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Pain medication and depression

I have been on pain medication for 2 years, I have been on depression meds for @ 10 years but got off of them as soon as I started on oxydone. I had back surgery and seem to be feeling worse, I can go out without my pain meds and have no withdrawals. I would really like to go back on my depression meds but I am not sure what medications that will be okay to take with oxycodone, valium, and ambien. Are their depression medications out there that will help me that will also mix with what I am already taking for my pain and sleep? I have such random sleep patterns and typically just feel sad and worthless most of the time so I hide from my friends and other outings that I used to enjoy. MOTIVATION is absolutely horrible now and sometimes I just dont even want to get up to take a shower. I am wondering if there are medications out there to help me with my stress, insomnia, pain, motivation, and something just to make me happy again
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You must make yourself happy. No happy pills are available for that sort of thing. Just like with the addiction issue. Gotta do that yourself also. No silver bullets.  But for the motivation I would suggest L-Tyrosine - simple amino acid - 500 to 2000 mg in the morning on empty stomach. Take them with a good cup of coffee. An antidepressant might not hurt - but thats for the Doc. SAMe and 5-HTP are both amino's that are very good for mood and depression. Nutrition in toto should be looked at very closely and supplemented as needed.....a good multiple vitamin, a B complex, emergen C, - - look at your full daily intake and adjust. Stay busy staying clean!
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I do know that FOR ME my Dr has me on 180mg of Cymbalta its a Anti/depressant and it works with pain meds and will help with nerve pain. But bottom line that is something you and your Dr need to talk about Good Luck

PS I have suffered depression my whole adult life, with me the pain meds seemed to aggravate my dep. I was not on anti/ds when I started pain meds, so be careful ok
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Man - I do a lot of maths.

If you'd like, I can post you my "Proof for Happiness" - a simple formula that helps you look back on a day and decide "it wasn't so bad after all" as well as a few more articles that I wrote a few years back on the subject of recovery from depression.

It works for me and it works for a lot of other people too.
Who'd've thought that Mathematics would help with this, eh?

Though, my experience leads me to believe that depression is just another side-effect of addiction in most substance users.
I'd get off the drugs before tackling this one.
The drugs you're taking, though beneficial, are probably one of the causes of you feeling like **** everyday...

I think outotown's right and that visiting your GP for a chat would be a good idea.
Be honest with them and *fingers crossed* hopefully they'll help you get this done and dusted!

It's what I'm planning to do and I'm in my 2nd decade of abusing my body by stuffing drugs into it.
That equals a lot of visits to the doctors and a lot of waiting to visit doctors, lying around feeling like ****.

My advice - go look up some videos on the net on www.megastic.com and watch a series. It makes the time go faster.
Drink tea too - it means having to get up to make it and having to go to the bathroom more often. More movement = easier movement.

At least, in my case!
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sorry - i meant *addictive drugs*...
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