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PLEASE PRAY!! CT caused convulsions!

A young girl (26 years old) was forced to go COLD TURKEY off 140mgs of methadone and 10 footballs of XANAX a day, by her parents..as a result she started having convulsions and bit her tongue off...she is now on life-support at UT medical center. She is the sister-in-law of a dear friend of mine. This is a tragedy and just goes to show how ignorance can have devastating consequences!  Please pray for this girl's recovery!  She has been locked in her parents house for 2 weeks and has been VERY VERY SICK, methadone wd's tend to be at their WORST on the 10-13th days..as PROVEN in this case!  I am not only saddened by this, but sickened as well!
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I am so sorry to hear this..I know that going cold turkey off xanax is horrible to say the least..that is why she had convulsions..I will be praying for her..
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that is horrible!  I would simply die if i had done this to my daughter...my prayers are with her...do let us know how she does
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I know a guy that has a major Xanax problem for years....His dad threw his bottle away and told him to just "man up and take it, shake it off".
I heard that this guy had to get another bottle and stay at a friends house and try to come off a little better way b/c his dad would throw this bottle away to.

I might have thought the same thing as the dad if i hadnt been through what i have....so i cant totally blame the dad....he just didnt know.
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Well the combination of the two drugs are deadly in itself, but to make someone go CT off of 140mg of methadone is a death sentence.  I can't imagined. I have never had a benzo addiction, but I hear it is HORRIBLE. I know with methadone the wd's are the worst on the 10th or so day, how is it with benzos?  I don't hold out much hope that she will make it....this is a travesty. When will people realize that those of us with addiction problems don't just need to be CONTROLLED, she was locked away like a prisoner...threatened with severe consequences from her parents if she did not comply...way to go MOM & DAD!
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OMG. my heart is with her. i hope she will be ok. she is deff in my prayers. please let me know how she is doing. and not to saound mean i bet the parents are wishing they awent about it another way now. wow i cant belive it.
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I will keep her in my prayers. I am guessing/assuming her parents had the best intentions and were probably trying to do an intervention/tough love kind of deal. Sadly they did NO research before doing this.

My prayers go out to them all.
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I will hopefully have an update in the AM, thanks so much everyone. You are right JOANN, they didn't do any research and now look. I guess this is one of the reasons I am sometimes over sensitive about negative information about methadone. If used properly it can be a TOOL, to get clean, but unfortuantly it has such a BAD reputation that people don't first become educated before reacting. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!  I am just so devasted for this girl...I can't imagine the agony she has been going thru.  Thanks again everyone for the well-wishes, I'll try to post info as I receive it.
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if you dont mind me asking when did she go into the hospital?
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Today. This happened around 1:00 today. She started convulsing at home, bit her tongue off and then was taken by ambulance to UT (University of Tennessee) medical center. My friend called me this eveing to tell me she was on life-support and to ask me if I thought she was going to die....I did not dare say what I thought. I just told her that I was sure they would do everything they could, but the reality is, I don't believe she will make it.
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im sorry to ask this but did they fix her tongue? and im sorry i feel the same way you feel, i mean dont get me wrong people have survived and where on life support, but a lot where not the same when they woke up. but most of them didnt make it. and its a sad think, i wish her parents would of researched first, or go to rehab. my heart goes to her and her parents, they didnt know, i know they are heart broken though.
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You know, I don't know if they did or not. I didn't ask, but will hopefully get a better update in the morning. My girlfriend is only 20 (she is actually my employee) and really looks to me as her "MOM" so I wanted to stay strong for her. When she called and asked me if I thought she was going to die, my heart broke for her. She said it with such pleading in her voice...like she knew the answer. I know first hand that you can come off of life-support unscathed however she is apparently convulsing every 10 minutes or so..it is not looking good. And I have to say I feel bad for the parents too, I know my language has been harsh, but I really do know they are probably in terrible anquish right now and I am certain this was NEVER their intention.  As soon as I hear something in the morning I will post.
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as hard as the w/ds are from methadone..benzo w/d is right up there..although people feel they are going to die from methadone w/d...it's not common unless they have underlying health issues..it's the benzo that is the real dangerous one..I decided one day to flush all my xanax..well, I ended up in the hospital after 2 days..the w/d from that is horrible..you feel like you can't breath and someone is choking you and the general feeling of crawling out of your skin..I know many people that have life long consequences from going off xanax c/t...it's very dangerous...I have an article in my journal about methadone..it is written by a dr, who was also an addict..but really anyone on opiates can read it..it is very informative...
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