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Phentramine Diet Pills

I have taken phentramine 15 mg in the past and it worked GREAT plus watched what I ate and exercised. I am starting it again hoping to loose 60 pds. One question when is the best time to take it ? and does it make you feel in a bad mood sometimes , I hate that feeling !!!
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This is an upper, very similar in chemical make up to amphetamine or meth. It is also chemically similar to the amino acid phenyl-amine, which stimulate epinephrine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. I would only use as prescribed and start with a low dose and taper up. I took DLPA for a few days at too high a dose, it sent me into mania, I am Bipolar1. These drugs effect more than pain relief, weight loss, or why ever we take them, so just be dry aware of any changes in mood or physical side effects. Ask your prescribing doctor, as that med is classIV and should only be available by prescription, but it is likely a good idea to take any speed with food to slow down it's metabolizing, even Phentramine.

My mother was a diet pill addict, so I know how one person responds to speed for weight loss. She was aggravated without them and gained even more weight after stopping. So realize my opinion is highly biased, but exercise and diet are the best weight control. No pill will ever come close to having the lasting effects of caring for oneself. If you want some tips on boosting metabolism without speed, I am more than willing to share what I know.
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Thanks for the info. if you have more share it with me I JUST WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT and can't do it by my self I NEED PHENTRAMINE which I have for 3 mths.
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Cardio is a no brainer, low impact pace, like swimming or walking. Do it daily and get plenty of rest as well. Eat lean protein regularly, especially if you have sugar craving. We often crave sugar because our amino acids are low. Fresh veggies, whole grain, drink lots of water. If you are getting all the nutrition you need, the body and brain will stop craving things that are bad for you. Americans don't eat enough whole grain. Fill up on rice, oats, quinoa, millet, any whole grain, and mix veggies and fish, chicken, lean meet, nuts, beans. The people on earth who are the healthiest and live the longest, eat about 75% grain, not bread or pasta, whole grain.

Try to eat until you are not hungry, rather than full. Then have nuts, dried fruit, and other healthy grazing snakes. Feast and famine throw our metabolism off, just maintain steady calories with good nutrition. If you care sweets, eat almonds instead. If you can't resist, eat something sweet and protein, the protein will prevent a crash and immediate desire for more sugar or simple
carbs. Use the time on phenteamine to set up new diet and exercise plans. It should help with motivating you. Try to find friends at a local gym or park that will be your support and you can support as well. I will think more about this. How is your lifestyle and diet now?
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Again I find it very hard without Phentramine but I guess I can't live on it.Though my diet I would say is: breakfast kellogs, banana, milk an hour later I take phentramine I have a late lunch a salad or sandwich with chips. I usually go to the gym at 5pm do cardio for 1 hr , I am a very busy lady I work at home with children. Yes Im trying to change my eating bad habits my sister in law says she finds me eating when im bored :(
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Diet pills scare me.  Be very, very careful.
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I will and thanks but SADLY that's the only way I can loose weight
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