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Everyone, please join me in a HUGE congratulatory hug for my good friend.   She is one year clean from opiates and has NEVER gone back.  She is another paradigm of "how to get and stay clean."   I look up to her and admire her strength and compassion.  Everyone should know this fine and altruistic woman; your life would be so enriched...

Raising my juice glass to you,friend!  Today is YOUR day!!

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Wow, congratulations Pharma on one year clean!!  You truly are an inspiration and give us hope that this fight is possible to beat.  Just look at you - ONE WHOLE YEAR - wow, it sounds like a lifetime to me now, but I'm sure to you it really IS a NEW life.

All the best and cheers!!
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Congrats on 1 yr Pharma~~~~~Do something nice for yourself today and everyday!!  sara

Another happy dance coming your way!!
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Congrats! A year is an amazing accomplishment. Way to go!
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AWESOME!!! CONGRATS!!! What a pleasure it is to see this accomplishment!
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HEY congrats to you Pharma  on one year....thats a huge milestone....getting the first year is the hardest but it also means you beet the odds...and your continued success is likely
may you keep adding the days the months and the years...may God bless you abundantly
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Congrats!!!! please tell your story of addiction on that thread that is posted asking about peoples individual experiences
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Congradulations on the big 1 year! That's a huge accomplishment!!
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i raise my juice glass too..... CONGRATS ON ONE YEAR CLEAN, PHARMA !!!! :)
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I am raising my coffee cup!  Bad things happen when i drink juice!!!
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You guys are making me cry happy tears...
I am so proud to be in the company of such wonderful people.
Yes...I have learned that opiates do not necessarily take away pain,but often make the rebound pain worse.
Often using hot compresses,warm baths etc help the pain and the natural endorphins kick in.
Last month was hard for me because i pulled muscles in my back and only used otc stuff and hot epsom salt baths.
That pain has now gone away and I can move normally.
Love you all too and continued success to everyone in their healing
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Congrats on 1 year. That is great. Way to go.
Best of luck and God Bless.
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Congrats Pharma 1 Year Whoo Hooo !!!! That is a big one :) such a inspiration !! Keep moving forward for every  day clean is a good day.. lesa
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Wow 1 year is amazing. Congrats pharma and many more to come. Time flies when your having fun. Well done.
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Congratulations pharma,way to go,and now you have the rest of your life to be drug free,
1 year is awesome.

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Congrats Pharma!!!! 1 year is awesome!!!!  Not only do something nice for yourself, do something nice for somebody else too!!!!!!  :)
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Great Job Pharma!!!!!!

So very proud of you.  What an amazing milestone.  You deserve this freedom you have earned for yourself.

Congrats again!!!!!!

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Fantastic pharma!! One year clean and serene!
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Congratulations Pharma. 1 year is awesome. I'm so happy for you. Hope today was very special.
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