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Panic Disorder and Zoloft

Two years ago, I  was prescribed Zoloft.  My side effects got worse over time.  I was prescribed it for panic attack disorder and I had symptoms of tremors and dry mouth.  Tremors mostly.  The symptoms that increased over time were the tremors, as I was unable to walk or talk without shaking my arms and hands in a constant motion.  I no longer could even write a sentence.  My boyfriend was constantly worried about me since my shaking got worse and worse.  I quit and now I am nauseated ALL the time, which was never a side effect while I was on it.  Luckily, my tremors went away but I am nauseated and have hot and cold sweats.  I have been off of it for about 3 months and the side effects have still not subsided.  On top of that, I feel hungry all the time but food doesn't go down due to the nausea.  I am very thin by nature but now I look like I am anorexic.  I want to eat but cannot.  I do my best by getting soup down, mostly the broth.  What can I do to get over these symptoms??????  I am tired of feeling sick and the hot/cold sweats are getting out of hand as well...???
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