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Percocet 19 v/s Lortab 10

I'm trying to find out, and withcout asking a Doctor, maybe someone in this forum can answer.  Is Percocet 10/650 stronger than Lortba 10/650 ?  What is the diffence between Oxycodone and Hydorcodone?  If you know the answer please put a posting, these are presecribed to me for the pain of Migraines and I'd like to know which one is stronger for the pain.
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the percs are the stronger of the two. Oxycodone is in the same class of narcotics as morphine. Hydrocodone is in the same class as codeine. Oxycodone is the active ingrediant in OxyContin. They can be both quite addictive, with the withdrawal from oxy said to be somewhat worse than from hydro. If you have real migraines,  I know there are a lot of migraine-specific non-narcotic drugs that are quite effective. If you're calling them migraines simply because they're migraine-like in intensity, than these migraine-specific drugs most likely won't work. I used to have migraine-like headaches, so I know how awful they can be. Just know that doing nothing but taking narcotics for the headaches can create a sort of "feedback loop from hell," where the pain pills become the cause of all or some of the headaches you're taking them for. Headaches like that are also inherently depressing. The oxy or hydro will help relieve that symptom as well. This makes it very easy to become addicted to either or both of these drugs. Be careful.

The conversion ratio of Oxy to Hydro is 10 oxy = 7.5 hydro.

Codeine has nothing to do with this.  They’re all narcotics, all are different.   Codeine and HydroCODONE are vastly different drugs.  They’re all classed as narcotics.  Incidentally if not sure you should know “narcotics” is a medical definition of opiates.  It’s also a legal definition of opiates + other illicit drugs that are not really narcotics, like LSD and Cannabis are classified legally (and incorrectly) as narcotics.

percocet is oxycodone, oxycontin is time released oxycodone and comes in VERY strong doses, i believe it’s starts at 20mg and goes up to around or over 200mg.  

MS Contin is time released morphine (what the docs give me.)

Good luck to all.  Remember to use as directed and don’t play around or you will wind up with a monkey on your back but as chronic pain victims metabolize narcotics differently than other people, if used correctly you will wind up with an easy to beat dependence but not an addiction .    I was on fentanly and ms contin for years and kicked it with absolutely no problems except for an occasionally runny nose.    BE CAREFUL and remember, cannabis is legal most places and is very strong and not bad for you so if you’re looking to get off, try cannabis, leave the opiates for people in pain.  :)

AND STAY AWAY FROM STREET DRUGS, they are mixing in illegally imported non pharmaceutical fentanyl from China.  It has nothing to do with pharmaceutical Fentanyl sold in the US.  But it’s making it harder and harder for people to get legitimate prescriptions filled, not to mention is playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives.
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Oxycodone is supposed to be stronger than Hydrocodone I believe they are on different schedules on the prescription list.  Hydrocodone is still very strong especially the 10mg the most used vicodin is 5mg.  I am wondering why you posted here on an addiction forum. Do you need help with something?  We all here are more than happy to help you if you need us just write.
Oh man, i didn’t even notice and i replied too, I looked up something about different brands of Percocet and it linked me here, i read his post and replied.  I didn’t notice it was an addiction forum and I don’t see how to remove my post.  If anyone knows, please remove it and I apologize.  I shouldn’t be talking that way on an addiction forum! I very very sincerely apologize.  
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I have asked this question before but it seems to get erased every time.

Can anyone tell me the benifits of going on a Methadone Maintnance program? Yes, I have some of the horror stories....But I wonder, if a person repeatatly returns to heroin/oxy use is the methadone really that bad. If a person was going to use something wouldn't it be better for them to be on the methadone.I am waying the pro's and con's of it's use. I am clean right now but I have a tendancy to "slip" every month or so. Maybe the methadone is right for me , maybe not, but I would deffinetly like to find out more. Thanks guys! Chad

I haven't been on for awhile but I want you all to know that no matter what our addiction is........we are all the same. After Tuesday I realized that I could spend the rest of my life fighting this addiction, but you know what? I am for ever greatful to be able to have the oppertunity to fight this damm thing. Some of us, will never have to worry anymore....I bow my head to them........
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What Doctor in their right mind would prescribe Percocet for Migraine?  That's not the normal routine for treatment of headaches.  Also, Percocet is a schedule II narcotic, hydrocodone is schedule III.  Percocet is usually more potent, but Lortab 10/650(hydro) is just as potent sometimes.  It depends on the person.  They're all bad for you.  Stay away from the ****, unless you are in dire pain.
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Hi Chad from P...

I don't have personal experience with methadone or the associated program, but I believe that, even if they put you on methadone, they'll expect you to taper off of the stuff while plunging back into your favorite group, NA. I could be wrong about the options, but I don't think they'll just give you bookoo methadone forever. That's why it's a "program." I know some users are on it long-term, but you might not have the career junkie qualifications to get that. I have also heard that getting off methadone is harder than heroin, and that's saying something. Finally, if you tell them you are able to get clean from Oxy without methadone, they'll never give it to you. They'll just give you the local NA schedule.

You'll be exchanging a situation where you periodically get clean and stay clean for a while, falling off the wagon like me and then cleaning up again, for a situation where you're tied to a drug every single day, not to mention tied up in a daily reporting program.

Like I said, I haven't been there/done that with methadone, so I'm just giving you some food for thought. As always, Chad, my friend, chart your own course -- just have your eyes open and be prepared for the consequences.

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Don't know if this will help, but, if you're clean now why not just stay calm and take it day by day ( I know you've heard that before).Look for other ways to handle that hunger, HTP,tood diet, exersize, vacation, friends, lovers, books. Start anew. You've accomplished a great thing, you're clean. Stay with that and try not to worry about the future.

Congradulations and peace.

Frank Lee
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a while back i answered this same question for you. maybe my
answer wasn't what you wanted to hear. i do have a question.
why do you want to do methadone? i believe in one of your posts
you claimed yo kept relapsing. methadone is used in to two ways
to treat an addict: (1) as a maintence drug. the clinic works you
up to high dose and leaves you there. (2) fast detox. a clinic
puts you on a rapidly reduceing dose. this method is used for
detoxing junkys in a relative painless process. Yhe state i live
in can only despence methadone for maintence and detx, it can not
be used for pain control. tne number of places that will do long
term maintence is rapidlyn declining. if the clinic knows you
can go on and off dope on a regular basis, the won't touch you.
best of luck. why not dig back a little and look at my  post i
left you the last time you asked this question.
keep an angel on your shoulder
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I am on MMT. First, if you are clean now I would advise you to just stay that way. But if you are not and you keep relaspeing then methadone might be for you. It worked great for me. It allowed me to work, enjoy my family and to get some counseling without going through the terrible withdrawls that kept pulling me back when I tried to quit before. I have got to say that my clinic was staffed with professionals. Most of the counselors were ex addicts. They treated us with respect. Alot of the clinics are not like that. You can go to some of the sites on the web and see what I am talking about. Of course, some of the people who complain are mad because they could not get one over on the nurse. You have to be able to go every day for your dose except for Sunday and Holidays. The time varies between states before you can get take outs. Some clinics require that you go to AA or NA. The hours vary also. The clinic I went to was open for dosing from 6-11 am. That was it. The way they determined our dose was with some type of blood test that would show if the methadone was staying in your body. If it wasn't then you got raised up. Most of the people at my clinic were on between 40 and 60 mgs. Some were as low as 20 and some as high as 125. You need to know that methadone is addicting. That you are suppose to dose down 1 mg a week to get off of it. I myself am in the process of getting off. You also need to know that around 1/3 of the people that get on methadone don't get off. But that beats dying of an overdose or going to jail. The main thing is research this very carefully before you decide. The best thing to do is get off of everything, but sometimes that is not realistic. I am sorry this is so long. If you have any questions let me know.
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Hey, Chad--I hve been here on this board for quite a while and remember when you first posted. I have been on methadone since January 2001. I never did heroin but was into between 30-40 pain pills a day. I am a professional in the mental health field and lost my job an was arressted for taking locked narcotics (only 9 Percocet pills, too!) I never thought I would get caught and if I did I thought someone I knew would protect me. BIG LOL!!! I was lucky enough to go through pre-trial intervention-six months probation and six months later got an expungement (my record wiped out). This whole ordeal cost me about $4,000.00. Plus now I am trying to find work again. I turn to methadone because I was having a hard time staying clean--even after all the trouble drugs cost me. My family has been supportive big time. There are pros and cons to methadone and you must decide for yourself. I attend a great clinic in Somers Pt,N.J. We get alot of visitors from Philly when they vacation at the shore. It takes me about 35-40 mins to get there and that's a pain but has not deterred me. I love the fact that after I make my morning run, usually at 5:30am I leave to get there early sometimes they open at 6:30 or 7:00am,I am FREE for the rest of the day. By free--I mean I do not think about pills or getting high AT ALL!! The meth keeps you even keel. You do not get high from it -it makes you feel normal and good. I have meet many nurses and other everyday people who make out very well. The counselors are helpful and encouraging. You are suppose to attend NA meetings and do a program while taking the meth. They all say DO NOT LET METH BE YOUR PROGRAM let it be a part of your program. My advice would be to do some shopping around and find a good clinic. If you and your girlfriend both went on it you may find it easier that way. My husband does not have a problem and he wants me to get "through" the program. If you have any questions about costs or anything else please E-mail me at ***@****.
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Wow! Now thats what I call a responce! I am going to have to go back and type a reply to each of you but for now I will just try to sum it all up. Do I even make any sence? OK, here goes..........I am IN LOVE WITH DRUGS!!!

I am clean for now...My problem is that about 5 or 6 months ago someone introduced us (girlfriend) to heroin. BAMM! Off to the races! We were like "why spend so much time/money seeking oxy's when the best heroin in the nation (yeah right!) is right around the corner? So we got hooked...BIG TIME! OK, maybe not big time. But we were really into it! We never shot the stuff (automatically we feel like were better than booters, right?) but we sure did snort the **** out of the stuff! Aghhh...that taste! Anyway, I would go back and forth from using to not using....Mostly we would get high till the money ran out (even the rent) and then scramble to get on methadone. Like I said before, Philly sells Detox meds right along side of the dope...Go figure? So it was a never ending rollarcoaster wich I know I am still on......It's like freakin' six flags in my world...OK, so now we are straight....AGAIN! How long will it last? I don't know.....I do know this however, we really are sick and tired of the ****. Maybe we had to put ourselves through hell to see the light....

Let me post this before it get's........
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It's like a race to post before I get kicked off!

Why should I believe that this time will be any different? Like I said, I do methadone to get off the Heroin...By the way, why don't the oxy's work anymore? A few weeks ago I did like 200mg's and hardly felt it. Did the heroin overpower the pills? I wasnt on heroin while I took the oxy's...Ewww, why am I even talking about that? So this is the problem. I seem to go into a intence rage when I am clean for like a week.I will wake up and be so freakin' mad that I just want to get high. I know, NA say's call your sponcer but I had such a bad experiance with the last one. I think he wanted to molest me or some ****. He kept wanting to take me on theese golfing trips. I don't know about you guys but here in Philly when a 50 year old man asks a younger guy like myself to go away for the weekend you kind of have to bash him in the head! It's outa respect...I am sure you understand...
post time......
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Ok.......what do I do? I need you guys now more than ever! I swear! I wish we could all meet one day and talk over all the stuff we have been through...Maybe one of you can pay to fly us all to a certain place like Aspen for the week. We could have a big meeting of us all to discuss what takes us hours to type! I am sure you can write it off! Ha ha, I can dream right? My mind is drifting........I swear! I can focus more when I am high! OK, let me know if ANY of this has made ANY sence to ANY of you.......Chad "lost in the world of sauce" last name
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Hey there Chad my friend..
Gods, I so appreciate your cold hard honesty..thank you. I hear such persistance coming from you, and really admire the way you have of continuing to seek whatever it takes and apparently not beating yourself when you relapse. Keep going for it Chad.  

I have no meth experience, but it does seem to me that if you keep relapsing, meth may be the right choice for you.  I think the hardest part of getting clean is these first few weeks when the emotions are just like a roller coaster..all over the damn place.  I know mine sure were.  Just keep pursuing any avenue that you think is going to lead you down the right path.  

And I second the idea of meeting somewhere, 'cept my vote is Hawaii!!!! Shall we go for maui, kona, or kauai? And of course it has to be a cruise ship, 'cause I"m too scared to get on a plane. Yeah, that's what we need...Two weeks on a cruise ship, the lot of us, no drugs, just sun and fun and lots of talk...

ok, well, a girl can dream anyway. LOL


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I was going to say Hawaii but I forgot how to spell it! So I picked Aspen....It was eaiser! Drugs have made my ability to spell somewhat of a problem! I was sitting on the couch with Deb when it came to me.....The reason I do drugs is simple...I AM SO FREAKIN' BORED!!! Oh well, thats why I get on the computer. Except I am having a major problem.......I just found myself looking at the web site for the new show Enterprise! Aghhhh! I am turning into a TREKIE! Drugs or Star Trek? What do I do??? Ahggg! Life is so full of hard decissions!?! Star Trek? What the hell is wrong with me??? (ok, truth be told, I think I am a closet treker). Maybe thats why I self mediciate? Capt. Chad dope fiend of the U.S.S. getfuckinhighashell

Shweewww....Maybe I should get back on the sauce??? lol
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AHA!!! Star Trek eh?
heh...I'm an unabashed fan, though you'll never catch me wearing pointy ears at a convention, my husband dressed up as a Klingon once, and knows how to speak conversational Klingon..I kid you not.

Drugs or Star Trek...Drugs or Star Trek...

I"ll take Star Trek!

Make it so.

WW (who is in a very silly mood, but still clean!)
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If anyone is really, really bored you could go to the link above. Read the last paragraph in the article....I was trippin' so bad on Acid with Deb when a reporter came up to me and asked if he could interview me! Can you imagine how FREAKED out I was. I mean here I am trrippin on like ten hits of acid when this guy starts asking me about people secretly watching me! Oh well, I guess you have to be really bored to go read this but look at the good side......It will keep you away from drugs for the next few minutes..Chad
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I can't link to that article.......in case you are for whatever reason interested this is what happend......

In the year since they were installed, the cameras have not put much of a dent in other types of crime, such as car thefts, drug deals and rape. This past month, at least three women were assaulted in Ybor, but none were in the area covered by the cameras. The Police Department plans to expand the surveillance system to Eighth and Ninth avenues, streets not nearly as well-lit or well-traveled as Seventh.

Though not everybody likes being watched, many folks in Ybor think more surveillance is a good idea.

From his sweaty, smoky vantage point on the balcony of the Empire dance club, Chad %$#^&* took a swig of vodka and cranberry juice from a plastic cup and watched a camera swivel slowly toward him.

"I guess I'm okay with the cameras," he said. "They make this place feel safer, more secure, and I can only imagine that they're used for good things."

Crazy hugh?........chad
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Ah HA! I knew it! Anyone who liked Star Trek at one point in his/her life must be into drugs! Maybe they are using some sort of Romulan technoligy to keep us high.....Those Bastards!

You know what? I am looking forward to watching the new show comming up in a few weeks...Maybe it will keep me busy. Of course I would need masive quanitys of something to actually go to a convention....Hey! maybe we could have our "meeting" there at a show! lol.......Chad
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Hi Chad,
Looks like you're on quite the roll.
I grew up with the original star trek, i loved that show!!!
About methadone, before my husband went into rehab, he was caught in the trap of oxys and methadone.  When out of oxys, got by with methadone, then you know what happened, he became addicted to both!  That's right, even when he had oxys and took them, he still needed the methadone to completely free himself from the withdrawals 100%.  Plus, methadone somehow blocks the high of the oxys in some way, takes much much more to even get the high effect.  Be careful, i saw a real nightmare firsthand with methadone.  Plus, it is so toxic to your liver because it stays in your system for such a long time... has a very very long shelf life.  I've seen eyes cloudy yellow from methadone abuse (combined with alcohol), so be careful!
Lv Jenny
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Hey girl! How have you been? I am cocerned about your methadone comment. I too take meth when I run out of oxy's/heroin. I take small dose's. Usually I take 40mg's for the first day then 30mg's then I drop down by 5mg's a day untill I am all done. Is this what your husband did?I am curious because all I need is another addiction........Let me know, thanks, CHad
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oxycodone has a faster onset and shorter duration than hydro.  withdrawls from oxy are worse.  hydro has lower ceiling effect, meaning continuing to take more at a certain level will not have any benefit. hydro is a schedule 2 narcotic which was placed in schedule 3 because it was historically mixed with larger quantitities of apap and the pharmaceutical companies lobbied for that designation. general rule of thumb is 7.5 oxy= 10 hydro.

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Hey Chad,
He didn't exactly use methadone the same way.
What he would do was, he would take 4-5 10mg methadone pills at one time, each day, on the days he was out of his 'usual'.  He soon became addicted to the methadone also.  Basically, i think,the methadone overpowered the oxycontins, they even lessened the overall high of the oxys while methadone was in his system.
What you are doing should be ok, using them to get off of other opiates.  Be careful though, the cat and mouse chasing game can take a toll on your body and soul at a quick rate!
Stay safe!
Lv Jenny
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They both rock.

All I wanna say is,  perscription muscle relaxers rock my world.  Percoset is the best to take by its self.  I you wanna get REAL ****** up, take 3 or 4 lortabs with a few brews.  

Anyone got a good site to get both of those without a perscription with descreet shipping?
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You have the right name but you are at the wrong site......beat it till you change your way of thinking.........when you do, and sooner or later you WILL, come back and we will welcome you with ideas on how to get your head and body right.
Power & Magick 2 U,
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