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Passed a test!

I have a friend who is going thru chemo and have tried to be there for him.  He called me today needing help (chemo sick) and could not find his meds and too sick to look.  I got there and found them and sure enough he had hydrocodone amongst the pills.  I got them out of the sack and handed them over and never thought about them again until I got home and realized what had happened!   Yippee!  Passed with flying colors (this time!!).  53 days clean and beginning to wake up to the world.  

Could not have done it without you all!!!!!!!
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Awesome....   Tests can be tough.. but so empowering.  It's also such a great feeling to be able to be there for a friend in need.

Great Job!

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Littlebit - GREAT job and congrats on 53 days.  You should be really proud of yourself!
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I third the motion :) You did great! So inspiring. I love posts like yours. Congratulations on your clean time and for being there for your friend.
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If this site had a "like" button I would definitely hit it.
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This is what's supposed to happen so good for you!

All the best to your friend, as well...
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Thanks to all with such wonderful responses!  I think I have hit and crossed that wall for now!  I know I have to be on guard and will continue to, but it really surprised me that I could walk away without a thought!  Who knew?   I sure did not!  It means the world to me that you all are with me in this walk to freedom!  
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wow, you go girl.. And i know you felt so darn good after you realized what happened..  Well Done..  
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I am so gosh darn proud of you and so HAPPY for you.  53 days!  Look at you, girl!  Still doing the yoga?  You are free!!!

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Awesome littlebit! ;)
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You did great~Hope your friend gets to feeling better.
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I appreciate all of you.  My friend is doing what he can do get cancer free.  I help when I can.  He has many friends who are supporting him.  I will let him know!!!!  I just wanted everyone to know that it really is possible to get away from those devil pills.  I am taking one day at a time and that is all I can ask.  TY for your support...it really helps.
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