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Pain management after

I am not even sure where to start... For the last two years I have been prescribed hydro or oxycodone for pain from a number of medical reasons. One thing would clear up and something new would start. All my tests always supported that there was a reason for my pain so my doctors never questioned the meds. I never thought I had a problem with them. I took them as I was supposed to and when I was supposed to. I never got that "high" feeling from my meds. They took my pain away and I was able to function and take care of my family. Well now all my medical issues are clearing up and I know longer need them. Well detoxing was a hell of a surprise. I have not had any pain meds in 6 days and it has been horrible. I had no idea what was going on till a doctor told me. The worst part was the blood pressure spikes for me. I already have high blood pressure because of my renal issues and it makes the headache unbareable. Luck for me one of my blood pressure meds was cholidine (sp) and it helped some. My biggest concern is how to manage pain after going through this? I produce kidney stones non stop and already  have one kidney that doesn't function correctly.
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I don't have any direct experience with kidney stones, but I am no stranger to pain. Working heavy construction while I was young messed up my back to the point one ortho surgeon said he didn't think any surgery would have a good outcome, another surgeon wanted to do a laminectomy and three level lumbar fusion.
For awhile pain management oxycodone was my wonder drug, but I kept taking more and more simply because I am an addict.
Opiates I discovered increase the brain's sensitivity to pain. Not just tolerance, which is a separate issue, but hyperalgesia. When my pain pill wore off, my back screamed with pain. In my early detox I decided not to be afraid of pain anymore. Couldn't be worse than the misery I was causing with pills. Two weeks into detox, gave in for 4 days with oxy, then tried staying clean again. This time I won.  I sat through the next night of pain in the spare bedroom so I wouldn't wake my wife. Somehow I made it and haven't resorted to pills for close to ten months.

My pain today? Still there, but much, much less. I enjoy being clean so immensely that I don't want to risk my sobriety for "pain relief". I'll take the pain over the misery I cause with pills.

My spinal cord has a stenosis where it is compressed down to a few mm, and all the other injuries are permanent.  My daily Pilates for core can do only so much. That chronic glow of low level pain is always there and it really spikes when I am overactive.

But aspirin, or tylenol, or advil are very effective for me now. I switch them up.
However, for me, I feel empowered over what I consider to be a spiritual victory.  Pain might live with me for the rest of my life, but will never intimidate me like he did. Not with the clarity of purpose that comes with staying clean.
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This was an excellent post. Congratulations.

I have some ideas for you. Get your doctor to RX some Lidoderm Patches which are covered by insurance if prescribed. They are not addictive and can really help with back pain.

There is also a gel compound you can apply to your skin called Voltaren Gel - it works well. RX only and you can use it as needed up to 4x a day. I had neck surgery after a severe MVA and many other injuries so I am extremely personally experienced with all this - 11 yrs. I am a chronic pain sufferer.

I am not an addict, but I became dependent after long term use. I decided to go off the opiates 3 months ago. And tapered down, then quit completely on Apr. 18th. So far 5 days. I had a horrific week of withdrawal symptoms.

Check out my posts - tonight's is especially interesting. I think you will appreciate it!

Sorry to hear about your injuries and problems. Back surgery is horrible. It almost killed me. In fact I died for awhile and had to be rushed to Cardio to be brought back while I was supposedly recuperating in a private hospital room. The surgery was a failure according to me and the Neuro Surgeon who performed it. He is a famous surgeon. It was a nightmare, as traumatic as the MVA I was in. Of course they drugged me up on Oxy and Methadone when I went home, so much that I began having inability to breathe and my family had to rush me back to the hospital. The ER decided I was given too much drugs for my bodyweight which was about 110 pounds at the time. Now I am 106 because of withdrawal. You know what I am talking about! I am tired of doctors most of the time, although now I have a team I can trust. I also have to very firm with them and do a lot of research which I do now.
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Please read my  response to OxyTired above because it is meant for you as well, especially.

Other ideas. Ask your doctor about Taking Maxalt 10 when you feel headaches coming on. It is RX but is covered by most insurances. You can also get Botox injections in your head for Migraines, also covered by insurance if all else has failed. Neurologists administer this. It is a miracle for headache sufferers. But you have to be able to tolerate a lot of injections. Not too bad really.

Ice your head too. Also start going to a Chiropractor - find a good one in your town. It really helps!

I had a terrible TBI so I am very experienced with headaches. After a TBI most doctors think they are essentially untreatable but I have gotten mine under control. I used to have 8 day long migraines until I discovered and insisted on the above treatments. I still get headaches on a daily basis but I rush for the Maxalt 10 as soon as I feel one coming on. I do Chiro 2x - 3x a week. And I get the Botox injections every 3 months. It has taken a long time and a lot of doctors to get here.

By the way, I just began withdrawal from opiate pain killers Apr. 18. REad my post of tonight about the length of time Methadone stays in the body after you quit. Other drugs are covered too. This will help you.

Knowledge is power! Good luck to you.
I care a lot about people and I do not want anyone to suffer, It is not a useful thing in our world. Pain, injuries, addictions do not discriminate. they can happen to anyone anywhere at anytime.
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