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Pain Medication not working after gastric bypass

Has anyone had a problem with not getting the full amount of use from your pain medication since gastric bypass.  I had Lap RNY July 1st 2002.  I have Lupus and fibromyalgia and live my life in chronic pain.  Although I take Norco for the Lupus pain and dilaudid for my severe migraines they don't work for me was well as I know they should anyone else have this problem?
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sounds more like a tollerance issue, i know you can manage without pain meds with fybro
not sure about the pain that comes with lupus, but the meds you mention are given to terminal patients,like people who cannot get out of bed,  i am surprised you found a doc to give you dilaudid for migranes which can be managed with non-narcotics
if i was in your situation i would medically detox, give my body half a year or so to start leaning how to manage pain without all those drugs
pain pills cause rebound pain and headaches, maybe most of your pain is due to the opiates you are taking
all pain meds stop working after a while, then you have to move onto something stronger or get on methadone or suboxone, then wait for those to stop working
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This discussion group deals with getting off the drugs. There is a pain management group here: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Pain-Management/show/53 Ask your question there...good luck.
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