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Physical Symptoms

Ok, I've been reading to get an idea of how long the physical symptoms are going to last. I note it's anywhere from 2-3 days to over 2 weeks.  I understand it's different for everyone. Would everyone please share how many days it took them to get at least comfortable physically?  

Thank you for the suggestions and support already.  Just reading the successes, even daily ones, is keeping me going.
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The first 5 days for me were rough .. then I was up and down for another 9-10 days....today I am at day 16 and I feel ALOT better ...its the first day I feel like a person and not death
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I am on day 9 and like Phillip28 said, the first 5-6 days were really tough. Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep, and I'm dragin' my wagon today. But I made a breakthrough. I've had this refill hangin over my head. Coming up on Friday. HOWEVER, through these postings I was able to get clear enough to call the pharmacy and void the RX. It's over and done with and I don't ever have to feel like day 5 again!
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So glad you feel like a person. Really looking forward to feeling that way again. Sleep deprivation seems to be the biggest thing for me right now. I just can't seem to get my internal clock to get back to normal.

I started taking at least 2-3 hot showers a day and that has helped me too.

Thanks for your inspiration!
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Thank you all so much. I'm very proud of all of you. This stuff is no fun!!
Way to go Crazybird26 on that refill!  I know that must have been hard.
I'm trying the melatonin tonight. I usually use sleep to get through the flu. So not sleeping makes the flu symptoms even worse for me. Yuck!
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Hey. From what I've learned here, it varies a bit from person to person and quite a bit from drug to drug. Different opiates have varying "half-lives", with (what I've read) suboxone and methodone having the longest and hydrocodone and oxycodone being on the shorter side. My personal experience was with large doses of HC (400-600 mg per day). Days 1-6 were pretty much relentlessly bad, with a corner being turned between days 5-6. At that point I felt mostly human again, but I had very severe fatigue from days 6-13 or so. From day 13 or so until now (day 20-something) I've felt fairly normal, with some occasional listlessness. During the physical part, I never had nausea, anxiety, or depression. I did have insomnia, delirium, and RLS. I actually think the physical was a bit easier than the transition during days 6-14, because I could be single-minded of purpose during days 1-5. I felt OK physically at day six, but I had to get on with my life (so to speak), and that was a lot more complex than just willing myself through the misery of the first days. IMO, fear of WD is much worse than WD itself. Just another way addiction forces us into confronting paradox. All I can say to you for sure is that if this one could do it, you can too!
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Of course it depends of many factors.....how long, how much, your age, your physical health..etc....

Me ..I did Vic ES  5-8 per day with soma for about a year and a half after my knee surgery...got addicted...very fast,,,,

Day 1 was jsut weird....
Day 2 felt like I was geting the flu...chill, etc..headache...
Day 3 stomach issues ..body ached all over..( i think my hair hurt)  ha
Massive loss of energy.....
Day 4 more of the same ..but eating a bit more,,,,
Day 5 much better...same stuff ...just milder....

Day 6 -10 progressively better....energy back and appetite...

So theres my example....read more posts....a ton of ways to make day 1-5 easier,,,,It supposed to be uncomfy....but no need to suffer

Rooting for ya

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