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Pain Meds.

OK it has been 10 days' Cold Turkey Today! Yesterday was better then today. I have not worked out Yet today. It hurts so bad to stand or walk. And I walk Really Slow..Everything Just Hurts..When does this Hell End. I well be picking up herbs help over the weekend when my husband is home to go out and get it. I can't face the out doors .. How long does that Last? To just sit hurts also..So I'm Kind of in a bad way ...How do I control pain from here on out? Been on the Pain Meds for pain that I have but After all these years of Methadone I wanted off. I also think that maybe if I'm off , Maybe there is no Pain..It feels allot like this feels..hurts to my bone...You see I had cancer not just once but 2 times and I Just got off Chemo about 2 months ago and I was finally feeling good and thought I got to kick this habit.....Even if I was not using it to Get High, My Body still has to have it....Well looking forward to some one write back.Going to go put on Sweat's and a T shirt......Out of the Slacks and Shirt......lol

Thank You all,
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Are you coming off of methadone how much and how long were you on it .It can take quite a while to feel better .Herbs should help a bit .I know that exercise is really heard right now but it really does help speed up the whole process ,What type of pain do you suffer from .With chronic pain normally at first it seems worse because your body wants its fix .As time goes most of us have found your pain is better off the pain meds then it was on .Hang in there ..
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Hey thanks for writing it really helps to talk and have someone to ask things or just understands.
I have been on Pain Meds for 8 years and 6 of those I got free from someone and then to make this a bit more copulated I just got done with Chemo again and was given NorCo for the pain and taking Methodone. so I was taking 10mgs of Methodone a day and 2 norco a day for the pain.
Now I'm not taking Any Methadone went cold turkey and I'm still taking the Norco as the doctor said on the bottle which is one as needed every 4 hours. My pain is to the bone and feels like my Muscles got something wrong with them. That is my pain with out the DT's and so its hard because the worms going threw my Vains and your Muscles hurt going off also..so it is hell I am also taking naproxin also..when I can...So I guess the thing I have not brought up is I will still have to go off the Norco and For whatever reason I'm not so scared for that one. I had heard that going off Methadone is hard and so once I get passed all this, I think I can do , No I know I can do it.. So I don't know if I should post again and let people know that I'm using the Norco and what they think..Well One day at a time...thanks again...xoxox Ladyrhea4
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Wow you sure have been through alot. I start detoxing this monday after 3yrs of being addicted to percocets. I can't tell you what to expect while going through withdrawal because I haven't made it there myself yet. But I would like to congratulate you on making it to day 10 clean, that in its self is an amazing accomplishment and you should be really proud of yourself. Keep up the great work and keep posting so I know how you're doing. I know it ***** for both of us right now but I've read so many great stories and I truly believe the grass is definitely greener on the other side. Stay strong, you can do this ~J
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