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PJTwenty's BIG 3 MONTHS !!

Greetings One & All!

We're Gathered Here To Celebrate All PJ's Hard Work In Coming Off -- (& Most Impressively) -- Staying Off A High-Octane Kratom Habit. He Came To MH In The Midst Of A Physically Tough & Even More Psychologically Grueling Detox Complicated By Long-Standing Anxiety Issues & Exacerbated By His DOC's Strange Properties. We've Watched Him Struggle & Gain Ground Almost Every Day. He's A Devoted Family Man & Has Become A Good Friend To Quite A Few Of Here & We're Grateful.
PJ, I Just Wanted To Let You Know That We Couldn't Be Prouder Of You On This Special Day. All That Stick-To-It-Iveness Is Paying Off. Keep Rockin' It & Never Look Back, My Friend! (A Colossal Hug To You & A Roll Of Special-Issue Foil Your Way.)

Here's An Early George Michaels (Wham!) Guilty Pleasure Song That Seems To Fit The Occasion [listening through this was a labor of love, btw. {smile.}]:
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Well said Annie! PJ along with MH have changed my life I didnt know him when he first was detoxing but to see him now amazes me! truly an inspirational person and friend (((HUGS))) CONGRATS ON 90 DAYS!
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Oops! All apologies for the messy post! (Not sure how that first link got in there or how I missed the word 'Us'.)
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Annie thanks for using the smile pic I like it :)
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I thought this was about Pearl Jams twenty year reuion. :)
Good stuff thanks for posting
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Awesome job PJ  . Hats off to you my friend !!  ;)
We need a good kratom guy around here to let people know that this drug is pretty much just another opiate and is in no way something to play around with.   Keep up the great work my friend !   awesome ;)
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PJ,  Congratulations to you on this huge milestone - 3 Months!!!  This is great, and you surely deserve all good things coming your way.  You have worked very hard to get to this point and have been so kind and helpful to many others here at MedHelp, including me, along the way.  Hope you do something special for yourself today!  Congrats again; keep up the great work :))
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3 months...I say more and more blessings should come your way...and be proud! So many are following you... :)
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You're hittin it outta the park, PJ!!!  90 days is HUGE! Good on ya~
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Hey! Hey! Great Job..I know you have had your issues here and there with life but just give in to alot of faith and time and things will work out. You do a great job on here and always have some inspiring words to share to the one who still suffers. I agree with Ricart we do need someone who has alot of experience about Kraton. Heck, I did not know what it was until I got on here..Keep on Pushing Forward my Friend, it will only get better.
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Congratulations!! Yay!!  90 days!! You have done such a great job and helped so many others along the way. I am so proud of you my friend. Here's to many more months (and soon years) clean, sober, and happy. Sending you a big congratulatory hug!! :)
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So very well done PJ, 90 days is some achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back my friend. Keep up the great work! ;)
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Congrats on 90 days!! Keep them coming!!
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OMG PJ has 90 days??????!!!!!  yup, that's what I said when I saw this post.  congratulations!   you're a important person around here.  :)
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Congrats! :)
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Congratulations on 3 months PJ. Awesome and super job, So proud of you. That is a super accomplishment. Life is so good.
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Congrats on your 3 months~
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congrats on a huge milestone. very proud of you
and very happy for you.
keep on keepin on.
continued blessings to you and your family,
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Congrats on those 90 days PJ!! Keep up the good fight!! :)   Great job!
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