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Pain controll and oxycontin

I am a 50 year old man who did drugs (mostly IV). morphine and diliaudid  were      
my drugs of choice. I went clean for 17 years before trouble in the cervical spine
required 2 surgerys over 2 years.  my spine is now stable but i'm still in constant,
intractable pain for which  i take oxy-contin (40mg X 3a day).

my question :
I kike to periodically detox  myself for several reasions. i try to think of it as vac-
ation from drugs. Am i causing myself harm in doing this? i can't talk to my MD
about this as it would reqire going over transgerssions (to say the least) that
happened 20 years ago.
one tough, old grizzled, hype and pill head
who trys to keep an angel on his shoulder!

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I have recently been prescribed STADOL NS for severe migraines, can anyone tell me anything about this medicine.
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I do the same thing myself periodically. My last stint was detoxing from MS Contin nine days ago.  I had been on them for about six weeks. I've been on hydrocodone for 18 months as well. When it gets to the point that I'm like a kid with a bag of candy and wanting to abuse the meds no end, I go on "vacation".

The way I figure, if you can survive the dreaded WD's, it has to be good for you!  If you think that stopping for a short time will decrease your tolerance level, forget it.  It takes months. I usually last as long as I can stand the pain of my afflictions which is maybe two weeks.  I really can relate to what you are going through.  Keep trying to find your sense of equalibrium here!

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boy is it good to hear from you! what have been up to. sometimes
i feel you are the only one who has a real clear idea about this.
ever since getting "active with this forum last spring i have al-
ways gotten good insight from your posting
keep an angel on your shoulder
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What have I been into?  It seems like I'm up to my ears in sh*t these days. My wife is going in for a CAT scan Monday to see if her cancer has spread to her pancreas.  She's in a lot of pain in that area lately.  My Mom is going through a rough time with melanoma and I call her everyday to help keep her spirits up.

When things seemed so dark, I only had one thing left....God.  I asked for the strength to be able to help my loved ones. My prayer was answered almost immediately! It's not like I have to pray every moment, just living right is enough. We are the first ones to know when we transgress and say "what the hell, swallow these!".  Today, I feel like I'm so new to all of this in spite of the fact that I've been through "this" countless times.  

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i can relate to being up to your ears in **** lately. I wasn't till
yesterday when my Mom called to tell me the nursing home my Dad is
in had him hospitalized for pneumonia. i don't know if this is it
for him, but is real bad. my first thought (i'm not proud, but i'm
honest), was please god let him last until after my next visit to
the pain Doc. just like a mutherf__king junkie. i felt like i was
waiting for him to expire so i could steal his shoes. i'm really
a piece of work sometimes.

hope things in your household calm down and brighten up. i guess
this is stuff you turn over and take back and turn over again.

keep an angel on your shoulder
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Don't be so hard on yourself Skipper.  You sound pretty down lately.  I am on 6th day again of detox and feel OK, but, a bit depressed, isolated, I guess.  But, I keep saying I am going to do this.  I hope it sticks this time.  If anyone can help, I finally got a URL to get on the ezboard, but, I have AOL and it says to paste to AOL if yu have that.  Well I have no idea how to paste anything on this computer.  If WW or anyone out there is reading this, please help.  Thanks.  Be up today, Skipper!
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I tried to get onto that "other" site but it always asks for all my personal info in order to registar.  Any way around all that?  I just know the basic left click highlight right click copy and then paste, sorry can't help you with that.  Durty
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I didn't like giving my personal info. either, but, it said the site is secure.  How secure is it, would you know.  I sure don't want anyone besides all of you to know who I am!!!
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thankyou for your responce...sometimes saying the things that are
obvious, but unobvious...anyhow thankyou. i too am in day 6 and i
feel as if i've hit the wall emotionally. i'll be ok, just don't
want to have another sleepless night. swam 1/2 mile today. this is
not too far for someone who use to average 2-4 miles in the pool a
day before my spine gave out. it is a begining (perhaps). i know
i will never have the life i had before, but damm i want some kind
of life!! i also realise i will be off and on oxycontin for the
rest of my life (at least that's what my pain doc implies). some-
times a person (especially a junky) has to put there head down and
just move a head no matter what! that's kind of where i'm at today!

keep an angel on your shoulder!
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I'm on day ten from morphine and it was a rough one this morning. I had dreams about using that were too real and I woke up feeling like hell.  But I made it another day in spite of myself!

I was just wondering, how does Oxy Contin compare to morphine as far as WD's go?  Are they worse?  I have no experience with OC but it's all you hear about these days in the media.

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it all depends on how either drug is administered. when i was a
real hype (complete with long yeller teeth) i liked morphine more
than heroin. it was easy to steal, had a terrific rush, and a few
good nods when all the bang had gone. my withdrawals were of "epic" proportions. i'ld be laid up at least 7 days and usually no solid food for at least 10 days. course i was strictly IV back then (have i ever mentioned i've never snorted coke?).

now my pain doc doesn't like mscontin. claims the digestive tract
destroys over 65% of the drug before it gets passed the blood/brain barrier. where he got the 65% i don't know, but he's been pretty trustworthy and square with me.

so... i'm not sure about oral morphine wd vs oxy-c wd. coming off
oxy-c is like coming off a very huge hydro-c habit. i sure haven't had the gut wrenching, shitting in my pants (course you couldn't get Imodium back then) hurt so bad your afraid you won't die stuff that a GOOD habit to God's own medicine (3-5 grains a day). Oxy-c has a very large emotional component of pain that i've never expierenced with any other drug. the germans invented
oxycodone during WW2. it is synthesized from thebain, a alkyloyd
present in raw opium. intresting thing about thebain is it re-
embles strychine. it's also a cns stimulant in it's raw form.
when the germans first issued it out in 20mg. vial for iv inject-
ion. supposedly the stuff would hit you like a speed ball, but
the pharm industry fixxed that little affect. i've noticed i get
really up and around after a good blast of oxy-no nods for me.

hope i shed some light before i bored you with my useless knowl-

keep an angel on your shoulder
respectfully kip
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I belong to a few different EZ board sites and they are secure  no one knows all the personal information,the administrator does not have access to all that stuff.  No one does  trust me  I've been around the boards along time.  Then there is a place for your personal bio which of course is optional.  You don't even have to make your email address public so no one knows who you really are and of course you don't even have to give your real name.  Butterbeans,  you can copy and paste the info into your browser or type it in,    Just type in the url and click on go it should take you right to whatever board you want to go to.  The browser is toward the top of screen with the word go next to it,  If you want to copy and paste it's real easy.  You highligh the words you want copied, click on edit  you will see a drop down menu,  click on copy,  then put your cursor where you want to put the URL, go back and click on edit again, this time click on paste and the words will appear where your cursor is,  In this case you would do this:  make sure your browser does not have anything typed in,highlight the URL, click on edit, click on copy  place the cursor in the browser and click on edit then paste,the url will appear in the browser and then click on go. I hope this helps.  Again, these sites are secure and no one will have access to your personal information,     good luck      Elvira
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