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Painted picture for the opiate pill addict.

As a visual person this is my vision of wrapping up a pill addiction. You are in a desert and standing next to a deep deep deep cold body of water. You know two things. 1. if you continue to drink from this water you are going to die eventually and you cant become who are supposed to become in life because you are stuck and scared to leave. 2. Everyone has told you and you yourself know what direction civilization is in, and you know because those who have walked this desert can tell you that once you get there, your life will start to change and your body will love you again and all of those dreams of being clean and happy are waiting for you. You do not know how far that walk is going to be and you are so used to drinking from this poison it so easy to give up and stay where you are. One day you decide to leave but you take ten steps and you become scared that while taking this journey you will have no water to drink from, so you turn around and you go back to where you were. After ten days of this, you get farther and farther but keep heading back because of your fear that you may not get to that city waiting for you. You realize that you have to go for it, and make that walk, it is what you always wanted and you are so tired of being alone and failing. So you leave, and you walk, and every single hour you want to turn around and walk back but you know you are gonna have to do it all over and over and you have walked so far. A day or two later you see lights in the distance but you still even feel like walking back to that water.. finally you get to the city and all of the people you love are waiting for you and all of your dreams are formulating and for once in years you can feel again, think again, be truly happy again, love again, and speak again. The place you just came from is called Relapse and you know how far you walked to get safe, how could we possibly do the trip all over again, why would we? The entire point of this vision is all of you that are on day 2 day 3 day 4 clean, I am telling you and others will to, be so proud of how far you walked and that once you get to that place, you are gonna be released from that mental fraud and fog you are in and it will hit you like a ton of bricks and at that very moment you will realize when your emotions finally come back to you that addiction is like a huge and ugly rainstorm, when you drive yourself out of it, you will remember what a sunny day was like and that my friends become a high all in its own.
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Awesome visualization.  I was taking the trip as I read the story and I could relate my recovery to it very easily....Anyway very motivational and inspiring, thanks.
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Very good representation of this experience.....I loved it!  Each day is a struggle but you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  They start out as baby steps and gradually they turn into full strides.  Soon....you are sprinting to the promised land and when you arrive you will find a parade in your honor....A new sence of life and self being.  You will laugh, cry, scream, and be happy.  It is life again.....real life!

Great job!!!!
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@bubulous.. thank you my friend, im actually trying to paint that story as we speak.. a body walking away from the well, blurred lights in the distance. thank you for reading it, all my love and respect to you.
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@justneedtotalk   I commented on your post from 20 hours ago.. You are truly an inspiring person to me my friend. Glad to have you on board with all of this. You actually were the reason I wrote this .. I am sure I speak for all but thank you for all of your words and wisdom. You are extremely respected!!
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I would love to see that painting.  I already have a "visualization" of it in my head from the descrition you gave but I cannot paint.  I can draw a little and perhaps will try to draw my interpretation of it.  May take a couple weeks but I will scan it and send it to you.
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WOW! Matt that was amazing...God and soooo true!! Loved it :))) So true for all of us who struggle. SOOO worth it in the end...the fight and the struggle, and the other side. XXXOOO
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It is not amazing but I told you I would draw a picture of it and I did.  It is under my pics.  Hope your painting is better. lol  Enjoy....
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