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Passed 2 kidney stones was given Dilaudid

Yesterday day 12 off Oxy, I went to the emergency room and was treated for kidney stones. I had to have surgery to get them out but in the meantime I was given several IV injections of Dilaudid. Will I now end up starting over with withdrawal? Dilaudid is a different medication than what I am detoxing off of.? Does that make a difference in weather or not I have will have wersoning withdrawal symptoms?
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I think you should be okay since it was only for a day. If you continue it then you will have withdrawals. This is my experience anyhow.
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The surgeon took out both stones and I have been discharged from the hospital. I did not get a prescription for pain medication upon discharge. I just am nervous that the Dilaudid will set me back.
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Yikes...hope you are starting to feel better.  Dilaudid is an opioid pain medication.  If this was short term, I wouldn't think it would knock you back very far.  I will say it is strong and may put you back a bit in the wd's, but I wouldn't think it would knock you back to square one. Emergency medical situations will arise throughout your life that may require medication.  This is a fact of life. You have to be aware and careful.  Addiction is strong.  Always make it a point to be up front and honest with any Dr you come into contact with - ER Dr., dentist, specialist - that you are battling addiction. This allows them to treat you with that in mind to possibly provide alternative medications, lower doses, more controlled quantities if they are necessary.

Prayers for a speedy recovery and keep moving forward!

Keep moving forward in your recovery.  
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Thank you. I am feeling much better now. So far no increased w/d symptoms. In fact I think I may even be able to sleep a bit tonight. I got no sleep last night as I was at the hospital. This morning when I got home I slept about 3 hours, but those hours I was still pretty medicated. I am going to rest now, and maybe this will be my first night to catch some Zzzzzzzz. :)
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Pleasant dreams there. Meantime life is full of surprises. Bumps in the road we call them. As long as you stick with your plan you'll be OK. Maintain your edge against addiction in times like this...ike
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Ouch kidney stones are one of the worst pains. I have been told. Sometimes you just can't avoid taking something for the pain. You didn't bring anything home. You are good. Keep it up.
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Thank you for your concern. Yes  I am feeling fine. I EVEN SLEPT LAST NIGHT! First time in 12 days. This morning I feel a bit of anxiety but other wise the same as I did pre-surgery.
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Glad to hear that you got some much needed sleep!  So happy to hear that you are feeling well and don't seem to have any wd setbacks.
Great job!
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Happy you're rested BG. Are you getting ready for some aftercare? We need to stay strong so we can make wise decisions in the near and distant future. I know it's tough but we need to keep pushing and not lose our momentum. Have a great day....ike
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