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Past Life (Xanax 2mg) vs. Present (Trying to conceive)

Does her past life/addiction reflects on a birth defect even if she is clean now???????????????????

My girlfriend on the past was abusing with the xanax 2mg, she was depressed because of her last divorce, I was her friend by that time... she was taking xanax like crazy plus she was smoking/mixing xanax and marihuana. After that we felt in love and I took her out from that addiction and dark world, she was addicted to xanax for almost 3 years, now she's been out for 2 years. She never had a baby, and we want to have a child. She is good now, only drinks sometimes socially, she is officially clean. We love each other!

Does her past life/addiction reflects on a birth defect even if she is clean now???????????????????
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Birth defects are seldom seen from someone abusing RX drugs.  And they are very rare from someone clean for two years. Good luck with strting your family!!!
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Thank's... She use sometimes medication because she got a kidney stone (she takes Percocet) and a month ago she used Valium for like a week because her father died (I dont know WTF she used valium for depression) but for now I just want to have a healthy child... I'm worried of her past life, I dont know if that stays on her body... We eat healthy, and take vitamins most of the days... You think is gonna be aight??? well Bye and thanks! Peace
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Its fine as long as she is not using. However if she is benzos DO cause birth defects so I would make sure she is clean and ready for this .
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Yeah she is clean from what I know... but sometimes your body get used to drugs and affects your system permanently, thats why I'm worried but thank you for your answer! I hope everything go well
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