not realize thier pot was laced
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