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Can anyone tell me how long these WD may last from comming off fentanyl patches, I have been on 150 mcq for almost 3 years now, I was still in pain and felt horrible from this medication eg.( insomnia, lack of appetite, severe constipation, fatique etc. etc.) I started 2 months ago weening myself off and now I am down to 25 mcq, but the WD are horrible in the past 72 hours I have had 5-6 hours sleep, my body is sooooo tired but mind won't settle, any suggestions?
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fentanyl is a strong drug...after 3 yrs at a higher dose..it may take a while to adjust each time u drop ur dose//or patch dose..have u  talked to ur dr bout some safe meds to help u with all of these wd symptoms..also most taper a bt slower than u have...from 150 to 25 mcg is quite a fast taper..  There r also 12.5 mgc patches available..u r where u r so it is hard to move back up in dose....each time u dropped ur dose how long did it take for u to adjust to the lower dose?  did ur dr give u anything to hap with sleep and anxiety?   have a talk with him...let him/her know how u feel....sarfe drugs r out there to help...keep posting..it gets better..i promise
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If you are experiencing those withdrawal symptoms now you should most likely bite that bullet and stop the fentanyl. Like worried said - your Doc can fix you up with some things to make it more comfortable. Fentanyl is a ferociuos withdrawal - but its not as long as methadone or sub or tramadol.........They probably all even out somewhere along the line - - you make trade offs with chronicity (length of symptoms) and ferocity (severity of withdrawals) - -
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