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I think heroin has a half life of 4-8 hrs, and methadown 20-36hrs, i understand that it takes 36hrs for half the drug dose to leave your body, but theres only 2 day deference between the two drugs but methadown takes months to kick and heroin weeks. thats the part i dont understand but theres only 2 day deference between the two. anyone with knowledge please try in a laymen terms to explain. thanks for any help in advance.                    
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If the half life for heroin is 8 hrs. then it takes 8 hours for half to leave your body, then 8 hrs. for half of what's left(the 4 hours. and so on. That is why methadone takes much longer to feel the wds and longer to kick. Corey
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I know this post is old but just in case someone stumbles on this page like i did I will give the knowledge i have.  Methadone (used properly) can absolutely help KICK any opioid addiction.  Methadone is definitely a synthetic product. Most, not all, will not get the desired buzz from methadone.  Sobriety is a new way of life a lot of addicts want or can't remember but just can't get through the minimum 30 days of withdrawal..  I have heard withdrawal described as "like having the flu for 30 days" .... Whoever said that has never tried or had to go through it.   It's sooooo much worse for MOST!

Finally to answer the question of why methadone takes longer is exactly this.  If the methadone dose is Decreased 1 - 3 mg every 3 - 5 days you will come off with ZERO withdrawal. So depending on how low or high the daily mg dose is it will take a few weeks to years to go all the way down to 0 mgs a day.  Only you know your dose so I'll let you do the math.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  It is most appreciated.  Join us for more discussions and help that you can give!
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